Parleys: Pose for Peace or Ploy?

As is being envisioned-“Pakistan and India get into a new epoch of their awful history-“today by kicking off a dialogue process after a fissure of almost five years -” albeit amid doubts and uncertainties.

To lead the elfin in place of pinnacle-level talks to clutch a pragmatic n’ bona fide goal, an Indian delegation has touched the tarmac of Islamabad-“with a bureaucrat Arun Singh, Joint Secretary in the External Affairs Ministry-“as its’ leader. He is to interact with his Pakistani counterparts, Jalil Abbas Jilani, Director of South Asia in Pakistan’s Foreign Office.

During the two-day meeting, both sides will prepare an agenda for discussion between their bosses -” foreign secretaries Riaz Khokhar of Pakistan and Shashank of India-“on Wednesday.

On the agenda would be a mixture of items-“overtly the Issue of Jammu and Kashmir that has been at the spirit of five decades of tensions between India and Pakistan. Other topics-“perceptibly-“would be terrorism, peace and security in the region.

But realists are skeptical because of the impending general elections in India.

With this perception, I think India will try to keep it low profile. I feel so as the Indian Parliament is already stand dissolved-“where after Atal Bihari Vajpayee-“virtually-“has become a caretaker Prime Minister and by all legitimacies lost the mandate to take any critical decision vis-à-vis Pakistan.

Hence for the moment, these can be only talks for talks. As a matter of fact Pakistan shall have to wait and see the election outcome (in India) for an authentic composite dialogue.

Amid such a scenario-“backed by India’s antagonistic track-record with abrupt swings as its’ podium , an aver by Pakistan’s diplomatic stalwarts that ‘the two sides would try to come up with some concrete recommendations on contentious issues to pave the way for higher-level talks likely after the formation of a new government in India’-“prima facie seems murky.

Though Pakistan has been assured by India that the elections’ upshot would have no pessimistic impact on the bilateral dialogue, a lot of eye-brows still stand lifted, explicitly due to India’s devious, cute n’ cunning mindset-“blatantly indexed in the folios of the history of this limb of the orb.

To add on, the dazzling Christina Rocca , US Assistant Secretary of State (South Asia) made a abrupt dash to New Delhi on Friday to-“what is being disseminated to the globe-“give a hand to the ‘historical peace talks.

The elegant lady, virtually an authority on South Asian affairs-“opted to interact with Foreign Secretary Shashank, Deputy to National Security Adviser, Satish Chandra, and senior officials as also with American Ambassador to Pakistan, the glamorous Nancy Powell.

Nevertheless, a US embassy spokesman said, "The visit was planned for sometime. This has nothing to do with the composite dialogue scheduled between India and Pakistan beginning February-16."It was elucidated that Nancy Powell was there on a stopover on her way for a vacation. US Ambassador-designate to India Robert Mulford was-“simultaneously-“present during ‘the consultations.’

What ever the motives of this setting-“it becomes apparent-“the world, specifically the United States is uptight on the current situation in South Asia n’ wish a serene environ in this realm-“where India n’ Pakistan are situated.

Yet paradoxically, as the parleys are being recommenced to deal with their outstanding issues including the Kashmir dispute, the Indian occupation forces have mounted state terrorism in occupied Kashmir.

A propos dozens of innocent persons were killed during the past week by the Indian troop’s hideous operations in the IHK.

Any-way, the resumption of formal talks between the South Asian nuclear rivals after a gap of almost half-a-decade is-“no doubt-“a positive development for peace in the region, yet it would have been apposite, if this process could have brought the Indian tyrannical n’ despotic era in the held-State to an instantaneous end.

Pakistan had persistently sought dialogue with India for peaceful resolution of the Kashmir and other outstanding issues between the two countries.

It’s, of course, a substance of satisfaction that wisdom has eventually dawned on the Indian leadership to shun inhibitions and to enter into dialogue with Pakistan.

The initiative of President Gen Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee to address the Kashmir issue, which is recognized as South Asia’s nuclear flashpoint will, however, bear fruit only if truthful efforts are made with perseverance for the restitution of the Kashmiris’ legitimate right to freedom and liberty.

There ought to be no illusion that South Asia’s peace hinges on the settlement of the Kashmir dispute. Peace in South Asia is certainly an essential prerequisite for progress and development of the two countries.

Yet the aching fact which stick with is Indian state terrorism in the under duress held-part of the charismatic State which remains unabated despite the initiation of the Pak-India talks.

It has relatively escalated in recent weeks in magnitude n’ enormity as well as dimension n’ extent due to the mounting military operations against unarmed Kashmiris.

Let it, however, be understood that there can’t be peace amidst oppression. India must stop military operations in held-Kashmir, enforce ceasefire even against the Mujahideenn [freedom fighters as has stipulated by the Kashmiri leaders during their meeting with Indian Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani and drastically scale down its military might-“composed of intruders-“of a part of the Paradise on Earth to create congenial atmosphere for the Indo-Pak dialogue.

India should act in response-“in a positive way-“to the Kashmiri leadership’s demand without any ploy or impediment if-“at all it is in fact sincere to promote peace with Pakistan.

The talks ought to begin with a message of hope for the Kashmiri people that their melancholies and agonies are about to end and that will reflect their sagacious aspires for the accomplishment of their birth right of self-determination-“evaporating the Pandora’s Box, the derivation of subjugation and brutalities unleashed by the Indian occupation forces in IHK.

And finally, we would like to remind-“both India n’ Pakistan-“to keep in mind the logical n’ legitimate call of the Kashmiri people for their participation at the zenith-level parleys to make sure that such a course is really result-oriented, lest it meets the same fate-“which fetched every facet archived at Tashkent, Simla n’ even Agra to 180 degree pose-“symbolized as square-1 or in other words cataloged as U-turn-“all such jinxed episodes because of Indian swindles n’ fiddles.