Palestinians Should Reclaim Statehood Immediately

Forget waiting on the humanity and integrity of GW Bush to miraculously emerge that would give him the insight and guidance to intervene on behalf of the Palestinian people.  Or hoping that in a flash of sudden awareness he becomes something that he obviously is not.

GW Bush has absolutely no concern for the state and condition of the Palestinian people.  In this regard cancel him out, he is irrelevant.  His empty words and lack of action stand on their own merit: zilch! 

Never has the United States been cast in such a negative image throughout the international community as it is now, largely under the guidance of an inept president who is incapable of forming opinion and making decisions on so many key issues, including those where so many people are routinely thrown out with the garbage these bad decisions create.  What is created is a presidency that must rely almost exclusively on the advice and counsel of those he has surrounded himself with and therein lies a significant share of the results é these supporting cast members are creating havoc for the United States throughout the world.  They are clueless, but they are immensely greedy, easily provoked and all too frequently sanction violent and deadly responses.  Right or wrong.

Two thoughts.

Not enough direct focus, attention and leverage are directed towards the U.S. and the Bush administration in regards to countering U.S. policy that is always in full support of everything Israel.  Instead of the ISM and like minded groups and individuals deploying into Palestine and Israel, their efforts might be put to better and more productive use organizing demonstrations, marches and take-overs here at home and especially in front of the White House and the Senate and Congress.  Politician’s flinch at this kind of intervention and confrontation and are uncomfortable being forcibly held accountable in full public view.  We need determined and focused demonstrations reminiscent of past anti-war campaigns.

On the Palestinian side, just why do they insist on holding their determination, security, safety and sovereignty up for inspection in front of the U.S. government for approval?  They should just turn their collective backs on the U.S. and Israel and carry on their affairs as an independent and sovereign nation immediately and without fail, or trepidation.  The Palestinians want to be ‘handed’ their statehood?  They are leaving it up to the U.S. and Israel to do so under a reasonable timetable?  If they are, they will never get statehood and it will never be ‘given’ to them é they must take it!

Palestine must make hard decisions.  But they must be bold and decisive ones.