Palestine, Now or Never

“The UN vote is expected to occur on September 20. It is too much to hope that America will do what it knows is the right thing and vote "yes" or be an honest broker and abstain. The best we can hope for is that the United States and Israel are part of a very small minority voting "no." That kind of vote will strengthen the Palestinians and perhaps frighten Netanyahu into negotiating in good faith. But even if not, the UN will have stated that the Palestinians are people, too; people with rights, including the right to full sovereignty in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. At that point, the writing will be on the wall. The occupation is ending, hopefully before Netanyahu does too much more damage … to Israel.”

(MJ Rosenberg: “The Disaster Known as Netanyahu” 9.2.2011)

Treacherous as is the conscious reality that global organizations were created to protect the mankind from the scourge of war and exploitations of the few paranoid and mindless powers dictating the world. Strangely enough, we are, where we were more than sixty years ago after the WW2 searching for a credible span of time to have human dignity, respect for rights, co-existence and understanding of peace and security against violence , killing and occupation. Not so, all those were simple illusions to fudge the humanity – to rob the mankind collectively of its interest and optimism for the future, be it at the UN Security Council or elsewhere. The UN-SC is the facebook for those who claim to be powerful – if they are indeed powerful in any sense of the meaning or global relevance in the changing politics of 21st century.

Given the will and proper sense of understanding of time and history, there are problems which are solvable without resorting to violence and bloodsheds. Palestine is one of those political issue and humanitarian catastrophe waiting for a viable solution since 1948. The Arab echelon have neglected it, the world community has abandoned it but the Palestinian people continued to be living as refugees in their homes, crippled by all means of social, economic and political violations of human identities – people who have been forced to live less than being human ways of life and prevalent conditions. Not too many global politicians are keen to settle the freedom of Palestine, but many would talk about it for political face saving.

Just a year ago at the General Assembly, President Obama made it known that by next year Palestine could be a free nation member sitting at the UNO. The Israelis and others directly engaged in peaceful dialogue with Palestinians reinforced similar overtures at various international forums and table talks. Why is it that Palestinians are adamantly opposed by the US and Israel to establish an independent homeland of their own?

M. J. Rosenberg (“The Disaster known as Netanyahu” Free Thought Manifest: 9.2.2011) points out the new realities unfolding from the Israeli official circle:

“Israel’s propaganda machine would have it otherwise. It insists that the Palestinians, and the Arabs and Muslims throughout the world who support them, don’t really care about the occupation. Their goal, we are constantly told, is to destroy Israel itself. As proof, they insist that "the Palestinians have never recognised Israel’s right to statehood."

The PLO President Mahmood Abbas appears determined to go for the UNO membership and seek an independent State of Palestine with capital in East Jerusalem. The proposition does not challenge nor threaten anybody’s lifeline, well being or statehood, be it Israel or the US or any other party. So what is the fuss about it? Susan Rice, the US Chief delegate at the Security Council made it clear last night (9.16.2011) in a CNN announcement that if the PLO goes for statehood resolution, nothing will change on the ground. This means that either the US veto the resolution if it comes up at the Council or do everything possible to stop the movement for the establishment of an independent State of Palestine. The rhetoric reveals that PLO should continue to talk with Israel and figure out its freedom. Even common sense will demand a logical answer, how do you talk to an occupier who does not recognize your rights, your human dignity or right to freedom? Is that not what has been going on for over sixty years? Does Miss Rice not know the basic lesson of the Israeli-Palestine problems? Have they not agreed to disagree time and again, time and again? Is it not the time killing exercise that the US wishes to dictate again? Alan Hart an American scholar (“Zionism and Peace Are Incompatible” Dissident Voice, Oct 21, 2010), explains the core problem embedded in Zionism :

“Zionism is not only Jewish nationalism which created a state in the Arab heartland mainly by terrorism and ethnic cleansing. It is also a pathological mindset. In the deluded Zionist mind the world was always anti-Jew and always will be. It follows that Holocaust II (shorthand for another great turning against Jews) is inevitable. It follows that there can be no limits to what Zionism will do in order to preserve nuclear-armed Greater Israel as a refuge of last resort for all Jews everywhere when the world turns against them……. But alas, reality continues to slap everyone in the face: Zionism and peace are incompatible. I will say it again, Zionism and peace are incompatible.”

If history is any point of reference, President Obama and Susan Rice know it well that no objective oriented agenda will ever be concluded by the Israeli-Palestinian negotiators on their own. To summarize the attitudinal changes within the Israeli politics and its spill-over impact on America, Alan Hart cites a different viewpoint narrated by Aluf Benn in Ha’aretz on 20 October, 2010:
“Israel’s diplomacy has reached a turning point. Instead of dealing with the failed direct talks, from this point Israel will be orchestrating a diplomatic holding action against the Palestinian initiative to have the UN Security Council recognize Palestinian independence within the 1967 borders. Such a decision would deem Israel an invader and occupier, paving the way for measures against Israel. Obama could scuttle the process by casting an American veto. Would he do it? And at what price?”

Well, don’t blame the US or Israelis entirely for this tragedy. What about the fellow Arab rulers – leaders, what have they done to enhance the cause of the freedom of Palestine? That chapter of the book is open and clean without any narration, without plausible record, engrossed with terrible wickedness and treachery to the cause of freedom of Palestine.

Just try to view the facts of life in a comparative context to acquire a better sense of the problems. Israelis have planned aims, priorities, institutions to pursue the goals, committed leaders and networks all over the globe to enlist support, propagate their perspectives and do their best to be successful in achieving their aims and political priorities. No matter, who comes into power in Israel, their goals and actions are not deviated from their political agenda rather reinforced and crystallized. Often the US leaders act like surrogate mothers to protect the Israeli national interests even at costs of ignoring their own strategic interests. It is politics and functions well in the US where congressmen and senators receive financial contributions from the Jewish lobbyists. Nobody sees it as an absurd influence peddling tactic or something illegal or unwelcome intervention in the working of the American political system. Money buys people and trade mutual interests. Most of the US politicians would not dare to challenge the Israelis stance and viewpoints. They are doing the job faithfully.

Have you ever seen an Arab leaders coming out in public and uttering few words of wisdom in favor of the Palestine freedom? Have you ever heard about Arab lobbyist groups working for the benefits of Arab interests-Palestine freedom? If animosity is to be responded, do the Arab elite and policy makers know enough about Israeli culture and politics and approaches to decision making? Frankly, the Arab rulers and have no sense of the Israeli life, language or bent of mind in any rational manner. Israelis are smart, open to listening and learning and they have evolved the institutionalized approaches to enhance their vital interests and priorities. The Arab rulers have no sense of time, history or strategic direction –” often they live in modern prison cells- called palaces built with petrodollars- stolen money from the public treasury. Their so called friends in the US and Europe called them camel junky – rug heads and rulers without mind. John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hitman) recalls how George Tenet, former CIA Chief used to hug the Arab monarchs as if he was their friend and buddy and they would readily do anything –” fair or foul to please the Americans. Arabs have no institutions to enlist public support for any political cause. They are allergic to listening and learning from Muslim scholars and experts in global affairs, instead, they hire specialists from the US and Europe to advise them – the people who are part of the problem, how could they be part of solution. There is no rational place for meeting of minds or opportunity that one could try to make the Arab authoritarian rulers understand that they have crossed over the limit of reason and absurdity and now is the time for change and reformation to make a navigational change. They appear to be so indifferent, cruel and unmindful of the facts of life –” their palaces and reign comes first, people have no entry point in their agenda. The Palestine problem lived in denials for over sixty years. With people’s revolutionary movements and many authoritarian Arab rulers on the run, Arabs collectively are in a very weak position to assert any influence over the events and coming developments to shape the Palestine resolution.

You do not any pill to recall the facts of human life. Some twenty years earlier, this author offered a strategic plan and proposal widely defined and circulated in the Arab world (“Towards Muslim Unity”, “Why Muslims are a Divided People?” “Approaches to Comparative Strategic Policy Planning: Muslim World and the West”), how an Ummah Council (Muslim Parliament of educated representatives) should be set up, organized and function to deal with issues of economic, social and political interests and policies and have open trade, common currency and free movements of goods and services and lot more. Imagine, if such an assembly was discussing the issue of the freedom of Palestine and echoing its voice and support to the besieged Palestinian people, don’t you think, the world would have listened to them carefully and appraised its value in real terms for actions. Indeed, it would have. The unity of Muslim Ummah and educated and intelligent leadership would have changed the shape and forms of contemporary hopeless affairs. Should the authoritarian Arab leaders not be questioned and held accountable for their incompetence, treachery and failure to protect the interests of the Arab people? The author would like to share a perspective (“Arab Ummah vs. Muslim Ummah, Who you were and where you are?” MediaMonitors network, May 8, 2002), that was observed a decade earlier:

“World observers describe the Arab leaders as "defeated" cronies who capitalize on inflicted miseries of the masses to build palaces and to increase foreign bank balances. Is it possible that the defeated parties could pressure the victors? Or demand favorable terms and conditions on issues which involve life and death questions? Israelis of all persuasions are ONE and committed strong and aggressive. Allah made you a Muslim "Ummah", but you insist on becoming an Arab "Ummah", reverting to the age of ignorance. Islam bestowed honor and success on the faithful believers. When you discarded Islam, you left behind all its merits and claims. Your leaders believe, you are an economic man and women like the Western cultures, they work to earn, you consume fatty dinners and enjoy 4 wheels cruiser without working for it. Your enemies are happy; you are true believers in progressive economic myths and life styles. But your leaders are without followers, without sense of responsibility or guilt. Most Western political analysts believe Arab leaders hardly bother to use their brain; it is always new and fresh like a baby.”

Israeli right wing coalition PM Netanyahu threatens to cancel the Oslo Agreement if the PLO shall go to the UNO for independence and full membership. The ground realities are telling that Oslo agreement had no prospect for the Palestine freedom, its ultimate goals was to keep the Palestinians under continued occupation. This is what Arafat and his colleagues had willingly signed-in to the deal. M J Rosenberg (“The Disaster Known as Netanyahu”) puts the argument into proper context:

“Binyamin Netanyahu is very close to bringing Israel back to where it was before the Oslo agreement of 1993. There is even the strong possibility that he will take it back to where it was before the Camp David peace treaty with Egypt –” with the added disaster that the relationship with Turkey (established in 1948) will also be gone.

In a normal country, a record of disastrous failures like those would lead to Netanyahu’s departure from office. But not in Israel…… The worst part is that nearly all of Israel’s problems with its neighbors could be resolved by ending the occupation. Even the economy would benefit if the Israeli government was not wasting so much money on the settlers and their exorbitant demands.”

Palestine freedom is real and its needs a coherent rational argument to be shared at the global podium, if only some educated and intelligent Arab scholars well versed in thoughts and presentation of ideas could speak to the international community. The mankind must exercise its full knowledge, political foresight and moral strength to oppose continued tyranny and occupation by Israel. Palestine must be free now as an obligation long overdue to the systematic international responsibility. The global community of nations should support the resolution calling for an independent State of Palestine to con-exist with Israel. There is no question of choice to enhance illegal occupation and continued settlements replacing the Palestinian identity, rights and homeland. M J Rosenberg (“The Disaster Known as Netanyahu”), sums up the mindset of the US – Israeli leaders who will play a role at the forthcoming UN deliberations:

“The Palestinian turn to the United Nations offers the solution to virtually all of Israel’s problems. President Mahmoud Abbas says that once Palestine is recognised by the international body, he will resume negotiations with Israel over all the issues that divide the two sides. The only difference will be that negotiations will be between two states, not one powerful state and one supplicant hoping a few crumbs fall off the table…..Netanyahu is terrified of a UN vote. He and his emissaries are going around the world demanding that the statehood resolution be voted down.

The UN vote is expected to occur on September 20. It is too much to hope that America will do what it knows is the right thing and vote "yes" or be an honest broker and abstain. The best we can hope for is that the United States and Israel are part of a very small minority voting "no." That kind of vote will strengthen the Palestinians and perhaps frighten Netanyahu into negotiating in good faith. But even if not, the UN will have stated that the Palestinians are people, too; people with rights, including the right to full sovereignty in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. At that point, the writing will be on the wall. The occupation is ending, hopefully before Netanyahu does too much more damage … to Israel.”