Pakistan making serious efforts towards regional peace

Pakistan making serious efforts towards regional peace

Islamabad (UNA-OIC) – Pakistani President Dr. Arif Alvi while reiterated that Pakistan would never compromise its sovereignty and security, making it clear that any kind of misadventure by the enemy would be dealt with severely.

In his message to the occasion of the Defense Day of Pakistan, President Alvi said “It makes me happy to state that we have achieved self-reliance in the defense field. We have thwarted external aggression; we have successfully defeated terrorism and extremism, and now we are on the path towards economic prosperity”.

He added that the Day reminded the spirit and valor of Pakistan armed forces and the nation, by which they thwarted the evil designs of the enemy on the day, 55 years ago.

Alvi said displaying exemplary courage and professionalism, Pakistan’s army, navy and air force defeated the enemy on all fronts. He stated that Pakistan had also made serious efforts with a positive approach towards securing peace in the region but unfortunately, “our enemy keeps hostile designs against us. It is covertly engaged in destabilizing Pakistan and its aggressive policies pose a threat to regional peace and stability”.

“Nevertheless, our policy, in this regard, is firm and clear. We shall never compromise on the sovereignty and security of the country and any kind of misadventure by the enemy will be dealt with severely,” he resolved.

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