Our Intifadah Perceptions


Americans called Kashmir a flashpoint i.e., the point at which anger, indignation, etc becomes uncontrollable–an impressive view shared by many in both East and West. For the time being this definition dazzled many In Pakistan and Kashmir with joy, and the news papers wrote editorials over the importance of Kashmir conflict. But Bill Clinton passed his two terms as the President of the USA in White House without breaking the ice over Kashmir .On the contrary, he visited India, praised Indians, and delivered sermons of peace to Pakistanis on their TV, without referring much to the fate, future and ordeal of Kashmiris, groaning under Indian guns.

The lesson is simple. We should never live on wishful thinking, Nor rely upon reveries. The term flashpoint has a different connotation in the eyes of the controllers of the world politics. The international brokers have their own motives and designs. They are never moved by our tearful eyes, nor do they subscribe to our views on UN resolutions. Kashmir is described’ as a flashpoint not because of a decade old uprising in Srinagar and Jammu, but because Pakistan’s nuclear identity is looked as a potent threat to the strategic and economic interests of US and her allies and expansionist designs of India in the region. Perhaps without experimenting a nuke device, Pakistan otherwise would not have gained this bit of western concern over Kashmir. The great sacrifices of Kashmiri people have their own definite, meaning, message and force for the world.

Nevertheless, are the world powers eager to work for a just and durable solution of Kashmir question or do they try to linger it on for yet another fifty years? By analyzing different factors and political events, one can infer that the giant political brokers believe in statuesque and sanctity of the disputed LOC in J&K. This is evident from the Camp David and other pacts on the middle east question. The same was manipulated in the former state of Yugoslavia–where after the massacre of the Muslim inhabitants of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, a so called autonomy was granted to them at the mercy of NATO powers and Serb killers.

This is being followed by India in Kashmir. A systematic brutal ethnic cleansing by the Indian troops and the rented militants is taking place in each and every corner of Kashmir for the last 12 Years.

Even during the so called cease-fire by India ,there was no let up in civilian killings, custodial deaths, extra-judicial killings, torching of homes and humiliation of women by occupation forces. Some governments have described Kashmir as a difficult question, which they suggest should be kept pending till easier matters are settled by India and Pakistan. Even the US officials, who follow the situation of South Asia vis-é-vis Kashmir, hesitate to predict any significant US role in unraveling the Kashmir knot.

During the last decade of Kashmir, uprising, a good number of Kashmir specialists in Europe, US and the South Asia made hectic academic and diplomatic activities to find out a road map for resolving the Kashmir imbroglio. Such people tried to prevail on India and Pakistan, and also approached the Kashmiri leaders of the divided region, but failed to bring together Kashmiri groups or academicians to discuss the issue and its possible solutions. Even there where specialists, who tried to know any disgusting reasons (if there )inherent in the mind-set of the people, who have been dealing with the problem since forties of the last century. One of this type of discourses took place in Washington, in 1999, where participants agreed that any solution of Kashmir was years away and some people may die first, not violently, But of old age, before hatred and distrust of partition year can be forgotten, concluded Summit Ganguly of Hunter college New York. Another speaker Schaffer, once the top US diplomat for South Asia said, “talk on Al-Quads, the Kashmir question might best be perched on a back burner for the indefinite future while confidence grows”. “Kashmir may be the last of the issues to be settled, said Stephan Cohen of Brookings. It may be the wailing wall, he said, every bit as intractable an issue as the Al-Quds edifice, also known as the western wall. (quotes Dawn/International Tribune 5/5/1999)

In view of these views, we fear the dangerous zone of the third world can become more risky by every passing day, as the situation is vulnerable, and can ill-afford to linger on for future.

The people of Kashmir, especially the freedom fighters have altogether different perceptions with regard to their struggle for freedom. There are multiple reasons, responsible for tough stand in the mind-set of Kashmiri youth. They argue if the Indian army is adamant to eliminate Kashmiris young men anywhere and anytime, then why not to taste the death like a valiant patriot while fighting for a national cause. Hence the familiar slogan/term of a Muslim society-Jehad attracts Kashmiris, particularly when they see everywhere innumerable graves and graveyards of their beloved ones spread.

Kashmiri patriots believe if the wishes of Kashmiris are not respected, and the solution is left at the mercy of circumstances, negative and reactionary forces and their agents will try to wipe out the people of Kashmir, destabilizing South Asia militarily, economically and politically and evoking war phenomenon further. Because the free use of sophisticated weapons everywhere and advancement of arms technology is ominous for the world peace, urging on all warring nations and factions to resolve their conflicts or face destruction.

Kashmiris never liked bloodshed, nor they desire it today. But the armed struggle to urge upon their established national political objectives, has been thrusted on them by India and her militarism in Kashmir. The present gene rations are of the view that had intifada or the armed struggle been launched in post-partition years or even in sixties, Indian militarism would have been contained and the humanity had not suffered so much. Moreover UN would have made definite progress towards the resolution of Kashmir problem long before, and no power had declared Kashmir resolutions as obsolete.

Again the political analysts and historians opine if the liberation struggle is abandoned without any concrete breakthrough, it will add to sad pacts and unlucky episodes of our history. The indifferent would be under no obligation to intervene in the conflict, thus encouraging sanguinary Indian rule in Kashmir. The ill-fated Kashmiris would be slaughtered like sheep and goats as before or massacred like Spanish Muslims by cupid crusaders’ in 15th century. Who cared later for those enlightened and progressive Spanish Muslims ,who had made marvelous contributions to Europe in the realm of science, medicine, art, architecture, culture and civilization?

Kashmiris generations have learnt from their past. Our sons are of a different mettle, and we can not surrender before our killers, who want to see us fall into the oblivion. Let clarion call be heard by every one.

Freedom fighters of Kashmir, supporters of the movement, and the political thinkers who work to reshape this hazardous struggle of life and death for a bright and better future have before them the testing instances of the histories of South Asia, Algeria, Palestine, Vietnam, Afghan, Iran, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania etc. A callous disregard for humanity and the sanctity of women by occupation troops has increasingly threatened peace and security and progress of mankind in the 20/21centuries.

All different historical episodes join together to form a breeding ground for unrest and radicalism among the Muslims the world over. They are to be understood and not to be held in contempt or disdain. The logic behind Kashmir V/S India is very simple. Kashmir wants freedom/right of self-determination as promised under Independence Act, UN SO resolutions, India-Pakistan pledges and principles of humanity and freedom. In return India has followed a terrific policy of systematic/selective cleansing of Muslims over years in the J&K, resulting in collapsing of the social fabric in the Kashmiri homes and hearths. Muslim inhabitants and even minorities living under the state terrorism have been facing worst insult and humiliation to their women for long. The dense cities, hamlets and thin villages equally receive dead bodies of their near and dear ones on daily basis, thus changing our fertile soil–plains, forests and meadows into the graveyards of martyrs.

Kashmir can never forget her valiant Sons and daughters who sacrificed their today for our tomorrow. These glorious sacrifices will always reverberate in our life to regenerate the soul of nation. we caution every body that whatever the priorities of governments or international bodies, Kashmiris will risk everything to regain their freedom and social and cultural order, ensure its success and permanent glory. How lucidly an English poet sings,

If winter comes, can spring be far behind.

In their struggle for rights and freedom, Kashmiris have been and are being misquoted and misrepresented by vested interests time and again, but they have themselves also misinterpreted or miss analyzed historical situations and thus have got entangled by the forces of reaction and chaunism. We are again on the cross roads Let us remain vigilant, lest the awaiting fruits of our great sacrifices in the form of freedom, free expression and democracy are robbed by opportunists and exploiting elements. Here some wise and Sincere workers should stand up and prevent people from making an error of judgment. Nevertheless, the unprecedented sacrifices of our people for political freedom, we face still a mess and monotony of sermons, and the world watching closely our aims and actions has yet to search a moral sense and rationale in our political activities.

We must understand a stark reality that every country small or big, developed or developing has his own political, economic and Strategic interest Vis-é-vis other countries or peoples. We as freedom fighting people of Kashmir should focus on future, create, nourish and protect our ideas and interests. Our Organizations and leaders should address the genuine and recognized political cause for which so much human blood continues to spilt in the paradise on earth. Let no gossip be sold to the people in mosques or elsewhere, if we follow the last revealed Book-Holy Qur’an. This would honestly and truly be representing the people and upholding the mission of martyrs ,who fought without seeking any kind of worldly reward.

I believe the sacred blood of Kashmiris, shed over years for the noble cause of freedom, and Islam will at long last win the day, and the people of Jammu and Kashmir will receive applause from the world and heavens for their long perseverance and determination.

Mr. Muhammad Farooq Rehmani is the chairman of Jammu & Kashmir People’s League.