Osama – Will He Emerge From Hollywood or Afghanistan?

The Sunday Express in London claimed that bin Laden and a small group of followers had been "boxed in" by US and British special forces in the mountains on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Now that American jobs and foreign competition will be important issues in the 2004 elections, and more than 55 percent disapproved of how President Bush is handling these issues, John Kerry emerges a real threat to Bush. His entourage, mostly dedicated members from the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), must have advised Bush that to get re-elected, the fear-mongering theme of recent times, may not work any longer. Besides JINSA, another organization, dedicated to Israeli interest in the White House is the Center for Security Policy (CSP). No US president, since the creation of Israel, has ever been seen as a puppet other than what shows in the palpable record of George Bush.

The overly used threats, geared to Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD), terrorism, suicide bombers and Islam bashing tricks, have turned blunt these days in swaying public opinion. The deceptive story of WMD is too fresh and full of stubborn stain. It would need strong detergent to wipe out from the voters’ mind. After all you can fool people only a few times.

Obviously, Osama has to play, once again, a decisive role in the re-election campaign of George Bush. The make-belief capture of Osama, in about September this year, seemingly appears to be a set event. No doubt Wolfowitz, having close ties with JINSA, must have recommended the make-belief capture of Osama as the great tool to fool the Americans once again. Perhaps, the shootings of the episodes have already been in progress, in a clandestine way, at some Hollywood studio. This, however, is not the first time to have Hollywood’s help in winning public opinion. His father, during the Iraq War in 1991, has already set a precedent. The only thing the Junior to do is to follow his dad’s footsteps.

Over a decade ago, George Bush Senior, sold the legitimacy of the war against Iraq in 1991. While arm-twisting other nations in the UN to line up with the US president was relatively easy, it was not that thorn-free road for Senior Bush to convincing the American people to give their lives for cheaper gasoline. Especially when the miserable defeat of the US army in Vietnam was still fresh in the minds of the American parents, it was hard to ask them to sacrifice their children’s lives once again just for an issue signifying a UN charter violation by Iraq.

Here again, American ingenuity in concocting stories worked like miracle. So George Bush Senior hired a public relations firm, Hill & Knowlton to put together a convincing story and dramatise it as a TV documentary for millions of parents to watch in prime time. Incidentally, this firm, a friend of Israel, had a reputation for its excellence in turning creative lies into a real life story. Obviously, they produced a tale as if a real TV documentary. Here the Kuwaiti Ambassador’s daughter acted as a nurse and narrated a horror story. In the story, Iraqi soldiers were shown as brutal monsters, picking up children from incubators and blasting their heads on the concrete floor.

The incubator story appeared so convincing in the TV broadcast that it, overnight, earned millions of supporters for George Bush Senior all over American continent and beyond. The story, marinated with lie and deception, inspired the US army to initiate an attack against Iraq – the "Desert Storm", and won a decisive victory with the help of Britain, France and most of the Arab nations.

War ethics, formulated by the Geneva convention, was completely ignored by the US army. The massacring of over 200,000 retreating Iraqi soldiers still appears in the US news media. While attacking on retreating army is a war crime for others, the US generals of the Gulf War are immune from it.

A few months from now, Bush Junior who alienated the trusted friends of America and made the American citizen prisoners in their own country, would bring a magician’s rabbit from his hat – and that rabbit is none but Osama. Chances are that this Osama, despite being over six feet and having beard in orthodox Islamic style, would be a reminiscence of the hoaxing story once prepared by Hill & Knowlton. Even a few scientists will, presumably, be shown as having DNA test and the result will not fail to be the exact match with Osama.

The span of time, since the Afghan War, seems to have drowned out the critical cynicism as to Osama being still alive. During the US invasion of Afghanistan, a new vocabulary was heard from the press, and it was MOAB bomb. The power of the bomb, then tested by the US Airforce, was devastating. MOAB is the acronym for Massive Ordnance Air Blast. Privately the bomb was known in military circles as "the mother of all bombs". The bomb weighs 22,000 pounds. It is, in fact, the largest conventional bomb the world has ever seen and is made of Tritonal, a newer class of explosives that is about 1.2X as powerful as TNT. The dramatised explosive power of the bomb is known to have the capacity to "dig a hole right to the earth’s core".

The viewers of the US TV channels will still remember the sights of the B-52 bombers blasting the mountains of Tora Bora Caves with MOAB bombs. The commentaries, during those days, repeatedly confirmed the unlikely chances of Osama surviving those blasts. George Bush himself was shown in the TV interviews many times, with a consoling smile about Osama. As a result, it left no doubt in the viewers’ mind about the death of Osama – the greatest enemy of the US.

Then, perhaps, the Israeli-influenced "war party" within Bush administration’s senior ranks realized that announcing the end of Osama will put a damper on the whole war-euphoria. Ever since, most statements from George Bush rarely mentioned anything about the fate of Osama.

It is surprising to note that since the initiation of the war in Afghanistan, the Bush administration could not produce any new video tape of Osama, despite the fact that a number of audio tapes from al-Jazeera were played in Arabic with convenient English translation. The reason of Bush administration’s failure to produce any new video tape is simple – Osama, with his kidney trouble, could not survive the MOAB blast at Tora Bora.

Perhaps, the maverick of Texas chopped his own leg to walk to the presidential chair next year. There couldn’t have been any better insurance for George Bush than an alive Osama being shaved by a US military personnel. But then again, George Bush might do the same trick as his dad did. Perhaps, the public relations firm – Hill & Knowlton has been hired again. After all, animation and Hollywood trick may often fool even the skilled detectives.