Ordeal for Saddam

At last, the deposed President of Iraq Saddam Hussein appeared before a single-Judge Tribunal Thursday to hear a sequence of charges for which he could face–”even the death price. As per the American version of the first day of the proceedings, Saddam called President Bush a criminal and vigorously defended his August-1990 invasion of Kuwait.

A pragmatic and analytical view depicts that the trial of–”Saddam n Cage–”is shrouded in mystery. The reason is that amid the ruse of security, US troops are guarding the special tribunal at an anonymous location and free and independent media is not allowed to watch the proceedings.

With such a scenario, it is hard to believe in what Americans are trying to tell the rest of the world. They are releasing the details of the proceedings in a style to distract attention of the world in general and people of Iraq and their neighbors in meticulous from the day-in and day-out carnage, unleashed by the US-led occupation forces in diverse vicinities of the country.

Along with such a backdrop, one can comprehend the real motives in the wake ofremarks ascribed to Saddam Hussein in which he is supposed to have insinuated Kuwaitis.

By doing so, Americans are, prima facie striving to generate an anti-Saddam Hussein hysteria and hype to cover up their own agenda in Iraq. Quite obviously, in the existence of American troops and authority, no one can expect and anticipate an free and fair trial.

Evidently, it is because of this scenario that there are voices from around the globe calling the US and its loyal Iraqi authorities to ensure the trial in a crystal-clear mode.

Nonetheless, Washington is not likely to heed to the anxiety plus hassle of the comity of nations as they [the Americans] are bent upon putting Saddam to death. Simultaneously there is substantial weight in the acuity that the cute and prickly US marines and their headship is equally guilty of most of the charges leveled against the shackled and fettered Saddam Hussein.

We would like to suggest to the United Nations and the world community to influence and persuade the Americans to hold an open trial of Saddam Hussein where the charges are heard by a panel of independent judges and the proceedings are made accessible to journalists–”now-a-days once again assembled on the soils of Iraq–”from all-over the Orb.

Any deviation from such a realistic perception and outlook shall not only open a ‘Pandora’s Box’ for the innocent people of the sanctified realm–”Iraq but would also result into a grave discomfiture for the United States along with, observably a perilous situation for its’ troops who are virtually controlling the authority in Iraq–”a fact, which can not be disputed or rejected–”in any fashion, whatsoever it may be.

The Oval Office is well-acquainted with the intensity and enormity of tension in Iraq–”if it goes by the digit of the bodies the US has received so far–”making a number of its’ own people–”either orphans or widows. Isn’t something iniquitous, unfair and unjust?

So why not to opt for a course, which is judicious and a muscular device and gadget to avert all types of skirmishes–”and that too–”in America and its’ allies own interest? Whatever the fate of Saddam may be, at least the United States, which holds full control of Iraq in the present epoch, shall not only clutch worldwide allures but would also get its name indexed–”as an idol of equality and justice–”in the sheets of the history-in-making. Isn’t it an apposite plea?