Open Letter to Yasser Arafat

Dear Chairman Arafat,

Peace be with you and your Muslim Brothers!

At this point in time you have become the most important public figure in the world. Your decision regarding peace with Israel will, in all likelihood, shape the 21st Century. Mankind will enter the third and perhaps Final Millennium on track towards peaceful co-existence or backslide into a decaying state of separation and double-mindedness.

The One True God certainly chose you, for good reason, to seek basic human rights for the Palestinian People. You realize that the most basic of these rights is the right to return to your place of birth. This does not mean, however, that there is an immediate right to own property or obtain citizenship. Notwithstanding U.N. Resolution 194, these privileges are dictated within the jurisdiction of a legitimate government. Parenthetically, this logic is consistent with the spiritual teachings that it is necessary to displace your faith from things of this world and into the Absolute Faith of God Almighty. Mankind is sustained by the Love of God!

As you can see from recent letters, sent to world leaders including yourself, I support the creation of a Palestinian State as part of a comprehensive peace agreement. However, as a true outsider, I see this vision materializing only if certain principles perfectly coincide. The singular principle of right of return, which originates from the concept of sanctity of life, must be the backbone of any Peace Plan. Anything “less”, such as the limited right to return to a newly created Palestinian State, or for that matter “more”, such as ownership of land outside the newly created Palestinian State, will be a political deal deemed to fail.

Since the “intifada”, which I forecasted to the White House, there have been no proposals put forth consistent with the Creator’s plan, as articulated in the Holy Bible and other places, for mankind’s redemption and ultimate salvation. He proved that He Exists to unbelievers by His promise of land to the Jews and having the State of Israel come to fruition! This, of course, is not to say that Jews always manage their blessings in a holy fashion. The Book of Revelations forewarns Jews that their salvation is at stake over unholy acts; such as disinheriting their descendants from this land.

This date marks the end of presidential power for William Jefferson Clinton and the beginning of American presidential power for George W. Bush. Remarkably, President Bill Clinton showed how a nation’s government can dramatically improve the financial security of a country. Unfortunately, however, President Clinton was unable to achieve the moral fortitude necessary to exercise American sovereignty and formulate a cohesive peace plan, which would bridge differences between Muslims, Jews and Christians. A true American peace plan would be rooted with a Nation created under God where all men are equal.

Such a plan must first accept that the Holy Bible makes clear that certain land was granted by God Almighty to the Jews for reasons stated in the Holy Bible. Other land, outside this designated area, which is easily identifiable today, was also granted by God Almighty to their Arab brothers. Without doubt, the boundaries of land granted to the Jews necessarily include the Old City of Jerusalem. If you cannot accept this fact as unequivocal and irrevocable your faith in God becomes limited and any subsequent peace plan is nothing more than a political deal deemed to fail.

As you can see from previous writings, I surmise that the pursuit of salvation is the common thread interconnecting Muslims, Jews and Christians to the One Living God. Freedom to exercise our faith is the channel to everlasting life. All of us must reach out together towards the light within and shine it back on a world mired in confusion. On the other hand, sovereignty is a divine concept not limited by perception. Sovereignty existed before time began and will continue to exist beyond time. Deference to the Word of God results in humility and strength.

Chairman Arafat, you can become the Man of the Century and facilitate the expansion of human consciousness by publicly acknowledging the promise God Our Father made for the benefit of all mankind. Isn’t it better to be called from the back of the line to come forward than to be up front and told to go back? The net effect of your and Prime Minister Barak’s failure to open your hearts to this divine truth will likely cause the peace process to implode.

I cannot hold back my faith that if Israel graciously granted the new Palestinian State co-sovereignty over Holy Places, along with Christians, commencing with the Temple Mount, such a union would ultimately reunite the Holy Son of God in creating a New Jerusalem. Incidentally, Natural Law, as enunciated by the Third Law of Thermodynamics, teaches that collective cohesion is achieved by accepting unity of purpose. Reluctance and resistance in becoming One leads to greater turmoil.

Mr. Chairman, I recognize the incredible predicament you and Prime Minister Barak would face by adopting this blueprint for peace. However, the time is rapidly coming to a close for you and your counterpart to go beyond political considerations and do what God Wills for All.

May the Peace of God be with you and all your neighbors.