Open Letter to George W. Bush

Everyone knows that politicians promise to build bridges even where there are no rivers.
I appeal to you as one who has also experienced a rebirth in faith. It is both enlightening and exhilarating to be “born again.” Such a catharsis should make you more acute to the suffering of others, more compassionate, more honest, more eager for the truth and more committed to the justice and liberty of all regardless of religion or ethnic background.
Remember that many of the 8 million Muslims in America gave you their vote in the hopes that you would be the better man to govern America and a more just one in your foreign policy decisions. Do not be swayed then by Zionist lobbies and do not be at the beck and call of those who want to preserve the status quo so they can continue their crimes against humanity.
For the past 52 years, man has erected mausoleums to the Jewish Holocaust, forgetting in turn those who became the expedient victims of the Jewish Diaspora. One refugee displaced another and the invading Jewish hoards in the land of the Palestinians created instead, a Palestinian Holocaust. Daily, Palestinians die in the name of liberty. The Israelis are waging genocide against the indigenous inhabitants making them an endangered species. Surely, a Palestinian child wielding a stone in the name of freedom is no match for an Israeli tank, or helicopter, or gunship.
Though your father waged a terrible war against the Iraqis, you can prove that you do not want to carry on his legacy of hate. You can nobly end the sanctions against the people of Iraq, sanctions that have claimed millions of innocent lives. Civilians should not be punished for the alleged crimes of their rulers.
You are not asked to build bridges where there are no rivers, but you can build peace where there is war and bring about justice where there is none. Live your rebirth by bestowing life, the greatest gift of all, to others.
Do not please one friend only to gain many enemies or invoke bitter feelings against you and your country. Israel should not be your only ally in the Middle East. You should be concerned about the friendship of all and do your best to bring about a legitimate, equitable and comprehensive peace where the rights and dignity of everyone without exception will be protected and respected.