On Independence Day Celebrations.. Pakistani PM Calls for Transforming Pakistan into an Economic Power

On Independence Day Celebrations.. Pakistani PM Calls for Transforming Pakistan into an Economic Power

Islamabad (UNA-OIC) – Pakistan celebrated on Sunday the 75th anniversary of the independence amid calls for more unity and for the advancement of the country economic sectors.

Pakistani Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif stressed for holding of a national dialogue and developing a consensus on charter of economy by all the stakeholders to transform Pakistan into an economic power.  

Addressing a national flag-hoisting and unveiling of re-recording ceremony of the national anthem here at the Jinnah Convention center, the prime minister said that like their forefathers, on this 75th Independence Day, they vowed to transform Pakistan into an economic power. 

“If we can become a nuclear power, we can also become an economic power but for it we have to strive day and night and prove to the world that we are no less than anyone in the world,” the prime minister added.

The ceremony was attended by federal ministers, parliamentarians, senior military and law enforcement agencies leadership and people belonging to all walks of live.  

“Pakistan Movement is a lesson for everyone which tells when a nation devised the course of its path, the mountain-like hurdles and seas like distances could not hamper them from achieving their goal,” the prime minister added. 

The prime minister recalled that when Allama Iqbal dreamt about a separate motherland, a sense of pessimism was created that it was not feasible.  

“We salute the founding fathers of Pakistan who had smashed such sense of pessimism and due to their historic struggle, they are now breathing in an independence and sovereign country,” he added. 

The prime minister said for decades, the Muslims in the sub-continent faced the foreign subjugation, they laid down their lives, gave immense sacrifices and made a historic migration and lost their near and dear ones in that perilous journey to achieve a separate country.  

It is worth noting that Pakistan President Dr Arif Alvi has urged the nation to remain steadfast and work wholeheartedly for the development and progress and prosperity of the country.

“We need to remain united to overcome financial, economic and security challenges faced by the country. Let us pledge that we will remain steadfast to render any sacrifice for the dignity and self-respect of our people and greatness and glory of our beloved homeland,” the president said on Saturday in a message on the 75th anniversary of Independence.

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