On February 14 at the U.N., Dr. Hans Blix’s “Valentine Report” to President Bush


Mohamed Khodr’s Column


President Dwight Eisenhower

Mr. Bush is correct about one thing:  his foreign policy has been a “GAME'”–a game of “MONOPOLY” of lies, greed, hegemony, and “utter contempt” for the world, its peace, its people, and its environment.  

“THE GAME” of controlling the Middle East, reshaping it as a western colony for theological and economic domination is as old as the Jewish belief that “no gentile”, meaning no Arab or Palestinian, need live in God’s promised land for His “Chosen People”.  “The Game” was brutally expanded with the Christian empire where “regime change” of the Muslim world was “blessed” by God himself and His Popes into an eternal crusade against Islam that continues today under the latest bearer of the “Cross”—the compassionate, conservative, God fearing, born again and again from sin and alcoholism, protector of “fetus and life”, unifier of people, evangelical Methodist—–President George W(ar) Bush.

“Lying” to kill, steal, enrich, and annex is as old as time, beginning with Cain’s murder of Abel.   Yet, the art of “sound byte murder” has never been as perfected in human history as it has been by Israel and America, whereby “Muslim blood is miraculously transformed to needed water and oil”.   Cain’s lie killed one person–Bush-Sharon’s “lies for war” can kill humanity, it’s faith in God and peace, its decency, dignity, morality, and love. 

ISLAM has and always will be the one ideology that stands in the way of the Israeli-American greed and domination.  From Israel’s very founding, David Ben Gurion, Yitzhak Rabin, and Shimon Peres declared that “Islam is the true enemy of Israel.”  What better strategy existed than to manipulate the western “Holocaust” Guilt to adopt a  “marriage of convenience” between the historically theological enemies of Judaism and Christianity into the new and improved “Judeo-Christian” foundation of western civilization aligning against the common enemy of ‘ISLAM”. 

Utilizing the art of “demonization” and inherent belief of the “superiority” of the white man perfected by Europe from the Crusades to Nazism; Israel and it’s gullible super powers, Britain and America, are poised once again to “Re-colonize” the Middle East and “reform Islam”.

Bush’s introduction and indoctrination into this perfected “Zionist” art began with his helicopter ride over the “promised land” of Judea/Samaria, the West Bank, with his tutor Ariel Sharon.   That Bush couldn’t or didn’t want to see Israel’s brutal occupation, its American funded illegal settlements, its mosaic of Jew only highways inflicted upon Palestinians is a testament to the man’s ignorance and/or fundamentalist evangelical beliefs.  Neither knew that in due time both will lead their nations into an abyss of a new “Pandora’s box and crusade” in the Middle East.

Indeed, President Bush has perfected “The Game” where might is right and unparalleled power can determine the future of humanity, at least in the short term.

Bush’s Declarations of “you’re either with us or against us” and “Pre-emptive Strike” laid the foundation to a crusade against any and all labeled enemies, the fact that all such enemies happen to be Israel’s enemies is lost on Bush but not the world.  Developing such a “LIST” became the obsession and justification for all nations to destroy their internal and external “enemies”—from America’s Israeli inspired “List of Terrorist Organizations and Nations”, to Israel’s, Europe’s, Russia’s, China’s, and most inspiring of all, to Muslim dictators around the world jihading against their own people to serve America.  “Security” and “Defense” are now the democratic principles to justify murder, abuse of human rights, and discard the United Nations Charter, International Conventions and Treaties, Due Process, Constitutional guarantees, but above all to disobey God’s supremacy and love of humanity.  Religion became an advertising and convenient “sound byte”, an ideology for murderous intent for “terrorists” like Bin Laden, or “democratically elected” leaders such as Saddam Hussein, Ariel Sharon, Tony Blair, George Bush, Vladimir Putin, and tragically for all alleged Muslim leaders.

The common denominator for such leaders is to launch a war with  “WEAPONS of MUSLIM DESTRUCTION.”

Thus the Bush-Sharon-Blair strategy was formulated against the Muslim world to ensure conflicts, military bases, theft of cheap oil and water, and an era of Muslim submission.


Like the ashes of the Holocaust giving rise to Israel, the world’s premier terrorist state, the ashes of innocent Americans on 9/11 gave rise to the “Crusade du jour” for Bush’s Corporate Oil, Media, and Christian Evangelist friends who lust for a Jewish and Muslim Armageddon to hasten the return of Jesus (pbuh), the “Prince of Peace” to  dominate the Muslim world that unjustly holds 60% of the world’s oil reserves and stands opposed to Israel’s dream of conquest and hegemony in the Middle East.  At a recent Christian Coalition Conference where Vice President Dick Cheney spoke, a bumper sticker was being sold that read: “NO MUSLIMS…..NO TERRORISTS”. 

Anti-War Signs say it all: 

 “How Did Our Oil Get Under their Sands?” and “How Many Lives Per Gallon”.

I would hasten to add:  “What if Iraq was Jewish”

After a one sided Persian Gulf War in 1991 that devastated Iraq back into the dark ages, inhumanely and massively destroyed water, electrical and sewage plants, dams, food storage’s, pharmaceutical companies, roads, bridges, schools, orphanages, nursing homes, and mosques; after 12 years of the severest sanctions that denied medicines and water purification chemicals under the excuse of “dual use weapons”; after 12 years of non-stop British and American bombing in the illegal and unsanctioned “no fly zones” to ensure future division of Iraq into three zones; Bush inexplicably with Israel’s goading, focused like a laser on Saddam Hussein’s imminent threat to America and the civilized (read: white) world.   As fast as Bush could come up with “a propaganda lie du jour” to justify murdering innocent  hungry Iraqis, they were immediately shot down by FACTS, including from within his own administration as well as allies.  However, since when did FACTS and TRUTH ever stop America’s foreign policy of supporting “freedom and democracy” (read: Israel, dictatorships and genocide) upon the “third world?”  Even the term “third”, invented by the French after World War II, belies racism and prejudice.

Bush needed a strategy of “Perpetual Fear and Spin” upon Americans whose ignorance and gullibility on foreign affairs make them patsies for Israel and the military-industrial-media complex.  

ANSWER:  Send the respectable Colin Powell to the UN Security Council with a “speech” of lies, tapes, and videos to galvanize and intimidate the world into accepting an imminent war upon Iraq.

The title of the speech itself was a clue to its lack of FACTS and EVIDENCE regarding Iraq’s possession of “weapons of mass destruction”.  The title “Iraq’s Failure to Disarm:  DENIALS AND DECEPTIONS”.  Hence, the bottom line was Iraq’s lack of compliance with SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION 1441 and NOT ITS POSSESSION OF W.M.D., or was it “regime change”, or both? 

To Powell’s eternal shame and career ending performance, the “evidence” he presented was contradicted by the Chief Weapon’s Inspectors Dr. Hans Blix and Dr. Muhammad El Baradiay, by the CIA and FBI who deny Al-Qaeda’s link to Saddam, by the British Intelligence who on the same day leaked a report denying such a connection, media reports here and worldwide including the New York Times, Washington Post, the Guardian, Independent, Economist, and Israeli papers such as Ha’aretz, and most importantly even by Israel’s Intelligence.

According to FOXNEWS (a Pro-Bush Television network);  Boaz Ganor, an Israeli counter-terrorism expert, said he knows of no Iraqi ties to terror groups    A senior Israeli security source told The Associated Press this week that Israel has not yet found evidence of an Iraqi-Palestinian-Al Qaeda triangle, and that several investigations into possible Al Qaeda ties to Palestinian militias have so far not yielded substantial results.

As to Powell’s claim of an Al-Qaeda camp operating in Kurdish Iraq, beyond Saddam’s control no less, the New York Times reports (Feb. 6:  “Kurds Puzzled By Report of Terror Camp) that a senior Kurdish official, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan who is familiar with the intelligence on the Ansar group mentioned by Powell, said he had not heard of the laboratory Mr. Powell displayed.   “I don’t know anything about this compound,” he said.  Kurds also questioned whether Mr. Powell mislabeled the photograph. Khurmal, the village named in the photo, is controlled not by Ansar al-Islam but by Komala Islami Kurdistan, a more moderate Islamic group.   Abu Bari Syan, an administrator for Komal Islami Kurdistan, the party that controls Khurmal, took an even stronger stand about Mr. Powell’s claim. “All of it is not true,” he said.

World governments and media are replete with refutations of Powell’s “evidence”.  The point here is the extent Bush is willing to frighten, lie and intimidate the American people and the world to support an unjustified war.  Shockingly, after Powell’s speech where he quoted from a British government “intelligence” report outlining the case against Saddam, it was revealed that the British Report was a total fabrication lifted and plagiarized from old academic reports, in particular from a research paper written by Ibrahim al-Marashi which appeared in the Middle East Review of International Affairs last September.  Is it “civilized” to electronically cut, paste, and plagiarize “dossiers for murder” now?  (See Guardian Feb 7  “UK war dossier a SHAM, say experts” British ‘intelligence’ lifted from academic articles.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/Iraq/Story/0,2763,890916,00.html).   Shockingly, but expected, the American media, especially the “TWIN TOWERS OF ZIONISM”–the New York Times and Washington Post did NOT even mention this story.  Their pages were replete with salivating editorials and opinion pieces praising Powell for providing “Irrefutable and Undeniable” evidence to kill Iraqi’s.   One wonders given Bush’s lies, his administrations use of “secret evidence”, detentions, prosecutions, and deportations against American Muslims, the shredding of the “Bill of Rights” and civil liberties, and the media’s complicity and applause for Bush-Sharon Murder Incorporated if “Regime Change” should begin in America, otherwise, what’s the difference between living in America and Iraq.

Bush, Blair, and Sharon will have their war short of a miracle.  They will invade Iraq, setup a puppet government, pay for the war with Iraqi oil, enrich themselves, and began the implementation of “Who’s Next”, just as the Jerusalem Post predicted days after 9/11 “Next Stop, Baghdad.”  The Middle East will be reformed and neutered and pipelines for WATER, OIL, and GAS will flow to Israel.  These pipelines like all of Israel’s policies will be for “JEWS ONLY.”  Israel will determine the price of oil for Americans, Europeans, Japanese, and the rest of the world.  Bush finally succumbed to Sharon’s blackmail of either attacking Iraq or he’ll do it with nuclear weapons, similar to Yitzhak Rabin’s blackmail of President Nixon during the Yum Kippur war of 1973–either re-supply us immediately with conventional weapons or I”m nuking the Arabs.  As expected with “America the Beautiful, the free, the brave” when it comes to Israel, Israel always gets what it wants while laughing all the way to the US Treasury as how stupid can Americans be.

Reporter:  “I want to ask you, President Bush, about your foreign policy, if I may, Sir.”

Bush:  “Saddam is a threat to America and we’ll stop him.  Let’s Roll. The Game is Over”

Sir:  “My question had to do with North Korea.  Are you aware that North Korea already has Nuclear Weapons, long range missiles, and the world’s fourth largest army and is threatening the United States saying:  “that “pre-emptive attacks are not the exclusive right of the US”.  Secondly, Sir, do you realize the danger of your “Pre-emptive Strike” becoming a precedent for the world?

Bush:  “Saddam is a threat to America and we’ll stop him.  Let’s Roll. The Game is Over”

Sir:  you didn’t answer the question.  What about the American economy, Mr. President?  You are aware that the economy is dipping rapidly into a recession with the highest unemployment in 20 years,  that the budget surplus is now a large deficit, that the stock market has lost much value, that consumer confidence in you and the economy is very low, yet you propose a $678 Billion tax cut for the rich, ballooning the federal bureaucracy with massive spending, and to top it, all instead of helping the American people, like the Veterans and the elderly, and businesses you’re actually giving Israel another $20 Billion in aid this year alone?

Bush:  “Saddam is a threat to America and we’ll stop him.  Let’s Roll. The Game is Over

Sir:  “you didn’t answer the question.  On another issue, Sir, why are we getting more involved with our military and spending billions in Columbia’s war against its rebels?  Can’t this become another Vietnam?

Bush:  “Saddam is a threat to America and we’ll stop him.  Let’s Roll. The Game is Over

Sir:  “you didn’t answer the question.  Mr. President, Americans are still grieving from the Columbia tragedy, no not the country, the space shuttle.  Don’t you think the country needs time to grieve over the deaths of the astronauts over Palestine, Texas, before we begin grieving over our military men and women who’ll die in Sharon’s war and for the Americans who’ll die here and around the world from increased terrorism against us?

Bush:  “Saddam is a threat to America and we’ll stop him.  Let’s Roll. The Game is Over”

Sir: “obviously you’re singularly fixated on the evil man “Saddam”.  Sir, why did we give Saddam his biological and chemical weapons in the first place when he was killing Iranians?  Sir, why didn’t America publicly condemn Saddam when he allegedly “gassed” the Kurds (It’s been refuted by the senior CIA man responsible for Iraq in the Iran-Iraq war)?  Sir, if Saddam was a threat to America when he had weapons of mass destruction in 1991, why didn’t your father and Powell invade Baghdad?  Sir, if we had all this good intelligence with photos of his chemical and biological factories shown by Powell for all these years why didn’t we bomb them like we daily bomb water treatment plants?  Sir, why did your father lie about “babies in incubators” being killed and of the massing of Iraqi troops on the Saudi border in 1991?  Sir, why did your V.P. Cheney love Saddam when he made millions off of Iraqi oil and now he calls him a “threat to western civilization”?  Sir, why are all your administration officials who want this war desperately Jews with more loyalty to Israel than America?  and…..

BUSH:  “Enough is Enough.  Saddam must go now.  Let’s Roll.  The Game is Over.  He’s violated 17 U.N. Resolutions for 12 years and he’s shown nothing but “utter contempt” for the U.N. and the world.  The U.N. must enforce it’s Resolutions and give me my war or it’ll cease to be relevant.  I want Saddam’s head with or without them.  This is America, no one tells us what to do.  By the way, you look like a Muslim to me.    Someone call JOHN ASHCROFT, NOW!!”

Sir:  “I’m an American Muslim, wait a minute…..Mr. President, what of Israel’s “utter contempt” of 100 U.N. Resolutions since 1949– hold on, what of Sharon’s “utter contempt for you and the American people when he refused to heed your threats and said instead “WE CONTROL AMERICA”……..Just one more thing, Mr. President, did you hear of Israel’s massacre in Jenin, it’s daily killing of Palestinian children, its demolition of hundreds of Palestinian homes, of preventing Muslims from Jerusalem and performing Hajj…..it’s……..Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

“I witness that there is no deity but ALLAH, and Muhammad is His Messenger”

“To God we belong, and to Him we shall return.” 


May 20, 1991: President George Bush: “At this juncture, my view is we don’t want to lift these sanctions as long as Saddam Hussein is in power.” James Baker, Secretary of State: “We are not interested in seeing a relaxation of sanctions as long as Saddam Hussein is in power.”

(Weapons of Mass Destruction were simply a Distraction:  Regime Change was Goal)

January 14, 1993: In the face of criticism, particularly from The New York Times, that he might lift sanctions and even normalize relations with Iraq, Clinton backtracks: “There is no difference between my policy and the policy of the present Administration…. I have no intention of normalizing relations with him.” (See The New York Times and Boston Globe, January 15, 1993)

May 12, 1996: On “60 Minutes,” Lesley Stahl asks Albright: “We have heard that a half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. Is the price worth it?” Albright responds: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price — we think the price is worth it.

General Powell is routinely referred to in the media as the moderate or “dove” inside the Bush administration. It is important to remember that it is the same Colin Powell who, at a press briefing shortly after the conclusion of the 1991 Gulf War when asked his assessment of the number of Iraqi soldiers and civilians killed, which had been put at over 100,000, answered, “It’s really not a number I’m terribly interested in.”

Approximately 250 people die every day in Iraq due to the effect of the sanctions. “One out of every 4 Iraqi infants is malnourished.– UNICEF, April 1998

The amount of explosives dropped on Iraq in the first day alone (January 17, 1991) of air and naval attacks was equivalent to the explosive power of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. This military onslaught on a defenseless people included the first-time use of 300 tons of depleted uranium shells plus a frightening array of other internationally banned radiological, biological, and chemical weapons. All in all, over 140,000 tons of explosives, equivalent to 7 nuclear bombs, were used against the Iraqi society in destroying their environment and infrastructure.

Twelve Years of suffocating sanctions has already claimed over one and a half million civilian lives, the vast majority of whom are children and the elderly.  More than 500,000 toddlers and infants have died due to the consequences of the sanctions (UNICEF, 1999).  Twenty-three percent of all children in Iraq have stunted growth.

“We call on the president of America, the vice president and the congressmen to come to Iraq and see the little children and Tony Blair, the U.K. government and Kofi Annan to come and to go to the cancer ward and give us an answer…what was their crime?”

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Adolfo Perez-Esquivel of Argentina who traveled to Iraq in March (AP, March 9, 1999)


“I asked myself many times where do the rights of children fit in here? Why should any, but especially children under the age of five, suffer so much and die in such numbers? Sadly, I had to witness ever repeated scenes of children dying as I walked through hospital wards….”

Mr. Mohamed Khodr is an American Muslim physician and a native from the Middle East. He has worked in Academic Medicine and Public health with national and international health experience. He is a freelance writer who often writes columns on the Palestinian cause, Islam and on America’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East.

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