OIC Foreign Ministers discuss the role of the Islamic world in promoting peace

OIC Foreign Ministers discuss the role of the Islamic world in promoting peace

ISLAMABAD (UNA-OIC) – The Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) continued their meetings for the second day, as part of the 48TH session of the Council of Foreign Ministers held in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad.

On Wednesday, the ministers held a brainstorming session themed “Muslim World’s Role in Promoting Peace, Justice, and Harmony” during which they discussed joint Islamic action in the field of maintaining international security and stability.

In his keynotes, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi stressed that the brainstorming session’s topic is inspired by the Charter of the OIC with an overriding objective to promote noble Islamic values.

He also highlighted the importance of strengthening cooperation between the Member States in economic, scientific, and other sectors, pointing out that justice is the conduit for prosperous and stable communities.

Speaking at the session, Secretary-General, Hissein Brahim Taha said that the theme chosen for this event comes at an opportune time in the conjuncture within which the CFM’s 48th session is being held.

He pointed out to the ordeal of Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories, Kashmiri people in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir, people in Afghanistan, the Rohingya, and Muslims in other parts of the world.

He added that the OIC Charter calls in its preamble for the Member States to preserve and enhance the noble human values of peace, compassion, tolerance, equality, justice, and human dignity. He went on, “The Charter affirms the need to promote inter-state relations based on justice, mutual respect, and good neighborliness to ensure global peace, security, and harmony.”

He also pointed out that the OIC has established a system for peace and security of its own that consists of many tools and mechanisms. He underlined that the “Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution Unit” of the OIC General Secretariat was established to serve as a focal point to support initiatives or peaceful settlement of disputes.

He added, “The General Secretariat also has the OIC Contact Group of Friends of Mediation as both a platform for collective mediation endeavors and a complementary tool for existing mechanisms of peace and conflict resolution.”

The ministers and delegations of the countries participating in the 48th session also attended the celebrations of Pakistan Day, which coincides this time with the seventy-fifth anniversary of the country’s independence.

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