Oh, No! Not Joe Biden!

“The next six months are going to tell the story.”

— Sen. Joe Biden pontificating on the illegal Iraq War on 12/18/05.

The Democratic Party has a death wish! There is no other rational explanation for hapless Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) ending up as Sen. Barack Obama’s VP running mate. For starters, the presidential election is about getting a majority of the electoral votes. Delaware “only” has three electoral votes! And, Biden isn’t a sure thing to carry even them for Obama. He’s a motor mouth, who has traditionally done a lot of talking before putting his brain in gear. If the Democrats were serious about winning the 2008 election and about representing the “politics of hope,” they could have picked Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) for the VP slot. She is a gutsy progressive, a fierce opponent of the Iraq War, and comes from a state, California, which has 55 electoral votes to boot. But, significant change and real hope aren’t on the Democrats’ agenda.

I remember when Al Gore, the Mother of All Hapless Candidates, in 2000, gave the nod for “Turncoat Joe” Lieberman, then a Democrat from Connecticut, to be his VP. Lieberman did absolutely nothing for that ticket. Zilch! Zero! Naught! He was a drag on it from the very beginning.

Gore could have picked a solid politico from Florida, then U.S. Sen. Daniel Robert “Bob” Graham, to be the other half of his presidential aspirations. If he had, Florida probably would have ended up in his column on election day. But no, he chose to listen to the Wire Pullers. They wanted the Likud-lite Lieberman. I suppose they wanted him as insurance in case Gore began to think he was “really” the president. Maybe, this is the same logic that applies in the case of the Obama-Biden candidacy. Is Biden the Wire Pullers’ insurance, just in case Obama is elected and decides to stray from the shadowy clique’s agenda? Who knows? Biden for sure is a safe choice in 2008 for VP, but so was “Turncoat Joe” Lieberman for Gore, in 2000, and that race ended in a miserable defeat for the Democrats.

There is also a lot nonsense online about how Biden’s years of U.S. Senate expertise will add to the appeal of the Democratic Party’s standard bearers. Baloney! Supposedly, Biden is a foreign policy expert. Oh sure, he is! That is why he just traveled to Georgia, which recently started a war with Russia, and urged $1 billion in U.S. aid to that country. [1] What about a billion dollars to clean up the badly polluted Chesapeake Bay? [2]

Biden’s kind of special pleading for Georgia has to do with pleasing the hawkish Neocons, the grasping operatives of the Military-Industrial Complex and the Establishment’s Think Tanks. It is part of that same tired, old globalist scheme, which uses the U.S. taxpayers to fund the special interests, while continuing to make America more enemies around the world. [3] The globalist ploys have also helped to drive the nation into a $10 trillion black hole of debt. Lieberman and V.P. Dick Cheney are saying the same thing about rescuing Georgia as Biden. How then does Biden represent the “politics of hope” and real change for America? He doesn’t. Biden equals business-as-usual for the reigning Duopoloy–the DemRepublicrats–and their behind-the-scene’s controllers.

Where was Biden during the last nearly eight horrific years of the reign of the Bush-Cheney Gang? Did he ever genuinely stand in opposition to any of their gross excesses? The answer is a resounding “no!” Biden went along with the Iraq War, its funding, and with the occupation. Biden said little or nothing when the draconian U.S. Patriot Act was made the law of the land in the middle of the night. Did he try to filibuster it? Hell, no, he didn’t. Biden went along, too, with the gutting of the ancient Writ of Habeas Corpus. As for the Bush-Cheney Gang’s spying on American citizens, Biden posed for the camera, but failed to take action to protect the revered Constitutional Rights of the people. As for the 935 damnable lies of the Bush-Cheney Gang, which took the country into the Iraq War, Biden ignored them too. Biden also refused to hear the call of patriots for the impeachment of both Bush and his prime collaborator, Dick Cheney. [4]

In addition, Biden has a history of lifting, without attribution, parts of speeches by other politicos and using them as his own. [5] On top of all of the above, he’s bragged: “I’m a Zionist!” [6] Is this what American needs right now–a Zionist–as a wannabe Vice-Presidential candidate? In fact, a recent poll by WND/Zogby showed that voters are deeply disenchanted with the candidates put up by the two major parties. Two out of every three voters “want someone else.” [7]

In summation, it is beyond dispute that the country desperately warrants a change of direction from the next president in both the domestic and foreign policy areas. Biden, as VP, will not be a vehicle for that change. Instead, he may very well be the dead weight that sinks Obama’s bid for the White House. The nation deserves better after putting up with Bush and Cheney for eight years. Sen. John McCain, if he is elected, will look the same, or worse, than the Bush’s presidency. He could win this election. And, If that happens, the Democrats will only have themselves to blame.


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