Of People n’ Politics!


A fluid scenario-an upshot of the fiasco, generated amidst the medley of divergent perceptions of a few political heavy-weights-is prima facie-posing perils to the dynamism of a long-awaited democratic rule in Pakistan.

Going by the index of the note-book, the fact stems as clear as crystal that a new abysmal facet comes insight-with the advent of every dawn. Its’ manifested by a diverse outlook which emanates from the staggering views-being beamed to the nation-with one viewpoint or the other-explicitly on the litigious issues-with the Legal Framework Order [LFO] as the focal point.

No doubt-in an arena of politics-it’s a bona fide right of everyone to make use of the right of the freedom of expression to the optimal-n’ in whatever fashion, the one feels apposite, yet every erudite society applies this parameter with a zest to shield a system, with acceptance of precedents n’ realism.

Of-course with the emancipation of such an environ-minds are applied with all fairness to clutch a goal in the best interest of the populous, setting side all types of egoism, even if it is reckoned as pragmatic to a specific set of an entity. The acknowledged axiom of ‘a government by the people, for the people n’ of the people’ magnifies the impact for reflecting the bona fide aspirations of an electorate in place of a peculiar perceptive. Paradoxically-we try to eschew this mindset, setting aside the ‘experiences’ of the gone-by days n’ eventually land into a setting-which neither the people nor their envoys would-legitimately-like to glimpse or gaze at.

We ought not to stay away from the lessons of the history, which-by all acuteness-stands as a podium to divulge a de facto path to lift the nations’ image to a lofty magnitude-beyond oceanic as well as pave a resilient way for the opening of vistas of peace, progress n’ prosperity to attain a real affluence-a longtime dream of the laypeople. With no private leaning at all, every realistic soul-as I look at it-would bear with the remarks of Prime Minister Jamali-wherein he envisions that the political hubbub has-by n’ large one of the main factors that Pakistan could not get it re-admitted in the fold of Commonwealth.

Its’ evident from the statement of the CW’s Secretary General, Don McKinnon wherein he has spelled out ‘ifs n’ buts’ [without any reservations] vis-é-vis Pakistan’s re-entry even applying the jargon of ‘monitoring’ our domestic affairs-for deliberations-at a follow-up stage-n’ that too in the company of a ‘euphoric rep’ from a country-India which has always been antagonistic towards Pakistan, creating hazards for us to thrive in the comity of nations.

As a matter of fact, New Delhi still suffers from the phenomenon of restiveness-perceptibly due to Pakistan’s global esteem n’ adore-bestowed in the post-Nine/Eleven awful episode-as Islamabad zestfully came out to join the US-led anti-terrorism crusade against heavy odds, because this sanctified soil-too-has been a target of terrorist acts, unleashed by the radical n’ fanatic agents of its neighbour-India. Every-one-irrespective of a peculiar view knows that Pakistan-in the current epoch-is passing through a crucial stage-on multiple dimensions.

Hence its’ an apt n’ pertinent time-especially for the elected lawmakers to thwart each n’ every ferocious approach of the foes-like India, which can very expediently be made possible via a singular gauge-the absolute unity amongst their ranks-putting aside their political penchant or propensity-at least till the time the lovely homeland is blessed with a stable democratic course. The eyes of the entire nation are focused on their stance-with a trust that they will not let down the guiltless people-by placing the proceedings of the government-opposition dialogue in the elfin files of the apex body-the National Assembly’s secretariat-the venue of almost a month-long interaction.

Its’ not a piece for thought for the opposition alone-but is simultaneously meant for those-in the corridors of power, steering the multifaceted affairs of the country. A room for accommodation has always existed in the history of dazzling-Pakistan.

If the rules-initiated by the Ayub Regime or far that matter ‘the law of necessity’-the trait n’ hallmark of Zia-ul-Haq-could be allowed to persist as valid n’ justifiable-what are the impediments in the way of backing the rules composed by President Musharraf for the governance of the State’s affairs? A lack of consensus-at this stage-may-eventually-situate the nation in a delineate, far afield ones’ mind’s eye.

The nation’s verdict-via the Oct-10 polls-[irrespective of dissimilar views, aired by assorted sets] had virtually put the galaxy of politicians at the bay of an enormous test for the restoration of a lasting democratic rule as none could grip a discernible majority to form a government-without any obstacle.

While the interaction amongst the apex headship of manifold parties and alliances went on unabated for quite sometime, ever since the decree of the winners-ultimately breaking the ice towards the composition of the Lower House of the Parliament-under a mutually-agreed modus operandi as to who was to head the treasury benches and who will have to occupy the differing seats.

Obviously the politicians deserve all extol for bringing the visible deadlock to an end. Though two parties, the PML [QA] and PPP-P plus the Muthida Majlis-e-Amal [MMA] did surface on the national polity without a specific mandate, a sort of political fiasco-did emerge. Yet-true to the people aspire; a way-out was made available for smooth sailing, as envisioned by the egalitarian pundits in the silhouette of a coalition for the re-emergence of the dawn of an era of democracy after a pause of almost three years.

An immense responsibility thus-now-rests with the lawmakers to work out a mutual formula, reflecting the aspirations of the people, who have reposed confidence on them, with savor and finest reliance, that with the return of a democratic era, their representatives will-go by the words, they had aired via their speeches n’ manifestos.

Its’ an acknowledged fact, accepted by the global community with a down-to-earth concur that President Pervez Musharraf has accomplished his commitment with the nation within the time frame, given to him by the Supreme Court, by holding general elections in a free, fair and transparent way.

Now-with the fresh environment-the ball is roving in the arena of politics, which has to set off a decisive role for the transformation of the set-up into a democratic structure-of course-by touching the zeniths of an allure-in the same style-they did in the post-election era for the re-birth of the Parliament-by bailing Pakistan-out of the on-going political uproar-expectantly-by flaking the taut posture on the touchy topics through an amiable way-for the continuation of a parliamentary form of authority as its pedestal-lest a choice for a newest milieu shells.

One can at the best hope that the magnificent n’ dynamic political headship-would finally translate the nation’s fabulous dream into a reality through a candid n’ transparent vision-marked by the emotions of goodwill n’ amity amongst their lines to make each n’ every dilemma, which appears as a fascia get evaporated-for all times to come, as neither the exchequer can pay for the opulence of cyclical polls-nor the people seem in such a mood.

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV.