Obfuscation / Inaction Results in Consolidation

The Democratic Party failed to stop the invasion of Iraq and failed to publicly challenge the neo-conservatives in real time, even though the truth was readily available at the time. The Bush Administration used lies, deceit and a previously published agenda to go to a War of Aggression and Colonization of Iraq over oil and strategic interests.  

Now, belatedly, the media is starting to ask (very politely) questions that should have been answered and could have been answered BEFORE the invasion of Iraq. And the Democratic Party continues to obfuscate over the issue and give Bush the benefit of the doubt. Political leaders of both parties are unwilling to even consider that the Bush administration willingly manufactured or manipulated intelligence to suit a prior agenda — even though we know from neo-conservative documents that Bush had planned wars in Afghanistan and Iraq well before the events of September 1, 2001.  

The result is that consolidation of the control of Iraq continues. Consolidation of Iraqi resources and governance will likely allow the agenda of the neo-cons to gain fruition. That agenda is also part of the secret agenda of the Cheney-led energy policy that was kept a guarded secret from the American public until this very day.  

While Bush launches a delayed "investigation" over intelligence "lapses", the U.S.-appointed puppet government of Iraq sells off Iraqi assets to pay U.S. contractors and appointees to rebuild Iraq, at enormous profit to the connected contractors, such as Bechtel and Halliburton.  

Meanwhile, the electricity services for the Iraqi people remains unreliable.  Medicines and food and clean water are still unreliable and often in short supply. The consolidation of control of Iraq has been done, not for the Iraqi people, but for the corporate elite of America.  

Consolidation of control of Iraq is not resulting in democracy or freedom for the Iraqi people. Democracy and Freedom for Iraq is a slogan Bush likes to say, but the words are empty rhetoric when any Bush administration member speaks them. Bush does not want Iraqi freedom — and neither does the Democratic Party in the U.S. nor the U.S. media, which continues to be a propaganda arm of the American politicians of both parties.  

The American government, including both political parties, continues to work for Zionist and corporate interests. The American government does not, has not, and will not EVER work to reverse the moral outrage of the American invasion of Iraq. Both parties supported the invasion and the repression of the Iraqi people.  

Now, Bush calls Saddam Hussein a "madman" for suppressing insurgencies among Iraqis opposed to his rule. Of course, the American provisional authority also suppresses Iraqi insurgencies with force. American icon Abraham Lincoln is well-loved for using the Union Army to suppress an insurgency in the form of secession by several American states in the American Civil War.

More American soldiers were killed in the American Civil War than in all other wars combined through history. Abraham Lincoln did not have to go to war — he could have allowed peaceful secession. But no one, including George W. Bush, calls Abraham Lincoln a "madman" for using military force to prevent secession, and Saddam Hussein did to suppress Kurdish secession or armed insurgency (with weapons supplied by the U.S. nonetheless)!  

Let no one suppose that the American Democratic Party is taking a moral stand over the Iraqi situation compared to the Republicans and George W. Bush. The Democrats are part and parcel of the same policies, and other than Dennis Kucinich, offer no promises of reversing U.S. policies and actions towards and in Iraq.  

John Kerry has not offered democracy to Iraq — one man, one vote. Kerry is more like Bush than unlike him. Both are alumni of the Skull and Bones Society. Both are opposite ends of the same equation. The American government under Kerry will maintain U.S. corporate interests, including the control of Iraqi population through armed suppression of democracy.  

America continues to use obfuscation and inaction to propel consolidation of the control of the Iraqi people and their resources, with the goal to repeating the effort wherever considered necessary to benefit the American economy.