Obama’s Open Questions

Numbers mean something. With the attacks on Gaza and the injustices that Israel is committing against the entire population in Gaza, petitions are being signed, demonstrations are occurring worldwide, yet the timing of the attack from Israel was planned to during the United States Presidential transition knowing that they can literally get away with murder.
Bush, left the problem on Obama’s hands and has remained quiet, while hundreds are dying inside a closed box with no place to run for safety, while Obama spends his final days in Chicago on a Christmas holiday.

In the meantime, white phosphorus shells that can cause intense burns, is being used during the attacks, this is a war crime and America remains silent as if nothing of importance is going on. As an American, I think that it is time that we stand up against the injustices and our countries funding of blatant massacres that are happening before our very eyes.

What can we do as Americans, to stress this importance and urgency to Elect Obama to immediately take action against these crimes once he takes his oath as president in 15 days? (In 15 days, a lot can happen in Gaza) Once Obama takes office, We need to stress the importance to immediately STOP funding Israel, STOP providing weapons that kill women and children, to SANCTION all trade with Israel until they stop this atrocity.

How can we increase our numbers of our voice, other than signing petitions and writing letters? Here is something else that you can do that might gain the attention of President Elect Obama.

Obama has a website, with "open questions" ( www.change.gov/openforquestions ). sign in, click on foreign policy, search for Gaza and vote on all of the questions asking Obama to stop the massacre. This will help increase the numbers of interest for this "topic" which equals the increased prospect of Obama viewing the strength of the American voice, thus increasing the chance of Obama taking action. It is called the strenght in numbers.

Anything helps at this point, is worth a try.