Obama is as Cynical as his Supporters are Gullible


I was speaking with an elderly lady in my area of California this week. M is an immigrant from the Netherlands who survived the Nazi occupation of her country and the blessed liberation from Nazi barbarism by the Americans. She has been forever grateful and immigrated to the US many years ago. She is a Democrat and contributor to Democratic politics.

She thinks Barack Obama is the most wonderful man alive, and gives money to the Clinton Foundation to support the "good works" that Bill Clinton continues to do for the people of the world, in her estimation. She literally cried when Ted Kennedy died and believed that he, too, was a lion of compassion for the poor, the weak, and the disadvantaged.

When she asked me how I felt about Obama, and I told her, she thought immediately that I must be a Republican or deceived by Republican propaganda. I explained that, no, I am not a Democrat nor a Republican, but a fierce independent and I tend to hate both political parties equally because I see them, not as opponents of each other’s ideologies, but as competitors to enact a similar, corporate-advancing agenda.

She asked me if I did not think Obama really cared about people and wanted to help them. My reply was that I believe Obama is a shrewd deceiver of his own supporters. He uses deceitful rhetoric to bamboozle them to see in him what they want to see, but totally ignoring reality.

That is why Obama could promise in his campaign to end the war in Iraq, and afterwards mollify his gullible supporters by changing the designation of US forces from "combat forces" to "peacekeepers" with the same numbers and same role. Presto! War ended! Next…

No, Barack Obama is as cynical as his supporters are gullible. He knows full well that he is working against their interests. He knows that his policies will be catastrophic. Barack Obama also knows that he must cynically deceive his own supporters to avert their panic for as long as possible. The financial situation of millions of Americans is bad and becoming catastrophic. Yet Obama cynically speaks of renewed economic growth, even as he loots the Federal treasury and the wealth of the entire nation and places those assets in the hands of the elite and the powerful few.

Barack Obama is shrewd, intelligent, and ruthless. His primary victims are his own electors. And they still cling to him as more than a hero, as a savior, a messiah-like figure.

It is likely that even reality will not intervene, and Obama will tell his supporters that he did everything he could for them, and that the coming collapse of America just could not be avoided. And they will wipe away their tears of admiration as he rides away into the sunset with the elite, his own future secured.