Not a Matter of Religious Belief

Only a blind would not see that the forces of tyranny have perfectly consolidated their position. In the near future, there is absolutely no hope for an end to invasions and occupations and the mushrooming concentration camps.
It is now becoming illegal to call the wars the modern day tyrants wage as illegal, immoral and illegitimate. From the recent statements of Bush, Blair and their allies in the media, it is clear that they are not going to tolerate a single word that does not approve their totalitarian agenda. Everything else would be extremism, indirectly supporting “terrorism.” 

The core argument is that the West is under attack from global Jihad and “Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine are hardly the motivating factors behind” it.[1] Masses are told that Muslims are motivated to undermine the West only due to their religious ideology. Those who want to be politically correct like Blair, claim that it is due to “poisonous” misinterpretation of Islam. Those who are blunt, claim that this is what Islam really is. It is not misinterpretation.

Islam, nevertheless, remains in focus. Directly or indirectly, it is presented as the root problem. The most serious problem actually is posed by the ambiguity and hundreds of unanswered questions surrounding 9/11. Instead of attempting to answer all the legitimate questions that clog the internet, the 9/11 Commission went on to associate and consolidate Islam’s link with terrorism. Questions remained unanswered and Muslims are guilty for the heinous crime of 9/11, giving Islamophobes a magic excuse with which they kill any argument they face.

Masses are repeatedly told that there is nothing wrong with the occupation of Palestine, Iraq , Afghanistan or the presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia because the “terrorists” are least concerned with occupations, “but see the United States involvement there as part of a global phenomenon of cultural domination.”[2] Thus “their vision of a global Ummah” is the problem that needs to be eliminated.

In a situation where the aggressors present their aggression and violence as noble, there is hardly any hope that we will se any improvement in the time to come. Read statements from Bush and Blair, watch cable broadcasts, or read the New York Times and its associates and you will find that they are all fully convinced they have noble motives for invasions, occupation and wreaking their violence.

Supporters of continued war and occupations are very righteous folks. Which is why the real global resistance to their actions that we are posing, let’s be absolutely clear, should be one of our shared humanity against the madness of people like these; the rule of much vaunted international laws, norms and standards of human decency against the lies, hypocrisy and double standards they apply for themselves. It’s the cause of reason against unreason, of common sense against the firm convictions of those who have clearly told the world that God told them to invade Iraq. This fanaticism now tells the world that the oppressors are resisting to their tyranny only because of their faith. 

The threat is becoming more vast as it comes from those inspired by Bush and Blair, because their ideology of defending “our way of life” and “our values” has proved so infectious among small groups of religious and chauvinistic people on the margins of the Western society. Hitler was basically a loner, although he, too, claimed he was fighting for a greater cause–”in Bush, Blair and their allies case, it is the God’s inspired mission to save “a way of life” despite no claim to the contrary that anyone is more concerned about their way of life than the state of their life which has turned to a living hell due to the never ending colonial/imperial adventures.

The rationalists have no bombs. They have argument to counter obscurantism of Bush, Blair and company in the war of ideas. Majority of the rationalists are non-Muslims. Internet is full of their analysis and research of the events from 9/11 to 7/7. Tired of their serious attempts at exposing the truth, the war lords are now increasingly proposing to make blacklists of “extremists,” which will include all those whose words might “indirectly” lead to resistance to the US and UK policies.

It means that anything that does not support and agrees with what Bush and Blair are doing is indirectly leading to extremism and terrorism.

The first casualty of this strategy would be the hundreds of web sites which are coming with evidence and analysis to show that 9/11 was an inside job and that Bush and Blair lied through their teeth to make invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan possible.

Interestingly, none of these thousands of web sites and blogs belong to Muslims. None of these is motivated by faith. Yet they are going to be the first victims of new fascist measures because according to Friedman they believe US government actions may encourage violent reprisals. Hence they are "just one notch less despicable than the terrorists."  

Bill O’Reilly’s suggestion to “just put them in chains” and “incarcerate” all critics of Bush and Blair policies applies to most Americans, not “religiously motivated” Muslims. The obscurantists, such as Christopher Dickey (Newsweek July 22, 2005), consider such truth diggers guilty because to them: “any effort to understand the enemy or his motivations is treated as an apology for what he does. At times we seem to be infected by the very pathology we are fighting against.”

The biggest excuse for consolidating tyranny and mainstreaming fascism is that all the resistance to the US, UK and Israeli crimes against humanity is religiously motivated or inspired by ‘poisonous interpretation” of faith. The truth is that these are just new excuses for prolonging and legitimizing terrorism.

The coming restrictions on the freedom of speech prove that these super-terrorists have totally lost the power of argument, debate, true religious faith and true legitimate politics. They are left with no excuse at all to defend their invasions and occupation besides supporting the monsters in power in Egypt, Islamabad, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Muslim world. 

They cannot debate. They cannot prove that “suicide bombing” in the West is the work of Muslims and in the occupied lands is only because of religious motivation. For that reason, they now badly need to silence all debate and criticism. According to Blair’s definition for putting writers in the black list John Pilger and Robert Fisk would top the list, because their questioning the legitimacy of occupation is indirectly leading to extremism.

Instead of supporting policies that would silence critics of the modern day fascists, the public would do well to face the basic painful facts and address them logically, reasonably, without demagoguery. It is not surrender to terrorism. It is the first crucial step toward defeating the real terrorists.

Righteous murderers may claim they’re spreading democracy and defending human rights, but clearer heads and common sense can distinguish faith based motivation of fanatics, who have killed 128,000 people so far because God told their commander in chief to go to war from those who stand up to their tyranny and injustice irrespective of their religious belief.


[1]. Oliver Roy, “Why Do They Hate Us? Not Because of Iraq,” the New York Times, July 22, 2005.
[2]. Ibid. Oliver Roy