Northern Alliance

Now Northern Alliance can do every thing what they want. Recent Incidents (Raping, killing etc) shows that they are doing the right thing according to the will of their leaders like Rabbani or Abdullah Abdullah. Below is the information about northern alliance that who they are. Information Provided by the Intelligence unit of american scientists.

The capture of Kabul by the Taliban on 26 September 1996 quickly realigned political forces within Afghanistan and the region. The non-Pashtun forces allied again as they did in the Northern Alliance of 1992. The anti-Taleban Northern Alliance is composed of the ousted ethnic Tajik president, Burhanuddin Rabbani, Commander Ahmad Shah Masoud and their Jamiat-i-Islami forces, and General Abdul Rashid Dostum and the ethnic Uzbek Junbish-i-Milli party. The Northern Alliance is headed by nominal President Rabbani, who holds power with de facto Defense Minister Masood as his primary military backer. After the defeat of the Tajik Commander Masood (killed by Taliban), the Alliance was clearly under the leadership of the Uzbek General Abdul Rashid Dostum. No information about Hikmat yaar, most famous fighter at the time of russian war.

External Support

The conflict in Afghanistan has continued to have an international dimension, both from political and economic perspectives.

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