New Terror Plot: Only Seeing is Believing

For almost five years now, we have been deliberately denied to have answers to the very basic questions about the Sept. 11, 2001 events. There is no rational mind that has not asked those questions and asked for more details. The news of a terrorist plot against America-bound airliners from London called up feelings of distrust that are never all that far below the surface.

There is nothing rational minds want more than knowing what really happened on 9/11, who were really behind the 7/7 attacks on London, and the details of the terror plot in Toronto. The truth is that keeping the very basic principles of Islam about engaging in war it is beyond imagination that a true believers would feel it is a fine thing to forfeit their own lives and the lives of innocents in order to make the world notice their anger and frustration. This is absolutely unbelievable and impossible particularly from those who are so willing to sacrifice their lives for Islam. How can they go against the fundamental rules of engaging in war, where Muslims are not allowed to harm trees and animals, let alone innocent civilians?

Resistance against the occupiers and oppressors is one thing, but taking lives of innocent civilians in a passenger plan, or a train, or a bus is quiet another. Even impartial reports from Israel show that most of the targets of the attacks have been buses and bus stops where Israeli military personnel used to travel of gather. Not harming civilians is a point on which all Muslims are absolutely undivided. It is one matter about which Shia’s and Sunnis and almost everyone else feel no irony or cynicism whatsoever.

The secrecy around terror plots and lack of details about what actually happened in each case further exacerbate the situation for Muslims around the world. Just yesterday Gallup released a new poll whch finds that many Americans — what it calls "substantial minorities" — harbor "negative feelings or prejudices against people of the Muslim faith" in this country. Nearly one in four Americans, 22%, say they would not like to have a Muslim as a neighbor. In such an environment, the story of a new terror plot comes like a punch to the gut, particularly when the world knows that they won’t be able to see any evidence incriminating the suspects at all. How shocking, for example, it must be for those who died in Afghanistan and who are still reeling under American occupation, to know that FBI says it doesn’t have any evidence about Osama bin Laden’s involvement in the 9/11 attacks.[1] But, wasn’t that the primary justification for a war on Afghanistan?

What the world needs is clear, irrefutable evidence at the very least in just once terror plot to save it from people such as Bush and Blair blatantly use people’s trauma for political gain. Plot after plot, the questions remain. Rational minds never get used to this. It never feels like business as usual at all. The consequence in terms of dividing the people, as Muslims and non-Muslims, are horrible. Therefore, the cases of terrorism plots must not be treated in secrecy. Let the world see the evidence, otherwise in the wake of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, such as in the case of 9/11, all the stories of plot after plots are going to back fire sooner than later.

Instead of Pakistani dictator and his American and British backers’ scoring cheap points as a result of new terror plot, here is what we want to do. We want to understand as much as possible see convincing evidence of what the suspects were planning. To answer the lingering questions about 9/11 and 7/7. To understand the reality behind the smoke screens that devout Muslims and new converts hatched terrorist plot when we know that Islam doesn’t allow killing innocent civilians –” not even in the heat of war.

Even if we keep Islamic principles against killing innocent civilians aside and agree with the official conspiracy theories of 9/11 and 7/7, it doesn’t make any sense for Muslims at all to plan a plot which is counter productive to the cause of Muslims at large. How would a rational and sound mind approve sacrificing one’s life in a plot similar to 9/11 which resulted in occupation of two Muslim countries and loss of countless lives? There is so much more behind the headlines of terror plots that we need to understand in the context of who is actually benefiting from these plot after plots.

It would be a blessed moment in the world history if we could demand answers to the lingering questions about 9/11, 7/7 and other terrorist plots and force the concerned governments to release the evidence about Muslims involvement. The absence of answers and evidence will prove that the terror plots were fake and the real culprits remained at large and at the helms of affairs for plotting new opportunities to maintain the status quo –” total control at home and absolute dominance abroad.

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