Netenyahu bashes Bush with his Senators



An ex-Prime Minister of a country ruled by Sharon, a thrice confirmed war criminal is having a ball with the whores on Capitol Hill.  Netenyahu is fond of lecturing Bush on the ‘Bush Doctrine.’ To make sure that George II learns his lessons well, Netenyahu has chosen to instruct our wayward President by staging a “Bibi” parade of his loyalists in the Senate.  To further insure that the Bush doctrine does not deviate from the Netenyahu doctrine, Bibi has lined up all his Israel Firster pals and their mass media resources.

The Israel First lobby, Sharon’s Amen corner, is flexing its muscles and demanding additional green lights for more Israeli war crimes. Every major American Jewish organization has rallied in support of the most belligerent government in Israeli history. As the IDF commits war crimes on the scale of Kosovo and East Timor, an American president is forced to bow before a deranged Israeli ex-Prime Minister.

The first bow Bush took was to give Sharon extra time to carry out his ethnic cleansing campaign. As usual, Sharon underestimated Palestinian resistance and lost his temper in Jenin, just like he lost his temper in Sabra and Shatila. And he demanded more time to ‘get the job done.’  So, Bush told Powell to make his way to Jerusalem at a relaxed pace. Powell duly made arrangements to see the Taj Mahal and the Pyramids on his way.  After getting as far east as Cairo, he decided to go west to Spain.  When he finally got around to landing in Tel Aviv, the Israeli army was still pounding refugee camps in Jenin. And Powell was still contemplating whether he should have a meeting with Arafat. By that time, Netenyahu was claiming a major victory by declaring the Powell trip a failure.  The Jewish dominated ‘American’ press corps spared no effort to make sure that Netenyahu’s bark was louder than Bush’s bite.

Having been trounced by Netenyahu and Sharon, Bush crawled into a silent corner of the White House to prevent the American people and the world from seeing his bruises.  And Powell was left to play the role of a clown, pretending to be working for an end to the Israeli assault against the Palestinian people and knowing full well that his boss had thrown in the towel after one round with Netenyahu’s Senators and Sharon’s Yiddish supremacist media brigades.

Once again, campaign financing is determining the fate of the Palestinian people.  Sharon’s willing executioner’s roam the halls of the Senate and the Washington Post, where Netenyahu shows up to deliver his tantrums about why America should forsake the whole world and just pay attention to Sharon’s agenda. Forget Europe, says Netenyahu. Forget American national security interests. “Listen carefully to what I am about to say…..,  blah blah blah”. And the President of these United States does not rise to confront this power crazed, Yiddish backed usurper, from an alien shore where human rights and basic freedoms are being denied to an entire people.

When exactly did Netenyahu get elected Prime Minister of World? How did he acquire such loyal servants on Capitol Hill? Why does he get more air time than any other leader in the world, our president included?  Officially, he is not even a representative of the Israeli government. But he gets to dictate to Bush every line of the ‘Bush doctrine.’  When did American presidents start taking dictation from right wing bigots from over there?

Does something need fixing here? It sure looks broken to me. How corrupt are these Senators who are willing to confront their president and publicly humiliate him as a demonstration of fealty to a racist state.  How ethnic are our extremist media lords who champion a serial war criminal, even as he engages in another one of his belligerent campaigns against an innocent people fighting for freedom.

This is no longer just another story of Israeli repression against the Palestinian. This is a frontal assault against American sovereignty and American dignity and America’s reputation in front of the world.  We look like fools ruled by a bunch of derelicts who will exchange national security interests for a bag of coins. It appears that Sharon and his loyalists among the Yiddish supremacists have a final say in formulating our foreign policy.  We have a political class who, even after the atrocities of 911, are perfectly willing to manufacture unneeded adversaries abroad to beef up their political fortunes at home. If no one noticed, they exempted this campaign season from the campaign finance reform bill. So, this is the last big chance to load up on the illicit foreign tainted dough and have another grand dirty election to reinstate incumbents.

How long are we expected to take this crap from these Yiddish supremacist clique? If an American president made a peep about Israeli domestic elections, they would crucify him for interference in Israeli affairs.  These Sharon worshiping creeps in the media and on the Hill live in a permanent mind warp. They have so stifled debate that they only hear the echoes of their own voices.  Both the Democrats and Republicans need urgent lessons on how to differentiate American interests from Netenyahu’s agenda to expand illegal Jewish settlements. Being such slow learners, they should study the matter after they are booted out of office.

As for our Yiddish supremacist tribal media, the best recourse is to cancel your paper, not renew that magazine subscription, turn to the Internet and get access to reliable British, Canadian, Australian and European journalists. Journalism is dead in America. And the only way to resurrect it is to do permanent damage to those who wield their ethnic media franchises like arsenals in defense of the Netenyahu doctrine.  Make a pledge to convince just one more American of exactly how rotten these intellectual midgets are. Take the time to tell a neighbor or a pal about Palestinian agonies and Israeli tyranny. Tell them it is done with American weapons. Tell them your Senator is owned by an extremist ethnic lobby that advocates for a racist state that compulsively elects war criminals to the office of Prime Minister. Ask why an ex-Prime Minister of Israel, an intellectual fraud, a proven liar and a disseminator of hate speech is allowed to romp unchallenged from one network studio to another promoting Israeli war crimes. Most Americans are perfectly capable of figuring the obvious answer to that question.  It is not a comforting answer. So, do something about it. 

Mr. Ahmed Amr is Editor of in Seattle and a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).