National Security or Global Security?



Now is the time for a global nonviolent civil disobedience which can save the people of the earth from the universal death which their governments have prepared for them.

If the world will be saved or not is not for us to decide, but God alone. What is within our power is the choice we have to either continue talking about saving our world or stop cooperating with a system which murders the souls and the physical bodies of all living things and nonliving things of our beautiful and magnificent world. We have the choice to live for ourselves or to live for others, to unite the people for peace and unconditional love therefore happiness or to divide them for war and continuation of hatred, therefore agony, fear and pain.

Global security and peace will reign over the earth when we develop self-sustained village economy. Local economy, not global economy, can eliminate the exploitation and greed responsible for poverty, violence, and war. Violence has very little to do with religion or anything else. The truth is that selfish people exploit national and communal differences for political and therefore economic gain.

Because of the threat of weapons of mass destruction, many people now believe, and more will in the future, that only a world government can solve world’s problems. But history teaches us that every empire came to an end. Our world will have a future only if it will stay multi-ethnic and multi-cultural with mutual respect and equal opportunities for the nations.

Mr. Andreas Toupadakis, Ph.D. is a Former Research Scientist of Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories.