National Economic Conference outcome represents roadmap for Sudan’s economy

National Economic Conference outcome represents roadmap for Sudan's economy

Khartoum (UNA-OIC) – Sudanese Prime Minister Dr. Abdulla Hamdok stressed the importance that the transitional government attaches to the National Economic Conference, currently being held in Khartoum, and its outputs, which are expected to represent a clear and new roadmap to achieve economic development.

He underlined that the priorities of the transitional government are represented in stopping the war and establishing peace, addressing the economic crisis and laying the foundations for sustainable development, fighting corruption and adhering to the principle of transparency and accountability, in addition to giving concern to social welfare and environmental conservation.

In his paper on the “State General Framework for Democratic Development, and Program and Priorities of the Transitional Government”, which he presented on Saturday before the National Economic Conference, Hamdok said the transitional government’s priorities in the field of development are to correct imbalances in the public budget and speed up the growth by increasing tax and non-tax revenues; rationalizing government spending; dealing with debts; reducing inflation rates; and stabilizing the exchange rate; as well as building confidence in the banking system and realizing price stability.

He emphasized that his government priorities also include giving attention to the agricultural sector, increasing domestic product and national income, and relying on process industries to enhance the government efforts to create an environment that stimulates the private sector to lead an initiative to develop the industrial sector, besides developing skills, capabilities and the human capital for raising production efficiency.

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