Muslim Converts in Terrorism – Coincidence or Vilification?

Unlike Christianity, conversion to Islam does neither need a priest with imperial vestments nor the use of incense, holy water, burning of candles, light before the altars and a holy mass in a Church, with hundreds of witnesses. All it needs is an oath to believe in one God without any partner added with Him. Because of this conversion simplicity in Islam, any mercenary in terrorism, can conveniently declare himself as a convert to Islam. No wonder why names as Vinay Kohly, Suresh Kumar, Vikash Chand, Sarjiyo, Samudra, Richard Reid, Jack Roche, Germaine Lindsay, Brandon Mayfield and many others were branded as Islamic converts, caught in the act of terrorism. No forensic minds can ignore the real pressure behind this phenomenon in recent times. Consequently, the forensic minds must be asking themselves: "is it merely a coincidence of repeated occurrence, or a planned agenda dedicated to demonizing Islam?"

Many years ago, I happened to see a book of cartoons, entitled: LBJ Lampooned. There in the book, was a cartoon of Lyndon Baines Johnson, the successor to the US Presidency, after the assassination of JFK. The book was solely dedicated to depicting LBJ’s pretext for dragging the US to the Vietnam War. A cartoon on the cover-page, showed LBJ with a Baseball-bat in his hand, aimed over the head of a skinny Vietnamese. The Vietnamese, kneeled before LBJ, had a swelled-up skull as if a base-ball and the caption read: "That was for nothing – now do something."

In fact, this US-hallmark remained unchanged since the Korean war to today’s "war on terror" as George Bush loves to call it. With its money and muscle, the US must have sensed it to be shameful on its own brand of democracy to attack anyone without any reason. The attacked nation or its religion has to "do something." that the US could use as a pretext to exerting its muscle. And when the awaited "do something" doesn’t appear on its own, there are several built-in mechanisms to make it look like an event that really happened.

The wars in Korea, Vietnam, bombing Beirut and Libya, deploying troops to Somalia, fighting Iraq-Kuwait War, and the recent quagmire in the protracted war in Afghan and Iraq, are just a few to mention here that linked these countries for "do something" programme of the US. These track-records of the US, exemplify the blatant war-crimes committed behind a hidden agenda. With its lame excuse for protecting its citizens, who live thousands of mile away from the war zones, the US war-machines never stopped. After the World War II, the US make-belief theatrics, dedicated to generating war-euphoria for its legislators, caused such immeasurable atrocities and killing of helpless people all over the world, that make the "holocaust" look like a pussycat.

Lyndon LaRouche of New Hampshire, a Democrat and former contender of the US Presidency, foresaw the aims of the key-players of the Bush administration. He branded them as the "Sharonists in the White House". He didn’t have a choice other than to use the term "Sharonists." After all, the "freedom of speech" that was once the epitome of democracy, now gets stifled in the US court when the term Zionist is used by anyone. Lyndon LaRouche has accused the Sharonists of using the US for an Israeli scheme, engineered for a permanent annexation of the entire West Bank and Gaza Strip. He, about four years ago, predicted the objectives of the Sharonists and emphatically identified Israeli connivance towards eliminating the Saddam Hussein regime in Baghdad for the sole purpose of destabilizing the governments of Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran and beyond.

During the peak of George Bush’s euphoria for attacking Iraq, The Executive Intelligence Reviews had an article by Edward Spannaus, entitled: "Scare Tactics: Ashcroft’s Phoney War on Terrorism". There, the author had drawn a parable that labelled the US Attorney General, John Ashcroft as "America’s "de facto Minister of Fear."

Edward Spannaus then wrote: "The blunderbuss tools given by Congress to the Justice Department have enabled Ashcroft and Co. to use the threat of draconian prison sentences to force defendants to plead guilty to offenses that they may or may have not committed. As a result, the Justice Department can point to hundreds of convictions in "terrorism" cases–”almost none of which have anything to do with protecting the United States from real terrorism. …… it’s clear why Ashcroft and the Justice Department will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid public trials, which further expose the shallowness and fraud of their phony war on terrorism."

The phrase "shallowness and fraud of their phoney war on terrorism" cannot fail to arouse "shock and awe" to all level-headed citizens of America unless they happened to be those identified by Lyndon LaRouche as the "Sharonists." The names, though include many, are underscored for Richard Perle, then the Chairman of the Defense Policy Board, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy; David Wurmser, John Bolton and a host of others.

The incidents of Iraq these days, that involve constant bomb blast on the Iraqis from unknown sources, including rocket-attack from unidentified aircraft make one wonder about the prophet-like vision of Lyndon LaRouche. No doubt, that’s why Lyndon LaRouche is not favoured by the US media.

Strangely enough, after staging the 9/11 carnage in 2001, the "Israeli mole" in the White House could not believe that their manifesto, written over a year ago by Paul Wolfowitz, would really be happening before their eyes. A paramount event of this manifesto, now incorporated in the Bush administration’s foreign policy, called for the need of a "catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor" on the US main land, that would, with its chain-reaction, help implement the "new world order." In reality, this objective was totally achieved by the planned demolition of the World Trade Center.

The Televised inferno of the Twin Tower, crumbling before the viewers’ eyes, soaked the ground soft enough with tears. As a result, Islam vilification became rampant and reached its highest peak. Even a bearded Sikh was thought to be a Muslim and was shot to death. Naturally, vengeance was boiling in the bloods of the sympathisers and world opinion heavily tilted towards the US to attack Afghanistan for the elimination of its government, harbouring Osama, the onetime buddy of the Bush dynasty.

About six months before the unprecedented success in implementing the "catastrophic and catalyzing event", the role of Mossad had to get deeply active in the fulfilment of its ultimate goal. The key to their success then was pivoted on a world-wide vilification and denunciation of Islam. The prelude to such a vilification had to be pre-planned. The destruction of Buddha’s statue in Afghanistan helped the goal accomplished.

Afghanistan was ruled by the Muslims since the eighth century. Millions of Islamic people there, under hundreds of rulers, had no problem or dissension to the statue of Buddha, in their heart, before March 2001. Even Sultan Mahmood Ghaznawi, who was known to have destroyed some Indian temples, didn’t even touch the statue of Buddha in Afghanistan. Assuredly, the demolition of the statue of Buddha became an agenda for the Mosad-crews for generating the "catalyzing" effect towards maximizing the hatred for Islam all over the world. Even the Buddhists, who never had any problem with the Muslims, were quick to jump on the bandwagon of George Bush.

Perhaps, the normal question is how the Sharonists did it – wasn’t it Mullah Omar? Surely the Sharonists didn’t have to do it themselves – but they had it done – money, women, brainwashing, safe heaven in the US or even assassination threat would work like miracle. This is not the first time such an incident happened. For instance, since seventh century, the Christian and Jewish population of Jerusalem enjoyed mutual respect and tolerance under the Muslims, and thrieved there. This harmony continued for centuries. Then there came the infamous Al-Hakim, the sixth Egyptian Caliph from Fatemide dynasty.

Al-Hakim had mentally drained and unstable personality, coupled with hallucinating beliefs in rituals. Gradually, he became too close to a Muslim convert from a band of zealots, that lived in the Christendom, came to Al-Azhar for learning. Al-Hakim kept on taking his advice on many affairs that eventually culminated in sacking the pilgrimage hospice in Jerusalem and destroying the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. In 1063, Pope Alexander II had given papal blessing to Iberian Christians in their wars against the Muslims. This, in fact, started the seed of distrust and revenge between these two cousins of the Abrahamic religion and continues even today. Here too, a convert to Islam worked like a miracle in paving the way to war between these two religions – Christianity and Islam.

Coming back to the US scenario, the whole world feels today that George Bush, being a puppet in the hands of his Israeli approved entourage, is practically powerless to say "no". That’s why George Bush couldn’t defy the pressure of the Sharonist gang in the White House, to divert the war efforts from Afghanistan to Iraq. Evidently, He must have succumbed to the threat that came from the "war party" within his administration, controlled by Israel. After all, George Bush knew it well that if he didn’t comply with the wishes of Israel, his days in the White House would be numbered. And for sure, a phoney Islamic-Oswold is sure to be dragged out – and this time, it wouldn’t be from a movie theatre, as happened in Kennedy’s case. While linking Oswald to communism was the limelight then, now it is Islam – not for communism but for terrorism.

As soon as George Bush diverted his hunt for al-Qaeda, from Afghanistan to Iraq, it became clear to the whole world, that 9/11 was just a smoke-screen towards paving the way to attacking Iraq. The passion, however, wasn’t for the US, but instead it was for Israel to have a perpetual safe-heaven in the Middle-East, coupled with the oil-interest of Dick Cheney, the US president in disguise.

With the repeated failure of the Bush administration to prove the existence of WMD in Iraq, oppositions and protest erupted all over the world. Although Spain’s prime minister José María Aznar accepted an invitation to enjoy good-time with George Bush in Crawford, Texas on February 22-23, 2003, Spain had about 90% of its population opposing the war.

George Bush also counted on Prime Minister John Howard of Australia. John Howard, on the other hand, was counting heavily on the UN resolution, conducive to attacking Iraq. But to the great dismay of the US led coalition, the UN was split over the issue that called for the use of the previous resolution against Iraq, expired with the Kuwait-Iraq war. The opposition Labour Party leader of Australia, Simon Crean warned that committing Australian troops would increase the risk of terror attacks. He, vehemently, opposed his Prime Minister, John Howard. As the uncertainty continued in the UN, the Israeli interest in eliminating Iraq was quite uncertain and the "Zionist mole" in the White House must have got nervous.

Undoubtedly, Mossad didn’t spare any time to remind the other members of the US coalition about al-Qaeda’s terrorism. The two bombs, which ripped through a busy night-club area in Bali, killed mostly foreign tourists. Australians lost 88 lives, the greatest number of casualties.

As a consequence, Australian Prime Minister John Howard, propelled by the induced wrath generated by the Bali-bomb, quickly committed his countriy’s troops to the American-led war against Iraq, on Tuesday, 18 March 2003. He just abandoned his earlier commitment on a debate in the Australian parliament.

The Indonesian police presented evidence against the alleged mastermind behind the Bali-bomb carnage and identified him as an Imam of a mosque named Samudra. Interestingly, Samudra is a Sanskrit term for "ocean". The term occurs 133 times in the Rigveda – the Hindu equivalency of the Torah. In fact, almost all converts to Islam, identify themselves with a traditional Muslim name. Even Cat Steven, the famous singer of the 70’s, named himself as Yusuf Islam after his conversion. Obviously, the name, Samudra – with a divine link to Hindu origin, makes many thinkers wonder why the name Samudra remained unchanged even when he assumed the spiritual duties of an Imam, equivalent to a priest of a church.

The story doesn’t end here. Sarjiyo, a 32-year-old Christian convert to Islam, was the third man to be jailed for life over the attacks and was linked to al-Qaeda.

A British-born, Jack Roche, converted from Christianity to Islam, initially pleaded innocent against his charges in Perth, Australia to plotting with Osama and senior members of al-Qaeda. Surprisingly, Jack Roche unexpectedly changed his plea to guilty on the final day of giving evidence, after a short adjournment of the court. Anyone, exposed to the real scenario of these incidents, would have no riddle to ponder how a short recess may reverse a criminal case. Would it be hard to realize what money can do?

Right from the days of 9/11 incidents, the emergence of the converts to Islam played a vital role in establishing Islamic connection to terrorism. For instance Richard Reid, a British citizen, was on board Flight 63 on December 22, 2001. He was caught when a flight attendant saw him attempting to light a match on the tongue of his shoe. He was then wrestled to the ground before he succeeded in doing anything. It might sound shocking, but Richard Reid was given an easy access to Israel, just six months before the "shoe-bomb" incident. More to the point, his flight to Tel Aviv was accompanied by an armed air-marshall, seated close to him.

The FBI and British intelligence confirmed that Reid became involved in street crime and spent time in a number of prisons, including Feltham Young Offenders’ Institution. Evidently, his travel to Israel, onboard an El-Al flight, wasn’t for fun – was it? Plainly put, would Israel allow a convict and a convert to Islam on an El-Al flight without a planned goal? The FBI, after the "shoe-bomb" incident, kept on referring him as Tariq Raja as well as Abdel Rahim. As a result, the media exposed him to the world as a convert to Islam involved in terrorism.

After a miserable failure of the Bush administration, propelled by the blatant lies behind the WMD, the opposition to Iraq war has become increasingly stronger these days in the US soil. Consequently, the Sharonists in the Bush administration have recently been experiencing a dire need for incidents of terrorist activities involving Muslim participants. And when no Muslims do budge in responding to the temptation of wealth and safe heaven in the US, the terrorism does still continue in Islam’s name. Amazingly, these orchestrated terrorist activities are invariably connected to converted Muslims – either from the Christian or the Hindu communities.

The London bomb scenario includes Lindsay, a 19-year-old convert to Islam. He has been identified as the one who blew himself up on a tube-train just after it left King’s Cross station. The London police declared the weight of the bomb being 10 pounds after it got blown-up and Lindsay seemed to have been carrying it. Could it be that they had knowledge of the weight prior to its detonation?

Vikash Chand, is another Hindu convert to Islam, apparently involved in a terrorism in Canada. Chand’s lawyer, Batasar, also of Hindu origin, presented the case as if he was the government prosecutor. Far from pleading for his clients, he stunned the courtroom by revealing that his client and the 16 others, intended to take politicians as hostage, and murder them as part of a massive terrorist plot.

Naturally, an inquisitive mind cannot fail to question if Chand and his chosen lawyer, Batasar are in the same payroll, dedicated to creating credence on the Bush doctrine: "War on Terror." The existing minority government of Canada, headed by a radical conservative leader, Stephen Harper had a dire need for a terrorist incident in Canada. This helped him establish for the next federal election that Canada too has Muslim terrorists, and as such, sending combating troops to Afghanistan was totally justified.

Incidentally, according to Canadian "Law Times", Batasar, the lawyer for Vikash Chand is "under fire" from his criminal law colleagues. According to the Toronto Star newspaper, Vikash Chand was a member of the Royal Regiment of Canada, the second largest reserve regiment of the Canadian Forces.

Though it dates about 3 years ago, most people who keep track of the world affairs, would still remember that a few powerful countries of Europe, namely France, Germany and Russia caused a deadlock in Iraq issue in the UN. Consequently, here comes again the creative pretences of Mossad to make France rethink about opposing the Iraq war. A bombing in Pakistan killed 11 French technicians and 23 others sustained injuries outside a five-star hotel. An explosive-laden car rammed into a navy vehicle taking the French to a dockyard. Then in October 2002, a French super-tanker was on fire, off the Yemeni coast after a mysterious explosion.

Despite the Zionist controlled media quickly identified al-Qaeda for all these bomb blasts, it couldn’t sway the French determination to opposing the Iraq war in 2003. The sharp minds of President Jacques Chirac and Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin must have known it well that while France was trying to avert a war in Iraq, al-Quida couldn’t have been involved in provoking those who were against such an unjust war.

There is nothing new to the rest of world that Israel is a terrorist state who is armed to the teeth by the US. It actually meets all the definitions as set out by George Bush. Israel, right from its inception, has used Mossad to carry out violence and terror, including assassination. Even the Canadian-born astro-physicist, Gerald Bull wasn’t spared. He was murdered on the entrance of his home in Brussels, Belgium.

Mosad, though successful in most of the times in its terrorism assignment, it must have been a severe miscalculation on its part on the morning-rush-hour in Madrid on March 11, 2004. Its powerful explosives ripped open carriages, killing at least 200 commuters and wounding more than 1,500 others. But ironically, the initial arrest included two Indian Nationals – Vinay Kohly and Suresh Kumar. Even though Spain’s government blamed Basque separatist group Eta for the attacks, an audio tape in Arabic was planted by the perpetrator and the media quickly put the blame on the al-Quida. Perhaps it didn’t occur to Mossad and the media that Vinay Kohly and Suresh Kumar are not Muslim names, they, rather, are Hindus.

While the Madrid bomb investigators couldn’t find a convert to Islam immediately, he was eventually uncovered over a year later, on Friday, 23 June 2006. A CNN broadcast tells us that a lawyer and former Army officer, Brandon Mayfield, who converted to Islam, was arrested as a material witness in the deadly train bombings in Spain. He was from Portland suburb of Aloha, USA.

On June 23, 2006, a CNN report tells us again that a federal indictment unveiled Friday alleges seven men in Miami were engaged in a terrorist plot to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois, and other US government buildings in Miami, Florida. Another report qualifies them as: "These are native born Blacks who converted to Islam"

Even though it appeases the Sharonists in the White House, but the ripple effects of these orchestrated terrorism involving the phrase: "converted to Islam", cannot fail to sound repetitious. It must be reminding the listeners of Aesop’s Fables and the lesson: "Don’t cry ‘wolf’ when there is no wolf!". The CIA-Mossad partnership must realise that if al-Queda represents Muslim terrorists then they would not keep non-Muslims, especially Hindus, and Christians in its payroll. Doing so would be equivalent to Israel employing Osama to destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque.


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