Mr. LK Advani at his best

Indian home minister LK Advani suggests a general amnesty for the security forces’ personnel engaged in crushing the freedom movement in Jammu & Kashmir .

Amnesty International and other human rights organisation have been accusing Indian security forces of extra judicial killings and torture. Indian government maintains that it’s fighting ‘mercenaries’ from across the border.

One can ask if there is a ‘cross-border terrorism’, then why are 800,000 troops posted in the Valley and not on the Line of Control(LOC.) to stop the ‘mercenaries’ entering in Valley? These troops are in fact an instrument of “state-terrorism” against local Kashmiris.

What is going on in occupied Kashmir is India’s unprecedented brutalization and Kashmiri youths’ armed revolt against Indian occupation of their motherland. The bogey of cross-border terrorism is nothing but India’s own notion to cover up its failure to win over Kashmiris or to counter their insurgency in the Indian held State. The fact that 80,000 Kashmiris have laid down their lives for freedom is enough to repudiate the Indian notion of “cross-border terrorism” but a shameless proof of its own “state-terrorism”.

And now Mr. Advani wants amnesty for security forces involved in ‘states-own terrorism’. Is Mr. Advani following the foot-steps of Ariel Sharon and desperate to make India – Israel of South Asia? Mr. Advani’s frequent visits of Israel seem to be quite a learning experience for the man who was the wrecker of Agra Summit- the lost chance to resolve the Kashmir dispute peacefully. How much common is between Israel and India, Ariel Sharon and Advani , and the plight of Muslims at their hands!

Will India still entitled to be called a civilised country by adopting such a horrifying proposal of Mr. Advani? The fanatics like Advani are stopping India from becoming the leader of Asia.

Has the time not come for Indians to start thinking about getting rid of such politicians who are ruining the image of country?