More Asinine Allegations

Jerry Falwell recently labeled Prophet Muhammad, may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him, a “terrorist.”  Yet the manifest fact is that Falwell himself is an immensely base, vulgar terrorist, a mendacious mischief-monger spewing most blatant and virulent lies.   


His feeble attempts to belittle the greatest man ever to walk the face of the Earth are in vain!  How can a wholly infinitesimal and insignificant man, such as Falwell, possibly come remotely close to disparaging the venerable repute of the most honorable man in the history of humankind? He simply can’t!  And by attempting to do such, he has only brazenly proven himself a failed theologian, a failed thinker, and a failed man. 


Falwell was invited recently by MSNBC to appear on Hardball along with Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR.  Falwell was to elucidate his feelings on the Prophet being a “terrorist.”   Mr. Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR did a marvelous job countering Falwell’s greatly preposterous statements.  As is the conventional norm with MSNBC, CNN, Fox, etc, Muslim guests appear rarely on important shows and when given the opportunity to appear are rarely given a chance to speak.  This was evident in Chris Matthews’ sanctimonious treatment of both guests.  Falwell was asked question after question and given ample opportunity to express his amply bigoted views, but Mr. Ibrahim was never! even asked one question.  He had to speak up on his own, and did so in a most marvelous manner, to fight the mendacious chicanery and duplicity of Falwell’s words.  And when he did speak, Matthews would interrupt him to give the floor back to Falwell.  Maybe the above anecdote is besides the point.  Ebullient espousers of bigotry like Falwell should never be given the platform to speak to begin with.  On today’s cable networks however, they are vehemently encouraged to spew their sordid bigotry é and to spew it vociferously.


Truly, how minute is the value of Falwell’s words, when one considers that the Creator, Lord, Cherisher, Master, and Sustainer of Humanity and of all Creation Himself vehemently lauds and adulates Muhammad!  That which the tongues of the blatantly ignorant speak will not alter that immutable fact in the very least. 


Creation itself lauds the Prophet, who any objective person will conclude was the most munificent of benedictions ever sent to humanity!  Any impartial person who even takes a cursory glance at the Prophet’s life will conclude that he was a man of unparalleled compassion, unstinted truth, and inimitable honor, the which was so great, copious, and so profuse that such characteristics é or characteristics tenuously close – cannot be found in any other man or woman in all of human history.


Perhaps stating that was superfluous.  I just repeat established fact.  And established fact, and this established fact in particular, is indelible, something so untouchably sacrosanct that even Falwell’s matchless malice finds it, and will always continue to find, impossible to efface. 


Falwell and his fellow polemics may attempt assiduously to taint the honor of the Prophet, but again and again they find it wholly inviolable!  Their words are valueless, and their efforts are those smacking of conspicuous inanity. 


Daniel Pipes does much the same, illustrating his profound intolerance and prejudice against Islam, Muslims, and anyone else who struggles diligently to rectify the baneful inequities caused by the American government and Israel. 


A few superficial words of bigotry made by flagrant morons like Falwell, Robertson, Graham, etc. should be no let to us.  Their tongues do nothing more but serve as vivid testimony to the complete futility of their words, actions, and deeds.   


Once again, Falwell only illustrates his profound ignorance.  By abusing their tongues to make such asinine allegations, Falwell, Robertson, Graham, and all their likes have forfeited their intellects.  Their invidious words should only provoke conscious people of all creeds, the foremost of which should be Muslims, to rise up and augment the struggle against bigotry and the chief advocates of it, in America and in the world. 


Sohaib A. Abdul Khaliq is a student in the Bay Area, CA, who seeks to indulge himself in creative intellectual pursuits.