Military Courts in USA


The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is deeply disturbed by President Bush’s executive order allowing special military tribunals to try non-citizens charged with terrorism. The tribunals would even reach non-citizens in the United States, including lawful permanent residents.

To our knowledge, the move to establish a military tribunal when the U.S. Congress has not declared war is unprecedented.

We do not believe that the Bush Administration has shown that the constitutional jury trial system does not allow for the prosecution of those accused of terrorist activities. Absent such a compelling justification, the President’s decision is further evidence that the Administration is totally unwilling to abide by the checks and balances that are so central to our democracy.

The military kangaroo courts are necessary since no solid evidence is present to indict the fabricated terrorists in a court of law. America should arrest Ariel Sharon as a suspect of September 11 attacks and try him in the military court to unearth the real evidence and the real culprits of WTC attacks.

America is now morally bankrupt and come to the level of Third World dictatorship regimes. Hell with Civil Right Liberties, the America’s secret of progress. The decay and decline of USA has started.

Writer works for Islamabad Policy Research Institute.