Mian – BB Adjourn Influx until ‘A Safe Cruise’


The apex leaders of diverse political parties – at present in exile beyond oceanic – are believed to have finally deferred their plans to get back to Pakistan ‘until the surfacing of a ripe and conducive situation for their protected cruise.’ Credible links told DM Thursday that till their return, the party chiefs including Ms Benazir Bhutto, Chairperson of the Pakistan People’s Party and Mian Shahbaz Sharif, the President of the Pakistan Muslim League (N) have – for the time being – opted to stay in constant touch with their close aides via stand-in means such as a telephonic link, e-mails and computerized téte-é-téte ‘to exchange views on topics -explicitly – about the Elections-2002.’

Ms Bhutto may dash in Dubai – any moment – after ‘a sermon-oriented voyage’ to the United States while Mian Shahbaz is in Jeddah along with the kin of the Sharif family including the ex-Premier Mian Nawaz Sharif. While the PPP chief has – invariably -been holding consultations with the top brass of her party – vis-é-vis the political scenario at home – by inviting them either to Dubai or London and  even now is persevering this course by marathon counselling sessions with her steadfast associates , the PML (N) President -apparently – has also  decided to stay in continuous touch via multiple ways together with the telephone wires plus mobile-sets with his old acquaintances ‘in diverse segments of society’ side-by-side a persistent contact with significant colleagues with the party Chairman, Raja Zafar ul Haq atop.

At the same time, well-informed sources say that  the politicians -in- émigré use up most of their day-to-day point in time in scanning the world’s print and electronic media – including that of Pakistan –  through internet, in addition to other means to keep themselves up-dated about the global affairs in broad-spectrum and that of Pakistan – with focus on Elections – in meticulous. Political pundits orate with mystification that with this insight, Mian Nawaz Sharif seems to have become ‘strong-willed’ to express his mindset on diverse issues- after a prolonged pause of being tight-lipped – perceptibly in the same fashion he spoke to BBC’s globally – listened Urdu Service, the contents of which were carried by the miscellaneous media Thursday. Prima facie, the two ex-Prime Ministers, Mian Nawaz Sharif and Ms Benazir Bhutto – once arch rivals – now enjoin genial contacts even to the extent of getting into some seat-to-seat adjustments – until last weekend, for the new NA and PAs, specifically in the provinces of the Punjab and Sindh ‘to the reciprocated advantage of each others’ party.’

The two heralds have – once again – established telephonic contacts ‘to view the overall situation with specific spotlight onto the polls’ with a consensus in quest for an identical outlook of a ‘common strategy to clutch optimal seats in the National Assembly as well as the Provincial Legislatures with a singular zest to keep what they call their ‘antagonists’ away from the arena of politics.’ In view of some ‘inescapable restraints’  segregating a face-to-face dialogue between the two ex-Prime Ministers – at the moment –  the key connects of the two new allies  – at home – appear to have been advised to remain in close-contact ‘for sorting out any issue, if and when such a need arises.’ Unfolding their fresh manifestos, to be once again ‘sanctified’ by the fragrance of love and affection for the masses through swift redress of their critical problems with a solemn pledge for the poverty alleviation as the foremost, both the parties have set off their crusade for the Elections – significantly – eschewing criticism on each other on every facet. This is manifest from the words of the interview, by BBC, based on PML (N) Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif wherein he has ‘eulogised’ BB. When contacted to seek out ‘a precise or tentative date’ of entrance plus the site of corridor, most of aficionados of the leaders, living in exile nowadays remarked with an icon of ardour ‘we will let every one know when an apposite time comes.’ 

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV.