Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch

If one who is un-indoctrinated to the new Orwellian world of Bush’s America were to simply look at the events in the news of just this week alone, it would surely strain their ability to believe they were still in touch with reality itself. But, unfortunately, the current face of modern America is all too real. After all, if one were to attempt an analysis of the typical American’s psyche , one would have to conclude that many Americans seem to be in a perpetual state of hypnotic catatonia and therefore, it is no mystery how an individual like Dictator Bush could usurp power.

For example, the latest polls show that, apparently, 38 % of Americans think that the invasion of Iraq was completely justified, even though Bush, Powell, Rumsfeld, Cheney and the rest of the Dictator Bush gang stood before the entire Nation and the World in bald faced contempt for all, and told the most outrageous farrago of outright, cold blooded lies that has ever been hoisted before the international community as a raw subterfuge for igniting a war. If true, this simply demonstrates that over a third of Americans have no more respect for themselves or the truth than a herd of cattle in a Texas feedlot. And accordingly, they are being fed ever more ridiculous and copious servings of lies by the day and seem to actually thrive on wanton distortions and genetically mutated evasions of fact while being led to the economic and social slaughter house, unable to define and infer from their environment the obvious facts about their sorry circumstances and their imminent fate as long as the trough is kept full and within their easy reach. And Americans these days are fed a bountiful diet, indeed, from the bottomless trough of lies placed before them by Dictator Bush , Ari Fleisher and all their PR and think tank flunkies.

In fact, now Dictator Bush claims there can be no peace without the dismantlement of Hamas. You know, Sharon and Bush apparently think they can make their American cattle herd believe that the militants in Palestine simply woke up one day and decided to become suicide bombers. Perhaps it’s something in the water or it just came to them out of the blue like a new fashion fad or idea for a desert topping. But who could blame Bush? After all, how many American cattle bought into all his other outrageously idiotic and simplistic canardsé. like his dopey, comic book explanation for 911 as a consequence of the “terrorists” hating our so called “freedoms”? And so, if the throngs of bovine zombies buy into his latest tableau of threats and transparent obfuscations regarding Iran, the economy, Korea, etc, they will believe that it makes sense to continue Israel’s murdering of the political leaders of the Palestinian resistance while insisting they unconditionally disarm and agree to a unilateral cessation of their own desperate attempts at self defense and revenge.

And so it was a similar exercise in denial and distraction as 6 British soldiers met their doom in an attack in southern Iraq at the hands of an irate mob. And the British army called it murder, as though the British army were simply there, not, in fact, invading and occupying a sovereign nation, not brutalizing their population, not invading their homes with constant intrusive and unwarranted searches, but were simply there to deliver high tea at noon. Do we need to remind the British of the type of criminals and vermin they have aligned themselves with when Tony Blair got in bed with Dictators Bush and Cheney? Yes, there was a murderous crime committed, but it is they who are the accomplices and purveyors of it, not the Iraqi people.

And so it goes on and on. The cattle keep munching away hungrily on their gruel of lies and phony promises, while the herdsmen lead them ever closer to the stocks. And they mindlessly continue to offer up their very life blood as Dictator Bush and his Zionist henchmen hand it over to Israel, and every other dictator on the planet who is willing to jump on the Zio-Nazis’ gravy train. They call it foreign aid. But anybody whose brain hasn’t been corralled by the petro-fascist cowboys in Washington and their media wranglers know what it really is. This is nothing more than a fancy word for a bribe. Hand outs of billions each year to other corrupt and venal criminals like dictators Musharraf, Mubarek and all the others who are willing to play ball with the Zionists are bribes, graft and payoffs to keep a tight lock on the corrals of their own respective herds.

And then you have the secrets. Everything is a secret. They call it “classified” They call it “intelligence”. In fact, they still maintain documents that are decades old under the hermetical seal of “classified information” . Anyone who has ever done research requiring government documents know that there seems to be more information that is “classified” than is not. Even items that are already in the public domain remain “classified”. The US Federal Government is an agency of many secrets indeed. Hundreds of billions of dollars of the cattle’s blood money is expended each year in creating ever more convoluted rationale and internecine agencies dedicated to keeping information away from the herds. even though they apparently couldn’t care less what it may say about the history or portend for the future of the nation. They would probably gag on it as unrecognizable if ever accidentally served up at the trough. American cattle only eat gruel that is died with the requisite and proper red, white and blue food coloring and this would look quite odd and not very red, white and blue.. probably more red than anything else. American herds have proven time and again throughout history that they are willing to happily consume and readily digest any amount of putrid, toxic, and illicit swill, ( unlike other herds in France ) as long as it’s presented as red, white and blue. And if you want to turn an American heifer into a snorting, snarling bull, just dare to try and reach for the colored swill, explain what it really is, or replace it with something more intellectually nutritious and you will have a raging bull on your hands in a New York second. The Dixie Chicks discovered this the hard way.

There is a common term for organizations that function as the US Federal Government does. An organization that relies on bribes, lies, violence, invasion, coercion, threats, and all under an impenetrable veil of secrecy. It’s called the Mafia. And in fact, what we have in Washington DC these days under the un-elected Dictator Bush, is not even a government at all. It is nothing less than an international crime syndicate.

Paul Revere is a freelance journalist, commentator,  political analyst and a proponent of the fundamentalist interpretation of Constitutional issues. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) form New York, NY., USA.