MCB calls for stopping of further land grab of West Bank

MCB calls for stopping of further land grab of West Bank

London (UNA-OIC) – The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), called the British Government to take firmer action in stopping the State of Israel from taking further land away from the Palestinian people.

Plans to annex nearly 30 percent of West Bank territory not only contravene international law, but they also render the very possibility of the establishment of a viable, independent Palestinian state impossible. Given such breaches of international law by the State of Israel aren’t unprecedented, condemnation alone will not suffice – concrete action must be taken to prevent what would amount to the effective dismantling of the two-state solution itself.

We call upon the UK Government and opposition parties to stand united against such extremism and the prospect of the annexation of West Bank territories in clear defiance of international law. Our approach to foreign policy must always be underpinned by the upholding of human rights.

The call for a binding recognition of Palestine as an independent and sovereign state is something many British Muslim communities, and indeed a cross-section of communities across the UK, support – remaining strong advocates for the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people, and indeed the upholding of international law. It is time our government recognizes Palestine as an independent and sovereign state.

The UK Government must also advocate on behalf of the Palestinian people, against the erosion of their rights, and refuse to accept the nomination of the new Israeli Ambassador to the UK. The current Israeli settlements minister remains a staunch advocate of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and a vocal supporter of the proposed annexation.

Now, more than ever, we must work to ensure that the prospect of a just peace being achieved is possible and that international law is upheld.


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