Marrying Bill Gates to Chris Mathews



Every man has his reasons. Every child has a favorite season. Every journalist and publisher is entitled to an opinion. And good men are free to disagree. But no individual, not even Bill Gates, is entitled to make his argument based on ‘his facts’.

The problem with mass media journalism is that it has nothing to do with the historical record. Truth in content is not required by law, even if truth in advertising is. I call it the Murdoch factor. Mass media journalism will gravitate to the tabloid, because it is cheap, entertaining and manufactured to just sell a product, service or political agenda.   Chris Mathews is not just another Microsoft bug. He is a cheap media commodity. His kind of journalism is easily acquired in high volume and at rock bottom prices. If you have no worries about the sleaze factor, it can be packaged, repackaged and sold retail at a profit margin that would make a cocaine dealer dizzy.

Like all other oligopolies, there is collusion between the dozen or so incestuous sisters who now monopolize our flow of information.  Microsoft is married to General Electric and their baby is called MSNBC. Their baby’s other father is NewsWeek, which is part of the Washington Post Company. They will all mention the same quote from the New York Times to ‘validate’ their opinions, which will result in a guest appearance of Friedman on Ted Kopell’s ‘Nightline’ to confirm the Newsweek version, which was written by Howard Fineman, who is always glad to make another appearance on MSNBC.

All it takes is fifty or so pundits, yapping away amongst themselves, ninety percent of them Yiddish supremacists who worship a war criminal called Ariel Sharon.  And, presto, you have ‘manufactured public consent’.  In the case of Ariel Sharon, it amounts to the moral equivalent of covering up the murder of thousands of innocent civilians. No matter,   Read Chomsky’s classic on ‘manufacturing consent’ and you will see a familiar pattern that does not seem to vary with the passage of time.  This new breed of mass media ‘journalists’  are without honor, willfully deceptive and always willing to repeat whatever lie serves their business. Too often,  their business is an ethnic agenda that is very distant from American interests, American decency, American values and American common sense.

The publisher of is calling for a boycott of all companies that sponsor shows like Chris Mathews’ racist ‘Hard Ball’ on MSNBC and CNBC. I certainly agree with Mr Bateman that media companies that are veracity challenged should be made to pay a stiff economic penalty. If they can’t tell the truth, they should be put out of business. Consider that MSNBC is jointly owned and operated by the two largest companies in the world, Microsoft and General Electric. Forget about going after sponsors. American and international mass media consumers, who have had it with these jerks, should go after the very producers of their deliberately shoddy ‘journalism.’  My take is it takes the resources of two giant corporations to produce defective ‘media products’ like MSNBC. So, throw them both in the same dark hole where Chris Mathews resides. If Bill Gates wants to marry Chris Mathews, only Melinda can do something to stop it. Because, who can talk back to Bill? If you think ENRON is a scam; If you are wondering why Arthur Andersen avoided noticing the odor of cooked books at ENRON; consider the auditors and ‘editors’ of news and commentary jointly manufactured by Bill Gates, Sulzberger, Murdoch, Levine, Isner and Graham.

Think of Chris Mathews as a ‘media product’ meticulously crafted to deceive MSNBC viewers. How does this moron get his material approved by the editors at MSNBC? I can prove that Mathews is a compulsive liar and a vicious bigot. But Microsoft and General Electric continue to market him as a ‘reliable’ media product.  They know full well that he is a danger to the truth, no matter what brand of speed he happens to be ingesting. Its a ratings game. If bigotry sells, Bill Gates wants his share of the market.

Anyone who bothers to watch the daily ‘KKK’ rally sponsored by ABC’s ‘politically incorrect’ Bill Maher, a whore owned and operated by Isner of Disney, knows that he never fails to denigrate minorities.  No matter the subject matter, especially when the audience is audibly snoring, this morally and ethically retarded rat’s ass takes a few racist digs at Mexicans, Arabs and African-Americans.

What about the facts? Why do our media titans allow the constant repetition of flawed ‘historic facts”?  The MSNBC ‘Hard Ball’ program and ‘The O’Reilly Factor’, a Fox product, are nothing but hate radio making a leap to cable TV. Facts are simply not a factor, when O’Reilly is in charge. When a superbly staffed media operation like MSNBC or CNN or FOX makes a mistake once or twice, it is easy enough to pass it off as an error in judgment.  As Israel Shamir pointed out, the New York Times will make a great show of going to the trouble of correcting the name of a cat mentioned in an obituary. But ask the Sulzberger crowd about Qibya.  They will not dare mention it to their readers.  Qibya is ‘top secret’ information which, for some unexplained reason, beyond my comprehension, cannot be shared with the American people.  I have personally challenged the Washington Post and New York Times on the subject of Qibya. Yet, they insist on playing deaf and dumb. My calls are never returned. They act genuinely surprised when confronted with the subject of Ariel Sharon’s many documented war crimes. Like they never heard of such a thing. Ariel Sharon a war criminal?  Gosh. Jeez. Golly.

When it comes to Ariel Sharon’s criminal past, there really is a vast conspiracy by the media, on the right, on the left, in the middle. It really doesn’t seem to matter what their advertised political ‘brand’ is.  They insist on keeping the film footage of the massacres at Sabra and Shatila in their archives, collecting dust.  Even if they have had collective memory lapses about what Sharon did in Qibya, they have access to search engines.  And I have taken the liberty of repeatedly alerting them to this breaking story from 1953.  But the New York Times has covered it up for close to 20,000 issues and they apparently have the same blue print for their next 20,000 issues of deceit.  It takes just a few key strokes to drag the skeletons out of the closet.  Five strokes to be exact.  QIBYA. Sulzberger should try it sometimes. Better still, he should do a search on ‘Sulzberger, Qibya’.   If Henry Ford and Walt Disney can be called ‘anti-Semites’ for their ‘attitudes’, what kind of kindness should we reserve for mass media titans who engage in the cover-up of a mass-murderer like Ariel Sharon?

This is the most straight forward media assignment in the world. Proving Sharon is a war criminal is certainly a lot easier than investigating the verbal excess of a blatant xenophobe like the Austrian right-wing politician, Gorge Haider.  Who can forget the media campaign our media lords orchestrated against that particular Austrian politician.  It got to the point where they insisted that the American government cut off diplomatic relations with his country, a land that has been meticulously neutral since the end of the last great war. They were not above challenging the Pope for having a brief meeting with Haider. As far as I can tell, Jorge Haider never committed a violent crime in his life. Ariel Sharon’s life, on the other hand, is nothing but a string of violent vicious war crimes.

Sanitizing the record of a serial mass murderer like Sharon takes a massive collaborative effort by virtually every mass media organization in these United States.  Technically, under American law, a man with such a heinous record should not even be granted a tourist visa. Yet, Sharon has a bigger ear in Washington than President Chirac of France or Tony Blair.

Now, recall that both France and England have contributed troops to the war in Afghanistan. But, a man like Chirac, who has some very balanced positions on the state of the world, is strangely absent from the radar of our media moguls. This particular European leader studied in America, is the President of a major ally, speaks flawless English, yet is rarely given a chance to be heard. Even Tony Blair has been given his fifteen minutes of fame and sent off to worry about the habits of a young English prince. An Italian journalist recently commented that he couldn’t believe the total absence of coverage given to the governments of European nations, who aggressively backed the United States after the atrocities of 911.

But, If Netenyahu or Barak shows up for a two day ‘private visit,’ they pop up on virtually every major cable channel and their views are aired without contest. These two compulsive liars appear so regularly on MSNBC, FOX and CNN that they should just get their very own prime time ‘hate TV’ shows. No matter how many appearances they make, Sharon’s past is never mentioned. Thomas Friedman feigns ignorance.  Charles Krauthammer never heard of Qibya. And I am the long lost king of inner Mongolia.

Perhaps, after a year of covering up Sharon’s grisly past, these media titans have burnt too many bridges. There is no going back to the truth after so many ‘media stars’ spent so much energy evading anything remotely close to the truth. I was really curious how the Yiddish supremacist clique would go to bat for this war criminal. In fact, a year ago, I thought that Sharon’s election might be the last straw for Friedman and his ilk.

But time is a great master. For a whole year, they have managed to ward off any alternative media challenges to their cover-up.

These ‘American’ journalists are willing to challenge the failure of American intelligence agencies. They look for every possible security lapse at our airports and virtually publish lists of targets for terrorists.  But they will not even scratch the surface of American foreign policy in the Middle East. The Israeli Lobby is never mentioned as being a foreign agent that force fed pro-Israeli policies to eleven American administrations.  After so many years of ‘cooking’ the books with their ‘facts’, these media companies are constitutionally incapable of touching truths that would open a can of worms on their past performance.  We are just going to have to bring them bigger can openers. Perhaps a good start would be to marry Bill Gates and Microsoft and GE to Chris Mathews. And let the boycott begin.

Mr. Ahmed Amr is Editor of in Seattle and a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).