Make No Mistake About It – The U.S. is Fighting (to increase) Terrorism

Don’t be confused about the motives behind the so called "War on Terrorism" by the Bush Administration. Bush needs terrorism like J.Edgar Hoover needed communism or Reagan needed the "evil empire". There is no significant agenda of this administration other than endless war, period. War is the "mother of all profit-makers" for the investor class that includes George W. Bush, his family, and his senior officials.

War on terrorism makes sense from their point of view because it provides a direction for the entire U.S. economy that serves the interests of the investor class, while providing some employment for citizens, and also providing the critical "fear factor" that keeps the whole ball rolling along. This requires creation of infinite threat to U.S. security by creating new "terrorists" continually. The U.S. wants to fight terrorism, not destroy it.

I’ll say that again — The U.S. WANTS TO FIGHT TERRORISM, NOT DESTROY IT. This fight is highly profitable for the corporate elite. It serves the social philosophy of this junta, which is to reduce spending on social needs of America’s poor and underclass, and put the money instead into multi-billion dollar defense contractors, hardware, software, munitions, missiles, bullets, bombs, etc. This is a self-perpetuating fight, and quite deliberately so.

Recent endorsement of Israeli atrocities against Palestinians is part of the process. The goal is to create as many potential new terrorists as possible in the entire Arab world. The goal is to provoke and motivate jihadists to attack U.S. citizens and U.S. facilities around the world so as to keep the money train rolling. The loss of U.S. lives, including lives of U.S. soldiers is not a major concern, except when it becomes a political negative. But Bush and his administration are masters of concealing the truth from the American public by manipulating figures, by careful avoidance of associating the Bush administration with photo images of coffins of troops brought back from overseas, but avoiding the discussion of deaths of increasing numbers of U.S. mercenary "contractors", etc.

Without war on terrorism, what would the Bush administration do? They need this war as a reason to be! They want to increase war-making, not reduce it! They have calculated the cost of terrorist attacks and feel that the economic loss by terrorism to U.S. economic activity is more than offset by the economic gains (short-term; based on debt accumulation) of war-making. It is a sinister, cynical calculation by cynical, sinister administration. And, the goal of extending empire into physical control of the world’s oil producing areas and distribution areas of the Persian Gulf and Central Asia put the profit potential even higher.

This is the ultimate in high risk governance, by an administration that knows full well that the age of cheap oil is almost over. The age of American dominance is almost over, too, and all will come to a devastating crash during the lifetimes of adults living today in the their forties, or even perhaps in the lifetime of older Americans.

Instead of avoiding the crash, the Bush Administration is embracing it. Instead of sensibly focusing on alternate energy solutions and creating a strong economy on sustainability, all that is being throwin right out the window, and the mentality of "spectacular flame out" of our civilization is driving government policy now.

All of this is nothing short of amazing! We are literally watching the decline and near-term fall of an empire in spectacular fashion, and the emperor uses the Neil Young lyric in his theme: "It is better to burn out than to fade away."

George W. Bush is fixated on terror, like a heroin addict is fixated on his opiate. George W. Bush needs terror like a dung beetle needs a pile of turds. George W. Bush is the world’s greatest creator of terrorism, and an accomplished terrorist himself. Terrorism breeds more terrorism. Terrorism is a gold mine for the Bush administration, but it is no more sustainable for long-term economic benefit than taking over the oil reserves of the world.

Sadly, John Kerry is not one whit better on terrorism than George W. Bush. But we’ll leave that for a later discussion.