Madrassa – Israel’s Weapon of Muslim-Slavery

The Far Eastern Economic Review is an English magazine, published weekly in Hong Kong. What makes the magazine’s "hate literature" startling is that it’s wholly owned by Dow Jones & Company, publisher of The Wall Street Journal and serves the Asian intellectuals. Naturally it is not a corner-store’s tabloid.

Over a year ago, the magazine published an article, entitled "A Cocoon of Terror". Cocoon is a biological term, indicating a nursery of an insect larva. The article awfully depicted dismal days for a few South and Far Eastern countries with Muslim population in substantial number.

While the article enshrines the perils of despicable incidents caused by Islamic euphoria in recent times, it is amazingly silent about the real drive behind the new political madrassas, mushrooming in the name of Islam. Who has done it and why – that is the question. This Islamic euphoria, though didn’t exist during fifties and sixties, is now a rampant phenomenon throughout the Middle East and the South East. Why is this sudden influx of fanaticism in South East Asia?

Ever since that publication, many US media – mostly TV, got into a "gong-ho" euphoria in theorising make-believe tales. Apparently, all of them point the finger to the Saudi Kings – but is it so? The flips side of the scenario seems to have skipped analytical attention of the intellectuals – no doubt on purpose.

The madrassas, geared to the Jihadi ideals of violence and intolerance, have been uncovered by the Israelis as a self-destructive tool for Islam. Obviously, it would be more conducive to Israeli interests than any other country to portray Islam with a maximum ill-repute to the whole world. The sources of these funds then could logically be funnelled by Israel and laundered through the Arabs – couldn’t it? Is it really a Muslim-drill for divinity or an Israeli drug plotted for Islam vilification that is the question. To a mind, free from Zionist propaganda through the US media, the Israeli hands are soaked with the Madrassa financing – inevitable and unavoidable.

The Zionist controlled media, with gleaming eureka, identified numerous Madrassas marred with fanaticism and their sources of funds linking to the Saudis. But why would the Saudis waste money to Islamize people where Islam predominately floods those countries? More to the point, why the Saudis, believing in Wahhabi doctrine, would finance non-Wahhabi rivals? After all, no new love has popped up for the Wahhabis to fortify the Berelvi and Deobandi Sunnism that covers Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Kashmir and to some extent – Malaysia. One must not forget that the Wahhabis reject most of the Hadith while the other Sunnis thrive on it.

Some credence could have been clipped to it if those funds were dedicated to Islamic missions in non-Islamic countries. Anything short of that – does it really make any sense that the Arabs Kings and Emirs would be so naive in creating monstrous world opinion for their own demise?

Obviously, what else could be more befitting for Israel than to "fry a fish in its own oil?" Provoking Islamic extremity through Madrassas and stimulating the US to react on every unrest is a recorded strategy of Israel, rewarding itself lavishly many times in the past.

Victor Ostrovsky, a defector from Mossad – Israel’s secret service, revealed that Israel conspired to mount a devious operation, designed to discredit Libya, and provoke the US to launch an attack on the country. And here is how Israel accomplished its mission. A transmitter, loaded with a pre-recorded message in Arabic was planted in the Libyan capital – Tripoli by a Mossad team. When it beamed out faked message from Gaddafi, authorizing bombings on the US ships at Libyan coast, the message got intercepted by the US electronic monitoring devices.

Convinced by this disillusioning message, President Ronald Reagan ordered a massive air attack on Libya. More than 100 Libyan civilians, including Gaddafi’s two years old daughter, were killed. And Israel, while keeping its sleeves free from blood stain, had its dirty job done by the trigger-happy Reagqn.

The creation of Israel has helped evaporate all hatred that ever existed between the Jews and the gentiles for over two thousand years. The Biblical story of Judas, the Apostle who betrayed his Divine Master – Jesus, is now a "hate literature" and "anti-Semitic". The Priests and Bishops, once vocal until mid-sixties, now skip those pages of the Bible that depict the gruesome crucifixion of Jesus. In reality, the hatred just got shifted from the Jews to the Muslims. Drowned out in a thundering applause, and the over-killing by the US media, the US citizens had never a chance to re-think that the speech: "You are either with us or against us" had an identical resonance with Hitler’s speech, after he assumed the Chancellorship.

Today the West, once sensitive to Jewish presence in them, proudly defines themselves as a Judaeo-Christian Society. No Shakespeare ever writes another "Merchant of Venice" and no European audiences ever throw eggs to a Jewish character in a theatrical drama. Even the Pope apologizes to the Jews. The Christians bear a constant feeling of guilt for the Holocaust and the guilt is kept vibrant by the Zionist’s Holocaust industries. Besides, The Jews, in the fear of sinking their golden bonds, declined to put any blame on the Christian for the Holocaust – it was, rather, the Nazis – a new religion of Hitler with no connection to Christianity.

With mending an unprecedented bond of Judaeo-Christian brotherhood, most media, controlled by the Jewish conglomerates of the West, have gained an enormous success in depicting Islam as a misfit for the world and the menacing threat to the modern civilization. The word "Islam" has been turned into a synonym of "terrorism." Take the Pakistani nuclear bomb and the media – the media’s huge coverage didn’t spare a tag on the bomb that reads: "Islamic Bomb". But what about the more sophisticated one, built in Israel? Did they call it "Jewish Bombs"? Unthinkable – the reporters knew it well that they wouldn’t getaway without legal summons. The Jewish Defence League would be there with dozens of skilled lawyers working free for the Nation. Make no mistake, this nation is not the US but Israel.

Even though David Berkowitz terrorised the city of New York with a killing spree of lonely couples, did anyone ever hear the phrase "Jewish terrorist?" No – that Would be a blatant "anti-Semitism". The "Son of Sam" – he loved to call himself and so did the media.

The US media have been keeping the Palestine issue as an "Islamic terrorism". The trick they apply, is to keep the Christian sympathy, suppressed and overshadowed. The notable patrons of Palestine movement are portrayed to the US audience as fanatic Moslems. Perhaps, only a finger-count-few in the US would believe that Hannan Ashrawi, one of the outspoken lady of Palestine, is a Christian.

It is obvious that Israel’s "policy of creeping annexation of the West Bank" is incompatible with any solution .The "Road Map" is a well known US "credibility gap" that has repeated many times in the past . The sprit of American freedom, once echoed through the words of Patrick Henry, has got buried under the boots of pro-Israeli interests. Today "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death" yields "death" only and not "liberty" for the Palestinians.

The question is how the Israelis re-invented the elixir that once caused Islam’s downfall?

Obviously, the anti-Islamic researchers spared no attempt in highlighting the words of intolerance and violence contained in the Hadith. Frankly speaking, a vast part of the Hadith literatures contains insidiously false depiction of Islam. The reward for the martyrs in Jihad with` 72 virgins is totally absent in the Koran but appears in the Hadith. Eventually, it became transparent to Islam’s enemy that the surest way to "fry a fish in its own oil". The Hadith literature, fitted so nicely to antagonize the West, offered a bonanza for the Israeli strategists to demonize Islam. After having the Buddha’s statue demolished in Afghanistan, the sphere of Islam demonization has been widened enormously to include practically the whole Asia. Even the remote corner of Japan, adherent to Buddhism, now hates Islam.

The Hadith is revered by the Muslims with such a passion that it often exceeds their reverence to the Koran. The Apostasy, a cruel act, is completely absent in the Koran and yet it is indispensable in Islam’s Sharia Laws. The Stoning to death – though not traced in the Koran – its application in Nigeria turned the world into an awe and dismay in Islam’s cruel image. Its role in vilifying Islam during the 9/11 incident was hypnotic in dragging Islam on a defensive podium.

How was it achieved with no blood-stain on the Israelis sleeves? Obviously, nothing other than inducing self-destructing intolerance and violence in Islam, through the Madrassas. The Madrassas, geared to the Jihadi ideals of violence and intolerance, have been uncovered by the Israelis as a self-destructive tool for Islam. Obviously, it is more conducive to Israeli objective than any other country to portray Islam with a maximum ill-repute. Just the event of the other day – it was not the government of France, Germany, Russia and even India that fanned the invasion of Iraq – it was wholly the Sharonists in the White House and the government of Israel.

The impoverished Mullahs did not care how the money flows into their Madrassas. They just needed to know how to promote intolerance to non-Muslims, set a few firecrackers here and there, call them Kafirs, and infuriate the Christian world with a devastating reprisal. The designs of Israel, dedicated to seizing Muslim power and breeding perpetual slavery, are invisible indeed, but the effects are vilifying, lethal and compelling.