"Let’s invade the world to boost our economy"

It is time the world should recognize and acknowledge a Jew as a Jew, first and last. World should acknowledge the tremendous good Jews, individually and collectively had contributed to humankind in practically every facet of human existence, especially in modern societies. At the same time, the world should beware of the tremendous potential of damage they could inflict on the world and had been in the past in history. Like with special children, the best way to keep them in sight is to keep them under constant surveillance, for the good they do to the world and to their own kind and for the damage they can do to the world and even to their own kind.

The New York Times writer, Thomas L. Friedman is first and last Jewish. He carries all the positives and negatives that converge on his Jewish intellect. His analysis of the world around us has been singularly brilliant and eye-popping. In his latest article in The New York Times: We’ve Only Got America A (Dec.14, 2010), he rightly expresses alarm over how his country, the USA is slipping in world affairs.

It is the remedy that he suggests shows that even a most liberal of Jew could only fall back on his own kind’s existential propensities to find a solution for America’s survival. He wants America to go back to the American Jewish Neo-con model of War War rather than Jaw Jaw. He writes: “…it will be a lot easier with a healthier America committed to its core values, powerful enough to project them and successful enough that others want to follow our lead —- voluntarily.”

According the American Jewish Neo-con, to project America’s power, it has to pick an Iraq here, an Afghanistan there and the world will be struck with shock and awe, for America to subdue the recalcitrant and force them to come to it voluntarily.

It is clear that even with America in decline like the Great Britain after the World War II, its Jewish thinkers are determined to prove that since there is no more any other America to save the world, as they had jumped from Europe to America as their survival strategy, they finding a dead end of further colonies, America itself should rearm itself and stand up to claim the title of the lone superpower of the world.

It is not that the US does not have the military power to bomb the entire planet many times over. It’s the fragility of the world in which Americans too have to make a living that forces them to compromise and resort to token warfare. They are now gearing up to take on North Korea. That will once again give them a chance to show the world that America is still alive and kicking.

Friedman warns his countrymen, that if America goes weak, though, and cannot project its power the way it has, —“your kids won’t just grow up in a different America. They would grow up in a different world.” On the face of it, this means that the different world, if it is dominated by non-Caucasians, like China and India, would be a disaster for the Americans. Both China and India are not yet Zionist proxies.

A constant theme in Science Fiction literature and children’s comic books in America conjures up how Aliens from different galaxies where their survival is threatened, invade earth and how we the earth people deal with them.

The constant refrain shows how thinkers in literature and comics have been preparing the American children, for decades, when their survival on American soil will become difficult and they will have to invade other countries and find new colonies to settle.

Jews who have a history of moving from countries to countries, for any number of reasons, will be the first to jump the ship and the two countries that they would like to descent on, are China and India.

China is a difficult place to penetrate. India is a soft target and it is possible that America and its vanguard Jewish troopers will try to colonize India.

India’s extremist fascism oriented Hindutva political party’s President is now visiting Israel and openly asking Israel to help them in internal security of India. That is good enough entry point for Zionist Jews into India. Others will follow. India already has been propped up as the next ‘superpower’ in the making and is being offered goodies of all spurious kind, like a seat at UN Security Council. However, the moment India is embroiled in any of harebrained scheme of joining the next war, say against it’s neighbor China, India’s own economy is bound be ruined and the loss of Indian blood will blot the country’s future for all time to come.

India at best will be a reluctant imperialist power. Its mutinous millions will not easily succumb to American Neo-con maneuvering to engage them in a Third World War on Asian soil. Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao’s current visit with 400 Chinese business leaders offering doubling of mutual trade to US$100 billion by 2015, is a visionary approach to keep India engaged in its Asian neighborhood, without getting entangled with West’s machinations. However, a jingoist Brahmin minority is on the same wave length as the Zionists and would do anything to perpetuate its stranglehold on India, even though their minority has organized a manufactured majority that is bound to disintegrate if the fruits of economic progress is monopolized by an easily identified oligarchic community and not available to the deprived rest. Unlike US, India is prone to internal violent strife. It therefore cannot unite to mount a foreign adventure, especially where nuclearly armed neighbours are involved.

It is therefore difficult to figure out where Thomas Friedman would like the US to go to show its military might that could translate in rejuvenation of its economy.

Friedman has identified two potent developments that are threatening the current world order. One: the emergence of China as an economic power. Second: the anarchy unleashed by whistleblower Wikileaks that is now a permanent threat to America’s secret war on its friends and foes. But emerging facts about Zionist connection, in censoring Wikileaks postings, challenge his pious lamentation on world anarchy.