Let’s bomb Iraq



Let’s go in there full throttle and use our most impressive machinery to bomb those Iraqi bastards back to the Middle Ages. Let’s teach them a lesson they won’t forget; destroy their bridges and their hospitals, their water refining stations, and their pharmaceutical plants. Their food warehouses and ambulances. Their livestock and greenhouses. Let’s deplete our entire stock of Depleted Uranium (DU) as we pump thousands of bombs into Iraqi skies and cause widespread cancer and birth defects. Let’s carpet bomb anyone who runs for shelter, civilians, elderly, women, children, military, Saddam’s cronies.

Let’s wipe out all their military facilities and make the job easier for invading Turkish and Iranian armies who have been eyeing Iraq for quite some time. Let’s wipe out all the oil refineries and energy installations so that Iraq becomes an importer of fuel and not an exporter. Let’s completely decimate what is left of a public health system thereby ensuring malnourishment en masse. Let’s take out their schools and make one of the most literate populations in the Arab world a society of illiterate and traumatized people.

How are we going to do it? Heck, we got them that Daisy Cutter bombs. We got Napalm. We got the B-1 and B-52 bombers. We burned them rag head Afghans pretty good; let’s move on. And if needed we sure can nuke ’em.

Let’s deploy our smart bombs which are uncanny in their sniffing out of bomb shelters with complete disregard for who or what are in there.

Let’s knock out all those missiles pointing upwards. What? They ain’t missiles? Minarets? What the heck are those? Let’s get them too! And let’s write ‘ramadhan greetings’ on our bombs…hum something like…”say hello to Allah”.

Let’s disregard the fact that there are no links between September 11th and Iraq. Let’s forget that Israeli, Egyptian, British and Saudi Arabian Intelligence have all said they have seen nothing that concludes Iraq was behind the tragic events of September 11th. Let’s downplay the fact that the anthrax strain that was used in the despicable attack on innocent Americans (five innocent people have tragically lost their lives from anthrax inhalation) was a homegrown strain. Or the fact that the FBI believes it is a homegrown right-wing fascist kook with a score to settle who is behind these attacks.

Instead, let’s listen to Richard Butler, former head of UNSCOM, as he spews forth his delusional theories of who was behind the WTC and anthrax attacks. We can always turn to Butler for lackey support. If we want to blame the invasion of Poland on the Hopi Indians, good lord‘ But will be there to fully support us. Let’s also ignore Scott Ritter, Butler’s lead weapons inspector in Iraq when he states time and time again that he does not believe Iraq has any nuclear or bio-weapons capability any more.

Let’s listen to Daniel Pipes and Charles Krauthammer. Remember how they both advocated the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians to solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? Yeah, we can bet on them to support us when we wipe out 22 million Iraqis because we can’t get at one man.

Let’s make sure the press don’t go in there to report on civilian deaths. We will simply call them “collateral damage”. Even better, we may resort to the Queen herself, Madeline Albright, who will tell us that more than one million dead children are “most certainly worth it”. Oh, and let’s give her a Nobel Peace Prize for being such a humanitarian.

Oh, wait a minute, haven’t we done all of that already? Didn’t we do this in ’91, ’92, ’93, ’95, ’96, ’97, ’98?

Yes, we did…so lets not again.

Firas Al-Atraqchi is a Muslim Canadian journalist living on the Pacific Coast.

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