Let’s Blast Him off the Face of This Earth

Edna Yaghi’s Column

Let us all form a personality coalition of those who hate Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and then invade Iraq with our guns, bombs and fighter jets to wipe him and Iraq off the face of the map forever.

Nothing should stand in our way. It is ok to kill thousands of innocent people, nay, even millions, as long as we conduct our war of hate against those we don’t know and don’t care to know. After all, our very intelligent American President George Bush has told us that this is the right and good thing to do.

And I’m all for George. I admire him more than ever because he can’t even pronounce peninsula. It takes a lot of brains and courage to master incorrect speech patterns and ignorance of words that are rarely used by warmongers. And imagine, if his foreign policy matches his wretched two-syllable vocabulary and failing intellect, then the best is yet to come.

In order to make up for not having a very good excuse to go to war with Iraq, we now hear fabrications that Saddam has links to Al Qaeda. Oh, have you forgotten Al Qaeda and Osama Ben Ladin? Remember, those are the guys we used as an excuse to go and desecrate Afghanistan. And just look at what we have accomplished, almost nothing! Word has it that Osama has flown to Mars. Beware, Mars might just be our next target.

I can’t figure it though. Iraq is a sovereign nation. True, Saddam is a brutal and cruel dictator but the world is full of cruel and brutal dictators, many of whom are supported by the US. And since when has America ever been concerned about cruel and brutal Arab dictators?

Why isn’t Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on the US hit list? He is about the most cruel and brutal man alive. Every day he has his army murder the Palestinian innocent. He has weapons of mass destruction but you don’t hear a campaign to dismantle his nuclear warheads or threats against his stockpiles. In fact, Bush has sort of given Sharon the green light to kill as many Palestinians as seen fit. Who cares what happens to the Palestinian people? After all, they aren’t really human anyway.

So goes it for the Iraqis. The US claims it wants to go and save them from their tyrannical dictator but how can dead Iraqis enjoy their new found freedom? And since when did Americans care about the Iraqis either? Are they humans? Absolutely not! Humans are white people who live either in Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, America and of course any color Israeli Jew is more than human.

Now that we know the definition of what constitutes a human being, we won’t feel at all bad if we kill tons of Iraqis. And anyway, we are used to the violence on our video games, TV shows and movies. Blood, lots of it, won’t really bother us because we have become insensitive to it and anyway, it’s just some red ketchup spread all over. Oops! Come to think of it, some Americans might die too. Well, we can’t go and slaughter a lot of inhumans without losing some human lives in the process.

Where is America getting all this money to go and kill Iraqis? Why, from the American taxpayers of course. It doesn’t really matter that there are many Americans who cannot afford to pay for their own health care or that many elderly Americans cannot survive on their very meager pensions and must go back to work doing menial jobs at a time when they should be enjoying their retirement. It doesn’t matter that many states are going broke either and that there is a serious question about how to pay for the most essential services such as schools. But that’s ok as long as we go out and kill other non-human people. America’s ills will simply vanish once the bombs are dropped on Iraqi civilians.

Naturally, Saddam will just go out and stand on an Iraqi street waiting to be killed by one of those bombs America so generously will drop. He is famous for sacrificing his own needs for the sake of his people. This is clearly seen by his many many palaces and his prisons full of either dead or dying inmates who have dared to utter a word of truth.

This imminent and impending war against Iraq will make many bloodthirsty people around the world ecstatic. But the ones who will be clapping their hands the loudest will be the Israelis. They will see this war as a dismantling of a country they hate and to them, the best Arab is a dead Arab. But while the carnage is being waged on the Eastern Front, Sharon will be busier than ever killing off Palestinian women and children in the hopes of wiping them out or driving them off the rest of their land. There will be no American bombs dropped on Sharon’s head, simply quiet pats on the back for the extermination on his own front of the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine.

Is the world a fair place? Of course not. But who cares as long as Americans et al can kill the innocent, bomb anyone they wish to with any excuse they can come up with.

But who has thought of the repercussions of such an attack? What if Saddam once cornered, strikes back? And what about our souls, or have we sold them to the devil?