Leave Iraq Alone?

I recently read an article on Media Monitors Network (MMN) called, “Enough is enough, Leave Iraq alone.

To be honest, it sounds as if there is indeed problems there with infant mortality. But, did this person o anyone he knows take part in the outright invasion and wholesale murder of the Kuwaiti people? I can attest from seeing the death and destruction wreaked upon these people. I was there! I saw the dead bodies of the people who fought for nothing else than their right to have a free and peaceful home. I can attest to the number of those who died when trying to come back to their homes because of the booby traps and antipersonnel mines that were laid by the Iraqi army. I can testify to the fact that Sadam did not truly care about the people under his command. He left most of them to starve, while he hid behind innocent civilians to save his own life. I value my life dearly, but I was willing to give my life so that just a few others may live without the suffering. War is hell! Believe me when I say that the war has never ended! There was a dedicated cease fire, but the peace accords have never been signed, so, the war is still being fought. As gruesome as it is, it is still a war, and a very bloody one.

The only victories there have been recently, have been on paper. Through nothing more than propaganda, Sadam has waged a war he is not prepared to fight. He rallies support from civilians who cannot or will not willingly face the battlefield.

The economic sanctions will probably be lifted if he would just abide by the rules set forth by the U.N. While I personally do not care for the U.N. and some of its policies, I would have to abide by them if they were imposed upon me as the leader of a country to ensure that my people did not suffer for my callousness. Does Sadam really care if all of his people are dying? Truthfully, I doubt it. It would seem that he has no thought of his people dying, as long as he saves face to the other governments of the world by continuing to flaunt his power over his people.

The obvious question is, “Is this guy so ANTI-ARAB, that he cannot see what is happening to these people? No, can see perfectly well. I do not care for those who are simply too proud to admit when they are beaten. I have made sacrifices for my family, and would make the same choices again if the need arose. I would never let MY pride stand in the way of the welfare of my family, and that is basically what the whole situation boils down to. He is too proud to say it is over. By doing so, he would loose all respect of his people.

Which would the author of the article wish to see? The end of all hostilities and sanctions, or another full scale ground assault which would bring multinational forces into his homeland and virtually destroy everything of any value to anyone? This would include the lives of innocent people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Maybe even one of his own family. The solution is simple. Have Sadam admit that he has been defeated and accept the imposed sanctions and admit that what he masterminded was wrong and pay reparations for doing it. This will bring an end to all the needless suffering because of one mans pride. Would you let your family suffer for the fact that you were too proud to admit defeat? I would not, and could not. But what seems to be lost is the fact that HE is not suffering, only his people. He has no real concern for them, only himself. They starve while he dines on the fruits of their labor. He makes himself fat off the food that he takes from their mouths. When they truly see this, then the change will come, but as the author said, he grows more popular because he continues to thumb his nose at the world, and even his own people, yet they refuse to see this.

A tyrant by any other name is no less than a tyrant.

Mr. Christopher A. Wensil, former U.S. Marine, wrote above lines in response to “Enough is enough, Leave Iraq alone” – by Jamal A. Shurdom, published August 23, 2001 on Media Monitors Network (MMN).