Kyrgyz president declares readiness to resign

Kyrgyz president declares readiness to resign

Bishkek, (UNA-OIC) – President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbay Jeenbekov made an official statement on Thursday night in connection with the current protests and situation in the country, Kabar reported.

The president’s press service said that Jeenbekov, in his statement, noted that the political situation in the country had reached a critical point.

He proposed several steps to resolve the situation.

“The results of the parliamentary elections have been canceled. Now we need to set new parliamentary elections,” Jeenbekov said, adding that these measures would reduce the current political tension.

He also stressed the necessity to dismiss the prime minister and members of the government who worked before the crisis, which will create a legal basis for new appointments.

President Jeenbekov also noted that a resolution from the parliament and a presidential decree are needed to legitimize the appointment of a new prime minister and members of the government. 

He declared that he is ready to sign the corresponding decrees and wait for the parliament’s resolution.

“As I said earlier, I intend to legitimize the ongoing personnel changes. For me, no position is higher than the integrity of the state, the unity of the people, and the tranquility of society,” he said.

“We need to get the current situation back on track as soon as possible. After the legitimate heads of the executive authorities are approved, and the country takes the path of legality, I am ready to leave the post of President of the Kyrgyz Republic,” Jeenbekov said in his statement.

He once again called on all political forces to maintain peace and tranquility in the country, not to divide the people, and to not cause splitting in the society.

After the parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan were held on October 4, some political parties, who lost the elections, organized protests on Monday demanding to annul the election results. The protests rose to clashes between police and protesters.

Protest participants seized the Parliament building and other strategic locations and released some formed officials from jail.

The country’s prime minister and parliament speaker resigned.

The Central Election Commission on Tuesday annulled the results of the elections.

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