"Kill or be Killed Situation"


New voices, new threats and new commands are pouring in from our friends to whom we are faithful allies in their war of aggression. They all, Obama, lady Clinton, Mike Mullen, Leon Panetta, General Petraeus and many others both in uniform and in the white house are one voice in the rhetoric, creating a “Kill or ready to be killed” like situation for Pakistan. This is the warning that has taken an accelerated tune during the recent weeks. We are pressed to go for the Haqqani net work alleged to be operative in Afghanistan from the North Waziristan Agency of the tribal area of Pakistan. The area is already a target for the high tech; American drones attack for so many years. How many terrorists get killed in those hundreds of drones attacks will never come to light; the same being true for the brutally increased killing of the innocent tribal Pakistani citizens. Mind that the drones are reported to have been commissioned there with the full appeasement of the rulers both the previous and the current ones. This is amply testified by the fact that there has been no serious response to these attacks which can be termed appropriate to the disaster it has resulted in the shape of loss of life and property.

During the last few years, America has successfully managed entry of its covert saboteurs of the type of Raymond Davis with the blessing of our embassy in the US where visas are issued with closed eyes. How many Davis is attached to various covert agencies of the CIA are operative in Pakistan; nobody knows. Consequently Pakistanis the target of both foreign as well as the internal enemies and has been subjected to severe terrorism during the whole of the past decade when America has put its foot on the soil of Afghanistan. We have handed over so many al-Qaeda fugitives to the US which has encouraged her to repeat every time her demand of “do more” rhetoric. We are now caught between the devil and the deep sea as the threats are going unabated from Washington pressing us for going against the Haqqanis, the nightmare for America. L. Panetta and others are crying hoarse for going to any extent to save their occupation forces in Afghanistan, meaning thereby they will not hesitate to attack unilaterally on the alleged sanctuaries of the ‘terrorists’ in the North Waziristan. They are alleging ISI to have links with the Haqqani network and that the Pakistan secret agency is behind the attacks inflicted by the network on the heavily protected points inside the Kabul garrison. If such is the situation then let some sensible American citizens (if there is any) may put a question before Panetta and his comrades, “What your two hundred thousands of forces along with the NATO and the locals, all equipped with high technology arsenal are doing there? Why can’t you stop the Haqqani terrorists, who are supposedly not equipped with bomber plans, apache helicopters, tanks and technology of your standard?” How come that these barefooted terrorists intrude deep into Afghanistan, carry out their mission and then come back over to their sanctuaries without being intercepted by the occupation forces of that big number.

To reach to Kabul from the bordering areas of N. Waziristan, one has to pass over three Provinces of Afghanistan via Paktia, Logar and the Khost. It is recalled that the Pakistani authorities had long ago, during the reign of Musharraf had proposed sealing of the border with barbed wire which was not accepted by the occupation forces and the administration in Kabul. The offer is probably still there. The American High Command in Afghanistan cannot exonerate itself from the intrusion and attacks on the border check posts of Pakistan since they are the occupying forces there. They are behind all these armed attacks or at least they have closed their eyes from the activities of the infiltrators who have committed serious offenses in Upper Dir area, Chitral, Bajaur and the Mohmand Agency several times. They are by all means responsible for this very high handedness when they allow the criminality of armed offenses against their ally in the so-called war on ‘terror’. It does not remain a secret that the ‘Lashkars’ attacking the border posts of Pakistan are will trained people and paid by the foreign agencies with the full connivance of the CIA working together with the Indian RAW actively involved in anti Pakistan adventures. These armed attackers may have elements that have been flushed out from the Pakistani areas where the Pak army has carried out operation. It is also the responsibility of the Kabul administration and the occupation forces in Afghanistan to apprehend such terrorists who have sought shelter in their areas and are using them as safe havens against Pakistan on the vulnerable border points. Reaction to the offensive of this serious nature has been very small and ineffective from the Pakistani rulers albeit having a very strong point against such misadventures seemingly under the nose of the ISAF and NATO etc.

Why don’t these Americans come to their senses? Why don’t they sit and think over their misadventure in Afghanistan and the region where they are fighting an un-targeted and un-winnable war. During these eleven long years they achieved nothing except hatred for the Americans. They could not, with all their brutalities and bloodshed and using sophisticated arsenal, conquer the empty handed Afghans. (Taliban in the US terminology)  Why they do not open their eyes and admit that not only their armed forces but their diehard technology has also failed in Afghanistan. America’s relevance in labeling charges against Pakistan is noteworthy when we see her failure to get through with the situation during these long years. Look at the October 7th of 2001 and the October7th of 2011 about at hand and the American forces are still groping in the bewilderment.

The White House occupied by the fools and the common American citizenry that naïve simple and innocent to comprehend the whole labyrinthine jingoism of the American warlords, what hell has happened to the Europeans and the British who are known to be cultured and people of senses. Why they do not come out of the misadventures started by the Americans just to mislead the humanity at large on the home-made story of 9/11.They should by now understand that the war is futile and without any healthy objective. Why people of different nationalities are dying in Afghanistan and why the Afghans are getting killed; is the question to be answered by the US administration. Why the conscience of the world has gone deep into slumber? And what are this UN and Security Council about? What rationale America has got by any standard to keep endless occupation of a week and small country? Shelving  all the codes of morality and ethics America is undermining the solidarity and security of Pakistan, unfortunately an ally of her, by allowing infiltration from Afghanistan and then labeling unfounded allegations of Haqqanis against it. We have sacrificed thousands of our Jawans (Soldiers) and citizens for the sake of America in her war of aggression and have sustained property damages worth billions. This situation amply proves that befriending America is like living in pool’s paradise. America cannot falsify the records of history. It was the US who initiated and promoted extremism and terrorism by importing ‘Jihadists’ from nook and corners of the globe to fight the USSR in Afghanistan. By their interpretations all such people were jihadists and were helping the People of the Book by fighting against the infidels and atheists. But when in the post Soviet era, those Mujahedeen did not agree to the hegemonic terms and conditions of America they were labeled as terrorists and extremist warmongers. The propaganda apparatus of the US started running the campaign quite in the reverse against that run during the eighties in order to demonize the same people who were previously Mujahedeen for America.

Our western border now extremely vulnerable had never been so secure and protected as at the time of the rule of Taliban in Afghanistan. Due to our turning allies with America the same safe border turned into the most precarious and insecure. Our Eastern border is always under threat from the Indian intrusion and at times has become the flash point between the two countries. On top of that our friend, America to whom we are faithful ally, is backing India and is helping her against Pakistan both in civil and military fields.  America is doing all inimical actions against Pakistan on one hand and exerts all uncalled for pressures on it on the other.

The sad aspect of the story is that certain analysts and the so-called intellectuals at home are trying to testify to the allegations of America by giving a wrong picture of the situation regarding the role of our armed forces and particularly the ISI. There are also suggestions from these analysts for action in the tribal areas of NW. without considering the fatality of such a movement. Any operation, as desired by the US, in the North Waziristan will never stop America from her ‘do more’ rhetoric and will put her demand of going after so and so terrorists, both in the Frontier and in the heart of Pakistan. We should take strong exceptions to the American threats and remind her that incase of any misadventure she would find the 180 million Pakistanis behind their armed forces. By any miscalculations America will find herself in the quagmire further sinking deep which she has already been to her neck and shoulders.

American propaganda machinery has since long been propagating unfounded allegations against our armed forces and the ISI which are aided by some of our analysts and columnists at home. This group of writers seems to be advocating the American cause. They lack the courage to spell out that the whole mess in the region has been the consequential outcome of the American aggression in Afghanistan and now trying to take over the war into Pakistan in order to conceal her utter and dismal failure in confrontation with the Taliban. Let us put a final question before the American leadership: what will happen if by somehow the alleged Haqqanis are eliminated from the scene? Will then the resistance offered to them stop? Will they then win the war of which they are the confirmed loser side during all these years?  Sure, America will face another nightmare if Haqqanis are gone. The US should be relevant and should give a second thought to what she wants to achieve from this bloody aimless war except to exhibit her craze and pursue her hegemonic desires. For us, our rulers should admit our past follies and should come out of the spider web America has spread for us to be entangled therein permanently.