Kerry — A Scary, Sleazy Professional Politician After All

George W. Bush is not a professional politician and has repeated his lifetime of failures in business into failure as President of the United States of America and world leader (though he remains a hero to the Republican Party and the neo-conservatives).

After his acceptance speech and other speeches by daughters and friends and running mate at the Boston Democratic Convention, it is clear that John Kerry is nothing more or less than a sleazy professional politician who will ultimately prove to be a liar and about as scary to the world as George W. Bush himself.

After hearing Kerry’s daughter relay the story of hearing how her dad told her how "lucky" she was to be alive and to be an American, one has to wonder how fathers and mothers in Berlin or St. Petersburg or Paris or Mexico City or Ramallah or Cairo will feel about the inference that their children are born unlucky by not being born American. How will Kerry be able to work with world leaders whose nations are treated as inferior? Why would nations work with John Edwards in his attempt to "bring them along" in the next military occupation of a sovereign nation? Will other nations accept the subservient role of domination by a superior America, especially when American policy seems to be immoral, selfish and illegal?

Has it occurred to Kerry and Edwards that France and Germany and Russia and all the other principal powers of the world were morally correct by not supporting the invasion of Iraq, particularly without giving the United Nations disarmament process full opportunity to work? Has it occurred to Kerry and Edwards that instead of leading the world into another violent misadventure, the U.S. should have partnered with the world in pursuit of peace?

Even on the home front, regarding domestic policy, Kerry has showed himself to be nothing more than a sleazy politician, promising everything to everyone. Kerry has promised more troops and better equipment to the military. He has promised lower medicine costs to the elderly. He has promised rewards to business for keeping jobs onshore. He has promised health care for all. He has promised tax cuts to many. Kerry has promised to balance the budget and pay off the debt. He has promised better education, better infrastructure, and a new, improved Diet Coke. Kerry is offering so much to so many that no one in their right mind could expect honest implementation of all the contradictory promises, because there simply is not enough money in the U.S. budget to accomplish all he has promised, and Kerry has been awfully long on promises but short on specifics of how he will pay for all these expensive gifts.

Worse yet, Kerry wants to ramp up the War on Terror. He wants to expand the Special Forces so he can blow up more caves in Afghanistan and break down more doors in Baghdad and extend the spread of American violence around the world in the name of a profitable War on Terror. However, no war on terror can be won by military means and Kerry cannot win that war, either. Spending more billions on homeland security will only create an illusion of security.

John Kerry is so smooth, he is scary. Growing up a child of privilege, he could feel secure about telling his own children how lucky they were. And they probably were, growing up with wealth and privilege in a household with loving parents. But most Americans do not have access to the privileges that Kerry has enjoyed all his life. Kerry relates to common Americans from a paternalistic nature, not unlike George W. Bush. He wishes them the best in theory, but does not REALLY share their pain as Clinton could.

The fact that Kerry continues to be disingenuous about the immorality of the War on Iraq makes his entire credibility suffer. Kerry says Bush was dishonest, but Kerry has yet to level with the American people that the War on Iraq was wrong and immoral, even though it is very plain that most of the delegates to the Democratic Convention felt that way and knew it to be true, and wanted Kerry to speak about it and act on it. Kerry has lost credibility instantly from his acceptance speech because he has not only ignored the truth that is so evident regarding American interventionism in Iraq, but he has stifled all such speech by his own supporters! Kerry is very much like Bush, who urged world leaders to go to war in defiance of the popular will of their own electorates across Europe and around the world.

Kerry is smooth, sleazy and scary. He continues the Bush pattern of threatening world peace, and his claims to regain American respect in the world ring hollow in view of his repeat of disastrous Bush policies in Iraq, not to mention his horrendous policies towards Israel and Palestine. To hear Kerry tell it, Israel is a poor, little old weak nations surrounded by powerful, dangerous enemies, when the opposite is true, and it is the Palestinians who need and deserve international protections from genocidal, rabid Zionists.

If Kerry loses, many Democrats will be sorely disappointed. Unfortunately, if Kerry wins, it might take a little longer, but may Democrats will also be sorely disappointed. Kerry is a smooth, sleazy, scary son of privilege — a professional politician who says the right things but will not back up most of his promises. The promises he is most likely to fulfill will be the same ones that Bush would have approved — increased military and homeland security spending, and resumption of the War on Iraq.