Kazakhs turn to traditional drink to fight off infections

Kazakhs turn to traditional drink to fight off infections

Nur-Sultan (UNA-OIC) – As the number of those diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus in Kazakhstan has mounted recently, many people went on the antibiotics and vitamins buying spree. However, many others have turned to a more traditional way to fight off the infections and their consequences by drinking saumal.

If you’ve never heard of saumal, it is high time for you to learn about this truly magical drink dating back to the times of nomadic people of Kazakhstan. Since the nomadic times the drink has been used as somewhat an antidote for its ability to eliminate toxins. Saumal is a nutrient-rich, fresh mare’s milk which is similar in composition to that of breast milk. Many in Kazakhstan believe in the power and healing properties of saumal, and rightly so. For instance, Kazakhstani scientist and professor Yerbolat Dalenov claims the drink is extremely rich in amino acids, fats, microelements and vitamins, especially vitamin C. Called the longevity drink, saumal has been extensively used in Kazakhstan to treat tuberculosis, intestines, inflammatory diseases, anemia, and more.

Fresh saumal keeps most of its beneficial properties for a few hours after milking and, then, it can be transformed into equally nutrient-rich kumis (or koumiss). It is a fermented milk product made from mare’s milk by special acidification. Amid the ongoing battle against the coronavirus infection, people from all corners of Kazakhstan familiar with the beneficial properties of saumal queue outside small horse farms to get a chance to buy it. One of such farms can be found in Kyzylsuat village where Bakhyt Barmankulov and his family produce saumal, kumis as well as other dairy products.

Bakhyt says most of his clients buy and drink saumal to boost immune system. Some drink saumal for a month, others consume it for ten days and claim that the drink has had an incredible impact on their bodies.

He has recently sold saumal to a group of athletes who recovered from COVID-19. After consuming the fresh mare’s milk for seven days, they restored their powers. Bakhyt believes that saumal has helped their bodies to excrete toxins after the long-term antibiotic therapy.

Bakhyt and his small business have recently seen a dramatic increase in the number of clients in comparison with last year. His wife Ainur says a daily intake of 250-300 grams of saumal is enough to boost your whole immune system.


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