Job Hunting

Economic Policy Institute (EPI) reports that the unemployed outnumber job openings 3 to 1. The report states that the 3.1 million job openings is down 25% from December 2007. No wonder the millions of unemployed are blogging, playing with YouTube, taking longer walks with their dogs and watching more TV.

To top that off, the rapid job decline is accompanied by sharp unemployment. EPI says that 10 million people were searching for work in October…that is more than three times the amount of jobs available.

I opened a website in the hopes to land a contract, because I am "thinking outside of the box" or am I?

I thought that living in another country, lessened my chance of landing a job in America. In fact, I realized that times have changed.

The days are over when you could call a company on the phone and make an appointment for an interview, or stop by someplace and drop off your resume. When I tried that, I received a shivering cold look from the receptive person in the front office with the reply, "We do not accept resumes in person, you have to go to our website and apply online."

"Great", I think. Now, they can’t even put a pretty face to the piece of paper that is in someone’s database. I can’t print my resume a peachy pink, or add flowers to the corners in the hope to gather someone’s attention.

Now, I become a keyword in a database along with thousands of other job hunters.

In the end, I find that it does not matter where I live to apply for work, I can do it all online!