Jewish World Knesset of Israel

Cat is no more in the bag. It is out of the bag. Israel is giving the Jews of the world the right to vote and to represent themselves through their representatives in Israeli Knesset. In other words, world will see another proof that how an occupying race operating from an occupied territory, Palestine, claims the only ‘democracy’ in the world and now it will represent Jews of the world. World will see that French, British, Germans, Russians, Polish, Moroccan, Turkish, Indian, Venezuelans and Jews from other countries sitting in the Jewish Knesset and taking part as members of the Israeli Jewish Knesset. World will see that 11 Jewish senators of the United States are also the member of the Jewish Israeli Knesset, representing Jewish Israeli State in the U.S. Senate and representing U.S. in the Jewish Israeli Knesset.

In a Jewish occupied world, any thing can happen. So world will see that more than 20 Jewish members of the U.S. House of Representatives sitting in the Jewish Knesset of Israel and taking part as members of the Israeli Jewish Knesset. And who knows that one day a Jewish president of the United States will also be the president of the Jewish state called Israel. Jewish Karmon, brother of Jewish-rooted Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Kerry, publicly declares that Israel is the 51st State of the United States of America.

Plan for a Jewish World Knesset was unmasked at the Jewish Knesset’s Committee for Immigration and Absorption. Special meeting was held at the official residence of the President Moshe Katzav. And he was the one who introduced the plan for Jewish World Knesset.

Drafter of the Jewish World Knesset (Parliament) is the Jewish Agency. It prepared a 600-page report for creating a Jewish World Knesset at Israel. The 50-page executive summary was due last month. Prime Minister Sharon was in the loop.

“The proposal for a world Jewish consultative ‘parliament’ was initially raised last July in a strategic policy report submitted to Prime Minister Sharon by the quasi-government Jewish Agency for Israel, Israel’s designated liaison to the Jewish communities of the Diaspora.”

The report was prepared by a newly-formed Jewish Agency think tank for global Jewish policy, chaired by the former American diplomat Dennis Ross.” (Israeli President Unveils Plan for World Knesset,” Forward, December 17, 2004.

There are certain objectives that the Jewish leadership wants to achieve by forming World Jewish Knesset. It reminds the Jews of the world that they are Jewish first and after that they are Americans, French, Germans, Polish, Russians, British and Indians. It reminds the Jews that they are the Israeli citizens first under “Law of Return” and then they are the citizens of the country where they are living. Under “Law of Return,” a Jew living in any country can return to Israel as its citizen. Even today an American or an Australian Jew is the citizen of Israel.

How will the objectives of ‘Jews first’ and ‘Israel first’ be achieved by the World Jewish Knesset at Israel?

First, World Jewish Knesset will be ‘inclusive’ to achieve the objective of ‘Jews first’ and ‘Israel first.’ The representatives of the Jews of the world will involve themselves in framing the policy for Jews living in Israel and all around the world. These representatives from other countries with their Israeli counterparts will macro-manage and micro-manage all aspects of life of world Jewry – from Internet use to summer camp staffing.

“The 50-page report, an executive summary of a 600-page document due out this month, reviewed security, political, religious, cultural and economic conditions in Jewish communities on every continent and make a host of recommendations ranging from Internet use to summer camp staffing. Among the key proposals was the formation of an international representative body to consult with the Israeli government on decisions that may effect Jewish security or culture in other countries.” (Israel President Unveils Plan for World Knesset, Forward, December 17, 2004)

Second, Jewish World Knesset will achieve the objective of ‘Jews first’ and ‘Israel first’ by becoming the custodian of the Jewish ‘security’ and ‘culture’ of the Jews on every continent. It will bridge the conceptual and philosophical ‘divide’ of the Jews and make them one. It will advocate a greater bond between Israeli Jews and Jews living in other parts of the world and make them one. It will learn from the Jews all around the world to make them one. It will foster feeling of fellowship among the Jews around the world to make them one.

Jewish World Knesset does not believe in national borders for the Jews of the world. Also Jewish Israel has no border for the Jews of the world. They are not Americans or Polish. They are only living in these countries. They are only Jews and only Israelis. And the Jewish World Knesset will achieve the objective of ‘Jews first’ and ‘Israeli first’ by creating a Jewish civilization to make them One.

“Judaism is seen as more than religion or a nationality, but as civilization. The State of Israel has as a duty to preserve Judaism where ever it may be, as a higher priority even than [fostering] immigration.” (Israeli President Unveils Plan for World Knesset, Forward, December 17, 2004)

Numerous reasons or justifications are given for the creation of the Jewish World Knesset. One is that Jews living in the occupied Palestine, called Israel, do not have the right to make decisions that affect the world Jewry.

“We in Israel do not have the right to make decisions on our own that affect world Jewry. Even if, God willing, 60% of Jews on earth live in Israel, will still have to consult. That is why it is important that this house shall arise.” (Israeli President Unveils Plan for World Knesset, Forward, December 17, 2004)

Other reason given for the creation of Jewish World Knesset is to eliminate the sense of disconnection between Israelis and their cousin – World Jewry.

And above all the main reason of Jewish World Knesset is to ‘save’ the Jews living in Latin America and Europe from Muslims who are also living in these continents.

“The report suggested that Israeli security policies can have the unintended effect of arousing hostility toward Jewish communities among émigré Arab populations in places such as Europe and Latin America, with occasionally violent results.” (Israeli President Unveils Plan for World Knesset, Forward, December 17, 2004)

The Jews who will be represented in the Jewish World Knesset at Israel will come from these countries. Muslims and the world should know what is the Jewish numerical strength in these countries.

1. Afghanistan 50
2. Albania 50
3. Algeria 150
4. Argentina 120,000
5. Armenia 500
6. Aruba & Curacao 500
7. Australia 52,500
8. Austria 6,000
9. Azerbaijan 6,000
10. Bahamas 300
11. Barbados 55
12. Belarus 14,000
13. Belgium 15,000
14. Bermuda 125
15. Bolivia 320
16. Bosnia Herzegovina 1,100
17. Brazil 62,500
18. Bulgaria 3,250
19. Canada 181,000
20. Chile 12,500
21. China 1,550
22. Colombia 1,900
23. Costa Rica 2,500
24. Croatia 650
25. Cuba 1,500
26. Czech Republic 5,000
27. Denmark 4,500
28. Dominican Rep 150
29. Ecuador 500
30. Egypt 240
31. El Salvador 100
32. Estonia 1,000
33. Ethiopia 100
34. Fiji 40
35. Finland 750
36. France 325,000
37. Germany 45,000
38. Gibraltar 600
39. Great Britain and N. Ireland 133,500
40. Greece 2,400
41. Guatemala 1,750
42. Haiti 150
43. Holland 12,500
44. Honduras 750
45. Hungary 50,000
46. India 5,600
47. Iran 27,000
48. Iraq 75
49. Ireland 895
50. Israel 2,423,500
51. Italy 17,500
52. Jamaica 350
53. Japan 2,000
54. Kazakhstan 7,000
55. Kenya 330
56. Latvia 5,400
57. Lebanon 100
58. Libya 50
59. Lithuania 5,500
60. Luxembourg 1000
61. Malta 50
62. Mexico 48,000
63. Moldova 20,000
64. Morocco 5,800
65. New Zealand 3,300
66. New Caledonia 120
67. Norway 6,00
68. Panama 2,500
69. Paraguay 900
70. Peru 2,500
71. Poland 1,750
72. Portugal 500
73. Puerto Rico 1,500
74. Romania 6,250
75. Russia 220,000
76. Singapore 300
77. Slovakia 3,000
78. South Africa 45,000
79. Spain 12,500
80. Surinam 150
81. Sweden 9,000
82. Switzerland 8,800
83. Syria 1,500
84. Tahiti 130
85. Taiwan 180
86. Thailand 250
87. Trinidad 10
88. Tunisia 1,500
89. Turkey 25,000
90. U.S.A. 2,900,000
91. Uruguay 12,500
92. Ukraine 150,000
93. Uzbekistan 35,000
94. Venezuela 10,000
95. Virgin Islands 500
96. Yemen North 1,000
97. Yugoslavia (Serbia) 900
98. Zaire 100
99. Zambia 35
100. Zimbabwe 700

Above numbers are estimated numbers and they are half of the numbers that the Jewish leadership claims. The reason is that Jewish leadership always inflates the numbers to grab political clout. Jewish leadership claims that there are 13,000,000 million Jews in the world. It claims that there are 1,600,000 Jews in Europe, 6,483,900 in North America and South America, 4,932,900 in Asia, including 4,847,000 in Israel, 89,800 in Africa and 101,900 in Oceania. Slashed these numbers to about 6 million in the entire world. Note in 1980 and 1990, world was told that they are more than 2 to 3 million Jews in Russia. What happened to them when their immigration started? Only 900,000 immigrated from Russia according to Jewish leadership. Now world is told that out of these 900,000 Russian immigrants, only about 400,000 are Jews. Others are ‘fake Jews.’ Second, come to New York and note how many Jews you see in a given day in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island. How many kosher restaurants are in these areas? They determine the number of a community.

What are the political implications of a Jewish World Knesset for Muslims in America? The main goal of every Jewish organization is to destroy the Muslim World. Muslim leadership must educate the Jews living in their countries that they are citizens of the Muslim countries. They must stop spying for Israel. Second, Jews living in the non-Muslim countries must be educated that they are paying the price of genocidal policies of Jewish leadership in occupied Palestine. They do not want to be treated as the Christians and Muslims are treated by the Jewish leadership in occupied Palestine called Israel. Note how many enquires are conducted at this moment against the Jews for alleged charges of spying for ‘Israel’ in the Untied States. It is a very critical time for the Muslim all over the world. Occupation of Jewish leadership has come full circle. It is the time to expose the designs of the Jewish leadership that is using the U.S. military muscles to save its own skin. Only Allah is Aleam and Basir.