Jewish Leadership Fuels Open War

“Koran” is a Mein Kampf of war."

— Winston Churchill

“Koran” is a deadly doctrine."

— Fouad Ajami, John Hpokins University

Anti-American and Anti-Muslim forces have been pursuing a two-pronged strategy to wide the gulf between America and the Muslim World. They are prompting the American leadership to declare an open war against the entire Muslim World. To justify this war, they are painting the Muslim World as the No. 1 enemy of America. By pretending to side with America in this ‘terror war,’ these anti-American and anti-Muslim forces give the impression that they are the most patriotic segment of American society. In reality, they are the No. 1 enemy of America. Because in this ‘terror war,’ there will be no winner. American Century will be buried alongside the destroyed Muslim World. This is what they want. Why? To be discussed later.

There is a community of interests between the anti-American and anti-Muslim forces and the anti- American and anti-Muslim media. So it is not surprising that the that the anti-American and anti-Muslim media does not feel any reservation when it fans hate between America and the Muslim World. It does not feel any reservation in spreading highly toxic opinions and statements.

Anti-America and anti-Muslim forces are not happy with the present conduct of ‘terror war.’ They are not even happy with the slogans under which this ‘terror war’ is waged. In their view, ‘terror war’ under the slogans of axis of evil, international terrorism, and militant Islam do not define the enemy correctly. They demand from the Bush administration to confess and declare that this war is a clash of civilization.

“Impelled by 9/11, President George W. Bush told the American people, we are at war, at war with an axis of evil. Mr. Bush defined the enemy as international terrorism. Given this amorphous enemy, America’s war aims are equally amorphous. However, since the recent 9/11 commission, Mr. Bush has defined the enemy as militant Islam –” a tautology made current by Daniel Pipes. Unfortunately, the war symbolized by 9/11 is even more monumental: it is nothing less than a clash of civilization as eminent scholars like Bernard Lewis and Samuel Huntington have shown, and, in the case of Islam, a civilization animated by a world religion.” — Professor Paul Eidelber, The Jewish Press Magazine, 10.22.04

These anti-American and anti-Muslims forces demand from Bush administration to confess and declare that this militant Islam is real Islam. Confess and declare that “Koran” is a “deadly doctrine.” Confess and declare, “Koran is the Mein Kampf of war.”

“If American war aims are to be sound, Washington policy-makers must understand that “militant Islam” is Islam pure and simple. The heart of Islam is the Koran, which the renowned Fauad Ajami of John Hpokins University refers to as a “deadly doctrine,” and which Winston Churchill describes as the Mein Kampf of War. America and Islam are indeed engaged in a clash of civilization, which virtually every Muslim writer would admit.” — Professor Paul Eidelber, The Jewish Press Magazine, 10.22.04).

These anti-American and anti-Muslims forces demand from Bush administration to confess and declare that Muslim ‘moderates’ are as deadly as ‘the fundamentalist’ are and they are also irrelevant in the Muslim World.

“To compound the confusion, pundits focus the hopes of Americans on Muslim ‘moderates,’ as if this minute fraction is strategically relevant in Islam’s global war against ‘infidels.’ The fact that Muslim ‘moderates’ advocate the destruction of Israel, America’s only reliable ally in the Middle East, should caution us about the depth or reliability of their moderation.” — Professor Paul Eidelberg, The Jewish Press Magazine, 10.22.04

These anti-American and anti-Muslims forces demand from Bush administration to confess and declare that the religion of 1.2 billion Muslim is evil. Confess and declare that Muslims do not believe that anything is common in Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

“The conflict between liberal democracy and Nazism was a conflict between good and evil. The U.S. is loath to refer to its conflict with Islam in such terms. No one can feel comfortable calling the religion of 1.2 billion people “evil.” Islam is commonly regarded as a monotheistic faith having much in common with Judaism and Christianity. This is NOT the way adherents of the Koran regarded Judaism and Christianity!” — Professor Paul Eidelberg, The Jewish Press Magazine, 10.22.04)

These anti-American and anti-Muslim forces demand from Bush administration to confess and declare that the Islamic Jihad is the root cause of ‘terror.’ Confess and declare that U.S. main objective is to eliminate the murderous ethos of Islamic Jihad. Confess and declare that Jihad is evil. Confess and declare that Islam is an enemy of peace and civilized society.

“To formulate war aims appropriate to Islam, the U.S. must identify the root cause of the conflict, Islam’s Jihadic ethos –” its bellicose and contemptuous hatred of non-Muslim. It must be the remitting objective of the U.S. to eliminate or radically alter this murderous ethos. Jihadism must be condemned as evil, and so long Islam propagates this ethos, Islam must be denounced as the enemy of peace and of civilized society.” — Professor Paul Eidelberg, The Jewish Press Magazine, 10.22.04

Professor Paul Eidelberg also recommends a course of action, which the America should adopt.

“The U.S. should issue a declaratory policy having the following elements: (1) The U.S. will regard as a belligerent any Islamic states that support or harbors terrorists. (2) The U.S. will regard any Islamic state that encourages its people to hate and kill non-Muslims as racist, and will take action to have that state banned from the United States. (3) The U.S. will proclaim that the bellicose concept of Jihad contradicts the UN Charter as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which prescribes ‘tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial, or religious groups.’ Accordingly, the U.S. will regard public renunciation of Jihad as the litmus test of whether a Muslim state is sincerely committed to peace and worthy of diplomatic relations.” — Professor Paul Eidelberg, The Jewish Press Magazine, 10.22.04

Professor Paul Eidleberg blames the Bush administration for avoiding the right conclusions, which are set by Professor. This is the reason there is a confusion among the Americans about the war in Iraq.

“The Bush administration avoids this conclusion, which is why it has failed to formulate, with any precision, America’s war aims. Americans are therefore confused. They are divided over the war in Iraq and about U.S. policy in the Middle East. The world’s only superpower flounders, intellectually and militarily unprepared to confront its ill-defined, ubiquitous enemy.” — Professor Paul Eidelberg, The Jewish Press Magazine, 10.22. 04

Professor Paul Eidleberg also advises the Bush administration to forget ‘democratization’ of the Muslim World.

“The war aims of the United States should not include wholesale democratization of Islamdom –” an impractical and, in many countries, an undesirable objective. In such countries, constitutionally monarchy is preferable. The political objective is to rid Islam of tyranny. The moral objective is to rid Islam of its jihadic ethos. In pursuing these objectives, the U.S. will require the cooperation of other nations. Such cooperation will be more forthcoming if American war aims are clearly articulated, tenaciously pursued, with consistency and more integrity.” — Professor Paul Eidelberg, The Jewish Press Magazine, 10.22.04

Paul Eidelberg chided his own fellow-traveler, anti-America and anti-Muslim World, Mr. Pipe for separating ‘militant Islam’ from ‘real Islam.’ For Prof. Eidelberg both are the same. He reminded Mr. Pipe what he himself perceived in his earlier venomous spit.

“However, much institutions, attitudes, and customs have changed, the Muslim approach to politics derives from invariant premises of the religion and from fundamental theme established more than a millennium ago.” — In the Path of God: Islam and Political Power quoted by Prof. Eidelberg, The Jewish Magazine, October 22, 2004)

Prof. Eidelberg also warns the Americans that this ‘terror war’ will end in the destruction of one of the ‘warring party’ as happened in Second World War.

“The current clash of civilization will eventually result in the ascendancy of one and the decline of the other, as was the case in the less encompassing conflict between liberal democracy and Nazi Germany –” a conflict that did not involve a world religion. But it is precisely because Islam is a world religion that the U.S., the champion of tolerance and pluralism, finds it so difficult to identify its enemy.” — Prof. Eidelberg, The Jewish Magazine, October 22, 2004).

Prof. Eidelberg is not alone in this incessant hate campaign to widen the gulf between America and the Muslim World. All common enemies of America and the Muslim World want an open war between the two. These common enemies are worried that American leadership might not open a new front against the Muslim World after the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. Read what the anti- Americans anti-Muslims Forward suggests to the Bush administration in its first weekly publications after Nov. 2, 2004. Destroy and occupy Iran –” this is the first message from the Forward.

“Fresh off of victory, President Bush will face a major test in the coming weeks on the multilateral approach he has adopted toward Iran’s alleged pursuit of nuclear weapons. Even as Washington is backing European efforts to pressure Tehran, the newly re-elected president is looking to the United Nations Security Council to pick up the lead on thwarting Iranian Nuclear aspiration.” — Marc Perelman, Forward, November 5, 2004)

The caption of the article is “Re-elect Bush Faces Benchmark Test On Iranian Nukes Policy. Multilateral Approach at Stake)

Professor Louis Rene Beres, professor of International Law, Department of political science, Purdue University, is suggesting something else.

“International law is not a suicide pact. As Iranian nuclearization heats up to a point of no return, Israel’s leaders will soon have to make vitally important decisions on launching defensive first strikes. Faced with an existentially hostile regime in Tehran, these leaders cannot now be expected to simply sit back and wait for the regime to deploy atomic weapons. Less than half the size of Lake Michigan, Israel’s ‘wiggle room’ in strategic survival matters is profoundly limited.” — The Jewish Press Magazine, October 22, 2004)

The title of the article is “Israel, Iran and Preemptive Attack Striking First Under International Law.”

Prof. Beres does not give Iran the same right of preemptive attack as he gives ‘wiggle room’ state called Jewish state. Perhaps the right of preemptive attack is ‘divine right’ given only to the ‘chosen leadership’

Second, Prof. Beres is sending a clear message to the re-elect Bush. If you don’t do it, Israel will.

Besides Iran, anti-American and anti-Muslim agenda setter Prof. Beres is not happy with the Bush administration and Sen. Kerry for not declaring an open war against Islam.

“Neither President Bush nor Senator Kerry addressed an absolutely key issues of current American foreign policy in the opening debate. Are we now involved in a largely operational struggle against very particular terror group and individuals, or –”rather –” are we embroiled in something much larger? Should we now be focusing on political, military and logistical issues (the position of both candidates) or upon the much wider religious and cultural context from which our principal terror enemies are spawned?" — Prof. Louis Rene Beres, The Jewish Press Magazine, October 15, 2002.

The title of the article is “After the first great debate: a war on terror or a clash of civilization? This crucial point was missed in the first presidential debate.”

Prof. Beres reminds the U.S. leadership that its ‘political correctness’ has political consequences. It should stop playing soft balls. It should confess and declare that Islam is against all major ‘religions’ of the world, including Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism.

“The answers are important, as they will determine what security measures we choose to adopt. And, if we can finally ignore the constraints imposed by considerations of political correctness, these answers are plain and incontestable. The roots of current and still-impending anti-American terror lie deeply embedded in civilizational hostility, in a partial but widespread Arab/Islamic hatred for Western values and post-Enlightenment modernity. This constructed and codified hatred extends to other major religions, primarily Judaism, but also to certain parts of Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism.” — Prof. Beres, The Jewish Press Magazine, October 15, 2004)

Prof. Beres reminds the Americans and the Europeans that they should awake up to the ‘gathering threats’ of mass killings with unconventional weapons. Prof. wants the Bush administration to confess and declare that the ‘terror war’ is “authentic clash of civilization.”

“The unvarnished truth of the terrorist threat to the United States and the West remains widely misunderstood. We face suicidal mass killings with unconventional weapons in the future not because there exists a small number of pathological terrorists murderers, but because we are embroiled –” however unwittingly – in an authentic clash of civilization. While we all wish it weren’t so, wishing will get us nowhere. Our only hope is to acknowledge the relentlessly bitter source of existential danger, and proceed to fight the real war on terror from there.” — Prof. Beres, The Jewish Press Magazine, October 15, 2004)

Note these anti-Americans and anti-Muslims forces do not target only the Muslim World. Nobody on this earth is save from their demonization –” including the United States.

“The dissolution of the Jewish state has been the goal of the members of the so-called ‘quartet,’ the anti-Israel U.S. State Department, the anti-Semitic E.U. (European Union), the hostile U.N. (United Nations) and Russia, whose history of anti-Jewish pogroms are legendry." — Emanuel Winston, Middle East Analyst and Commentator, The Jewish Press Magazine, October 22, 2004.

The world is told again and again that America is ‘blessed’ with ‘freedom of speech’. It is emphasized that ‘freedom of speech’ should be the norm of the world. Then why the only ‘chosen leadership’ is privileged to exercise the right of speech right? Then why anybody in the entire world is not free to exercise this right by criticizing the outrageous acts of this ‘chosen leadership?’ Then why the ‘chosen leadership’ is free to demonize the religion of a community but National Front MEP Bruno Collnisch is not free to question ‘gas chambers’ existence.

“I am not questioning the existence of concentration camps … but on the numbers of deaths, historians can discuss it. As to whether gas chambers existed, that’s up to the historian to determine.” — Philip Carmel, Jewish Chronicle, October 22, 2004.

What price this French has to pay for these alleged remarks, watch and see. He is disputing only a happening. Religion is a more sensitive issue than a happening.

If the ‘chosen leadership’ is free to demonize a religion, then why Jewish donors are threatening the Duke University in North Carolina to face the music. Its alleged crime is:

"A major US university is coming under pressure from some Jewish donors for allowing a pro-Palestinian conference that urged divestment from Israel over its alleged apartheid policies. The weekend conference, at Duke University in North Carolina, also heard calls for an end to Israel as a Jewish state.” — Janine Zacharia, Jewish Chronicle, October 22, 2004.

The Duke administration is running for a shelter and is begging for mercy.

“The Duke administration said it was allowing the conference to take place as part of its commitments to free speech.” — Janine Zacharia, Jewish Chronicle, October 22, 2004)

What price the Duke university has to pay for allowing the student-run Palestine Solidarity Movement to have its meeting? Watch and see. If the chosen leadership is free to patronize anti-Christian movies like ‘last temptation’ and anti-Muslim books like ‘Satanic Versus,’ then why Duke University cannot permit students to arrange a meeting. Religions is more sensitive issue than a meeting that is not liked by the ‘chosen leadership.’

If the ‘chosen leadership’ is free to demonize a religion, why then eBay is forced to take off sale on eBay under the pressure of the ‘chosen leadership.’ Religion is more sensitive issue than writing about the ‘supremacism’ of a race.

“An anti-semitic book has been taken off sale on eBay after the site’s management was told of its inclusion by the JC –” but hundreds of items linked to race-hate can still be found. The book –” Jewish Supremacism, by former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke –” was discovered by JC reader David Marsh after searching the site for items linked to the word, Jewish. An eBay spokeswoman said that offending item had been removed. But she added that sellers who repeatedly breach eBay policies would be suspended, either for a certain period or permanently, depending on the severity of the offence. We have a team of people checking out items that should not be listed. However, a search on the site for a leading skinhead punk band turned up 215 items. eBay’s policies forbid the use of racist language and also the listing of items promoting hatred or racial intolerance.” — Rachel Fletcher and Mark Scodie, Jewish Chronicle, October 22, 2004

Christians and Muslims should band together to force eBay to take away all the material written against Christianity and Islam. It should be in hundreds.

If the ‘chosen leadership’ is free to demonize a religion, then why an American boxing promoter is dragged to the court for making alleged anti-Semitic remarks. And guess who is the boxing promoter? He is world-known Don King. He claims that he has been fighting racism and bigotry all his life. Religion is more sensitive issue than alleged anti- Semitic remarks.

“American boxing promoter Don King has won the latest round in his long-running fight to clear his name against allegations of anti-Semitism. Judd Burstein –” the American Jewish lawyer who made the allegation –” failed this week in a second attempt to have the case move from the High Court in London to a U.S. court. The Court of Appeal upheld the decision made by a judge in January. Mr. Burstein now must either lodge a defence on the action or apologize.” — Leon Symons, Jewish Chronicle, October 22, 2004

If the ‘chosen leadership’ is free to demonize a religion, why then protest against a College yearbook for anti-Semitic remarks? Religion is more sensitive issue than anti-Semitic remarks in a college yearbook.

“Jewish Council for Racial Equality director Dr Edie Friedman has called for more anti-racism education in schools in light of the furore over a Winchester College yearbook which included anti-Semitic and other racist remarks. In the un official annual publications, a Jewish boy was referred to as “Yeider,” “Jew” and “lesser Being” by other pupils. The head-teacher at the L22, 000 a-year boys’ school, Tommy Cookson, condemned the comments, stressing that no discrimination of any sort is tolerated. As soon as the offending passages came to the attention of the school, we made every effort to seize all copies, he said.” — Gaby Wine, Jewish Chronicle, October 22, 2004)

If the ‘chosen leadership’ is free to demonize a religion, why then in France legal actions are recommended for radical anti-Zionists? Religion is more sensitive issue than anti-Zionism.

“A French government report this week attacked radical anti-Zionists, saying they were anti-Semite by proxy, and suggested that anti-Semitism and racism presented a real threat to French democracy. In a 70-page document presented to Interior Minister Dominique de Villepin on Tuesday, the report’s author, Jean Christophe Rupin, called for increased legal action to fight anti-Semitism in Schools. The report also proposed creating a national monitoring service to compile details and statistics on anti-Semitism and racism. Mr. Rupin also suggested combating radical anti-Zionists who were anti-Semitic by proxy by passing a law, which would make comparison between Israel and apartheid or Nazism illegal. The report was welcomed by Jewish Organization.” — Philip Carmel, Jewish Chronicle, October 22, 2004

Forget about French proposed measures to punish anti-Semite, note what message this country of ‘free speech.’ is sending throughout the world. Bush ‘our president’ has singed Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004.

“On October 16, President Bush signed the “Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004 (S.2292) into law … The bill requires the DOS to submit a one-time report on acts of anti-Semitism around the world no later than November 15. The report include a description of act of violence, including physical violence, against Jews and Jewish communities, and the responses of the governments where the acts of violence occurred, as well as the action taken by those governments to enact and enforce laws relating to the protection of the religious freedom of Jewish people. The report also must describe efforts by such governments to promote anti-bias and tolerance education. Additionally, the report will include instances of propaganda in government and nongovernmental media that attempt to justify or promote racial hatred or incite acts of violence against Jews. Further, due to amendments by the House, the legislation creates an office to Monitor and Combat anti-Semitism within the DOS that will be headed by a Special Envoy and will be charged with responsibility for monitoring and combating anti-Semitism in foreign countries as well as coordinating and assisting in the preparation of the annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices and the annual Report on International Religious Freedom. The Secretary of State is required to include a description of acts of violence annually as part of the annual Report on International Religious Freedom and the annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices issued more than 180 days after enactment. The description would mirror that contained in the November 15, report.” — Interpreter Releases, October 25, 2004)

If the ‘chosen leadership’ is free to demonize a religion, why then it needs the protective umbrella of U.S. government to silence those voices how dare to expose its worldwide domination.

Why President Bush does not include in the annual report Jewish state where missionaries are treated like enemies and hatred is spread against them.

“We Jews have always believed that there is no price you can put on a Jewish soul. But that belief is being tested in Israel, where there is an urgent need to combat thousands of missionaries backed by tens of millions of dollars in international funding. At Yad L’Achim we work around the clock to bring Jews back from Christianity, Islam, and the religions of the East. We are rescuing those who have joined cults and have been brainwashed against their own people. And once they return and are beginning the long road to recovery, we teach them what real Judaism is all about. Your support will make a difference in Yad L’Achim’s fight to keep Israel Jewish.” — How Much is a Jewish Life Worth. Yad L’Achim pamphlet distributed by Jewish newspapers)

Why ‘our’ President Bush does not include in the annual report the Jewish state where Christian leadership and Christians are spitted upon by the ‘religious’ students.

“It has been Jerusalem’s dirty little secret for decades: Orthodox yeshiva students and other Jewish residents vandalizing churches and spitting on Christian clergyman as they walk along the narrow, ancient stone street of the Old City. Now, however, following a highly publicized fracas last week between a yeshiva student and the archbishop of Jerusalem’s Armenian Church, the issue is generating unprecedented media attention in Israel. The fight started after a yeshiva student at the respected Har Hamor Yeshiva spat on Archbishop Nourhan Manougian during a Christian hold procession in the Old City.” — Eric J. Greenberg, Forward, October 22, 2004

Are these religious students alone in this spitting tradition? No. American ‘religious’ students travels to Israel to join their spitting brothers.

“The controversy comes as the Israel government and Diaspora Jewish organizations have been viewed for this article suggested that the abusive practices were more common in the ultra-Orthodox or Haredi community, which is characterized by greater insularity. But sources told the Forward that the practice has recently been picked up by other segment of the Orthodox world, including visiting American yeshiva students.” — Eric J. Greenberg, Forward, October 22, 2004

Is only the Armenian clergy the target of the spiting tradition? No. It is not alone.

“This is not happening only to the Armenian clergy but also to Catholics, Syrians, Romanians and Greek Orthodox.” — Eric J. Greenberg, Forward, October 22, 2004)
The simple answer is there is one standard for the ‘chosen leadership’ and there is another standard for the rest of the world. President Bush cannot establish a center in the State Department that will monitor anti-Christianity and anti-Islam activities by the ‘chosen leadership.’ If he does, he will be a political corpse within seconds.

The above quoted excerpts prove so many facts. Some of them are: The common enemy of Americans and the Muslims gets whatever it wants. Second, common enemy has the power to silence any voice that dare to challenge its domination over the entire world. Third, it knows no limits in its hate-campaign. It does not spare even religions.

As the Muslims leadership is concerned, it can quote these excerpts when they are cornered by the talking heads of the electronic media for spreading hate.

Why the common enemy of Christian and Muslims wants an open war between them? It is a topic that needs an in-depth analysis. Remember one hint – “dual containment.” If Christians and Muslim cut each other throat, who will gain?

Another point. In the common enemy’s history, there is more hate against Christianity and Christians than Islam and Muslims? It is for the Christians and Muslims to unearth it and to show the real face of the common enemy to prove that it wants to destroy Christian and Muslims world by ‘supporting’ one against the other –”dual containment.