Jerry Falwell attempts to incite religious and racial violence in America

With his comments about the Prophet Muhammad on CBS’s popular 60 Minutes program, Jerry Falwell has lowered his bucket into a well fouled by fear, ignorance, suspicion, intolerance, bigotry, racism, and hatred in an attempt to draw up the wretched waters of death and destruction.

Falwell is engaging in purposefully inflammatory rhetoric in an effort to incite religious violence between Christians and Jews on one side and Muslims on the other.  His outrageous public pronouncements regarding Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), like those of Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham, are part of the Christian Zionists’ grand plan for Armageddon.

The Christian Zionist leadership, a group of religious zealots quite apparently driven insane by their obsessive and fervent desire to bring a terrible and violent end to civilization as we know it in their lifetimes, thus facilitating the return of Jesus Christ on what must seem to them a convenient schedule of their own design, are in full-throated howl.  Their attitudes, invective, and pseudo-religious theological posturings, characterized by a flagrant disregard for Jesus’ gospel of brotherly love and the altruism, tolerance, and forbearance that are so essential to the realization of brotherhood among all men, represent the antithesis of the religion of Jesus and his philosophy of life as revealed by written records of his life and teachings. 

Christian Zionism’s desperate insanity must not be allowed to incite a genocidal race war that could and probably would interrupt the progress of human civilization.  It is the sincere hope and fervent prayer of the great majority of Christians and, no doubt, a great many Jews, that our Muslim brothers and sisters will not be moved or perturbed by crude, vulgar, and outrageous insults proffered by the boorish Jerry “Fouled Well” Falwell and his deluded colleagues, desperate doomsday cultists who would, if they could, destroy all humanity in order to “save” it.

To a man, Falwell and his ilk are an embarrassment to Christianity, to all reason, to all genuine spirituality, and to all humanity, and they are unworthy of mention in the same breath with the founders of the three great monotheistic religions.

Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and the Prophet Muhammad: Peace Be Upon Them.

Freelance Investigative Journalist and Commentator Michael Gillespie writes about Politics and Media for Media Monitors Network (MMN). His work also appears frequently in the popular Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.