It’s Time to Stop Defending Israel

A publisher and writer I both respect sent me an “exclusive” intelligence report smuggled out of Ramallah by an Arab lady trapped there. This distorted piece of propaganda kept me reading for a few paragraphs until I got to the part where “settlers” were rampaging through Ramallah with the IDF.

That did it for me. I wrote a letter to the publisher, a Jewish woman who seems to have forgotten that minor fact, and asked her to stop sending me lies by e-mail. There are no “settlers” rampaging through the town. She wrote back, “Prove to me it’s wrong.”

I calmly replied, “No, you prove to me. Find the names or photos of “settlers” rampaging through Ramallah. I don’t have to prove anything to you.”

It’s time we stopped defending Israel. We don’t need to and anyone who enters into a debate on Israel’s nastiness against the benevolent and peace-loving Arabs honors the ignoramus by entering the fray on his terms and ends up making Israel look guilty by falling into the trap.

What’s the point? Look at CNN tonight. The splendiferous Wolf Blitzer asked viewers to vote on the following poll: Will there be peace in the Middle East under Sharon’s watch? Of course, the implication is that Sharon is responsible for war and no one else. Now who would vote in a rigged poll like that?

The following answer is the only appropriate one for any Jew with dignity.

“I’m sorry, I know you don’t like us and are abetting our murderers, so I don’t feel like talking to you.”

No, let’s stop defending Israel to the misguided stooges attacking us and use our energy more efficiently by defending Israel for ourselves. The first line of defense is truth and we’ll never be free unless we rid ourselves of the forces who brought us this war and are planning our extinction.

The following information comes from solid sources but not all has been proven by corroboration. Let’s gather intelligence together.

How Nazis Infiltrate

I was given a remarkable document which links Shimon Peres to French “former” Nazis, the most prominent being Francois Mitterrand. I will present the case in the next send out.

Meanwhile, in 1994 the newsletter Inside Israel proved that Peace Now was receiving significant monies from a pro-Nazi fund located in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ein Kerem. A well-placed informant explained, “You know all the far left speakers who appear at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem. The Van Leers were known Dutch Nazi collaborators. Martin Buber refused to speak at the institute because of that. What’s their building doing in Jerusalem attached to the State President’s office?

The Rebbetzin Peres

Whatever happened to Shimon Peres’ wife Sonia? We never see her anymore. And we used to from time to time for show even when hubby was co-habituating with and promoting the political career of Collette Avital. Well it seems that Sonia has taken revenge in a good way.

From a rabbi with a devoted following. “Sonia Peres has become very religious. She is especially fond of my writings and tapes and is not only studying them but holding study sessions in her home.”

Shamgar Saves The Day

From an attorney who is at the head of a political movement. He is a very good source. We cover many topics. i.e. “There was a lot of talk about a murder around the Demanjuk trial. Dov Eitan was appointed to defend Demanjuk and discovered the government got the wrong man. He died before the trial started and not many people think it was a natural parting.”

In my book The Last Days Of Israel and Natan Gefen’s book, Fatal Sting, we both offer serious evidence that the 1996 elections were rigged. Peres actually won by 2% but had been pre-blackmailed over his organization of the Rabin murder to take a dive. 148,000 votes for Peres were destroyed before they were counted.

The attorney concurs: “You got that right. What happened was Shamgar warned Peres he would blow the truth sky high unless Netanyahu won the elections.”

Restaurants And Other Assassination Topics

Two facts from dependable sources absolutely confirmed.

Remember Benny Lahav, the Shabak’s Forces Commander at the rally where shortly after, Rabin got killed? In 1996. he threatened to write a book exposing all he knows about the murder.. Looks like he found a better vocation. After retiring with a fancy pension, he bought a pizzeria in Kochav Yair. Buy a slice and ask the owner what was going to be in his book.

Yoram Rubin, Rabin’s bodyguard and murderer, has a father-in-law who owns Cafe Max in downtown Jerusalem. Rubin, himself, is security chief at the Israeli Embassy in Cairo. Max relates that all the families of the embassy staff, including Rubin’s, were sent back to Israel. Yoram had better watch out there isn’t a terror attack that removes a guard who knows too much.

Also, highly confirmed: Yoram Rubin was confined to Ichilov Hospital for 6 days after the Rabin murder, though his medical reports show he had nothing worse than a slight burn on his arm. Why the long sojourn?

Dr. David Khen, a vascular surgeon and colonel in the reserves, has gathered eye-witness testimony that Rubin threatened to commit suicide on the night of the assassination and was kept under a suicide watch for almost a week.

Kimche Kimche Kimche

Remember that name. The Jerusalem Post gives him first column editorial space to promote Oslo almost every week.

From an excellent investigative reporter: “Kimche is at Oxford in ’76, the next thing you know he’s a high-ranking Mossad officer in Israel. No one understood where he came from, he didn’t even speak Hebrew. He still doesn’t, very well. He is a British plant but more than that, he’s the executive director of the Israeli Council On Foreign Relations.”

Arafat’s Motto

Cleanliness is next to gluttony.

I Won’t Vouch For These Two…Yet

Why were three of Rabin’s bodyguards murdered? A source I met just once after a lecture explained: “Kuriel or another bodyguard was supposed to shoot Amir with a 22 caliber pistol. Amir wasn’t supposed to survive but his killer chickened out of shooting him. The Shabak that night went crazy looking for the 22 caliber gun.”

A middle level clerk in the Foreign Ministry: “We received a request to cut diplomatic ties with Norway over their pro-PLO actions in light of the fact that they arranged the Oslo Accords. The request actually read that it won’t take long before Oslo is equated with Auschwitz and maintaining diplomatic ties was no different than keeping ties open with Nazi Germany. Our Minister, Peres, was not shown the request.”

AND NOW…Good tips from my most astute correspondents.

I correspond with several Arabs and I think we’re reaching some understanding. Well, their adjectives to describe Israel are softening somewhat. One letter did strike out:

“The only good thing I can think about Israel is they didn’t murder you for investigating the Rabin murder. They won’t let us do that. Do you think anyone thought Nasser died naturally from a heart attack? He was 52 and in perfect health. Sadat’s assassination may have been suspicious but at least there were trials and executions. Whoever murdered Nasser got away with the perfect assassination.”

Zinni, At Last

I recently found peacemaker Anthony Zinni on the CFR list, discovered some key Jesuit figures in his early career and concluded that he was not in Israel to make peace. A brilliant researcher from Toronto dug much deeper. Absorb yourself in the following portrait of Bush’s man of peace.

“That bus bomb in Haifa STINKS of CIA involvement man. I’d be willing to bet the support infrastructure was the same people the DEA is involved with in Syria smuggling heroin to Europe and NYC. Zinni is a key figure in the drug trade… that’s why they call him the Godfather. Sharon’s war is messing with Zinni and Bush’s drug profits, and they couldn’t stand Sharon making Bush look bad on TV, so BOOM.

When are people going to understand that America is the world’s greatest criminal enterprise? Arafat is a school boy compared to the Bushes. “Zinni joined the USMC in 1961. He makes General in SIX YEARS, serves two stints in Vietnam. Thus begins the fast track to the intel/defense circles that Bush, Armitage, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc. are building up.

1970, he’s shipped to Okinawa, and over the next 5 years spends a considerable amount of time in the Caribbean… this sets him up as the perfect Liaison for the USMC end of the eventual Central America/Middle East/Austin-Miami-Mena pipeline used by Air Caribe in the 1980’s.

1974, he’s assigned as head of the Officer Assignment branch of the Manpower Department… a key post in the Shadow Government that’s preparing to Emerge in 1980. The Bush cabal needs to be able to have their people in the right places in order to make things work..

“1981-1986, the Iran/Contra years, Zinni is first stationed near Langley (CIA headquarters) at Quantico. Then he’s moved to USMC Head of Special Ops and Terrorism Counteraction Section… in other words he’s controlling the portion of the USMC that’s now fighting Reagan’s phony war on terror. He’s in a position to have his people training at Fort Benning, where they can liaise with their South American counterparts and train death squads for Reagan.

“1989, he’s back at Quantico.

“1993, he’s in charge in Somalia, where he deliberately screws things up for Clinton as Bush’s last parting shot at Clinton. The Somali exercise was in fact set up by Bush in 1992, and Clinton inherited a program whose failure was ensured, because Bush set it up that way, and Bush’s men on the ground made sure Clinton would get slimed.

“Zinni has been in and around every major drug operation set up by the Bush/Casey/Colby team since Vietnam. He’s been peripheral to personnel placement and oversight for years, always in strategically sensitive places where there have been known DEA/CIA drug pipelines in operation.

“You’re never going to get hard proof, but Zinni is a Bush boy. While not directly involved in any hands on drug smuggling, he’s peripheral to ALL of it and has been for a very long time. He’s a facilitator, not a player in the true sense. His job has more or less been to make sure that the right people are in the right place at the right time.

“This is fairly common knowledge in insider circles, but I don’t suggest trying to make the accusations publicly… there just isn’t enough paper to prove anything, and Robert Mueller made sure to stop the BNL and BCCI investigations before they could lead back to the Pentagon or White House. He also stopped the Lockerbie investigation cold, so Zinni’s (and many others including Bush Sr) ties to the Syrians never saw the light of day, although there IS a Library of Congress document you can get entitled “Syria, President Bush, and Drugs” that was published October 28, 1992. It makes for some interesting reading.

“The contents of the report are more or less confirmed in a book by Lester Coleman entitled “On the Trail of the Octopus” that tells of his time in the DIA. He was loaned out by the DIA to spy on the CIA and DEA on behalf of the DOD, and while in Cyprus and the Middle East discovered that a DEA operation had been compromised. He believes (and plausibly… read the book) that the Pan Am 103 bomb was placed on the plane not by Libyans as claimed by Bob Mueller’s investigation, but by Syrians who used their DEA heroin pipeline to smuggle a bomb onto the plane. Considering that at least one of the alleged bombers was acquitted and the second is still in the appellant process, it’s more likely than not that Coleman is right.

“We’re talking about the most sophisticated Organized Crime Syndicate in the history of man, run by Bush Jr’s father. You’re not going to find any evidence to pin on anyone in the inner two circles, and that includes Zinni. They’re all buffered by mules like Oliver North and Barry Seale. And now they have Robert Mueller as head of the FBI and Ashcroft as attorney general, which basically ensures no war crimes tribunals in the near future. Both men are as racist and corrupt as it gets.”

Why The PLO “Embassy” Got The Boot

What do you know? The Rockefellers of CFR fame were the PLO’s landlords.

“Barry: In the attached information from Gale databases, please note the associations between Cushman & Wakefield, of today’s Arafat eviction, and it’s parent company the Rockefeller Group, Inc. It seems that the Rockefeller family is realizing that their sponsorship of terrorists has bit them in the ass. They know all too well the alliance between Osama and Arafat. Can you imagine the loss of income to Rockefeller Group, Inc. in New York alone from the 9-11 attack? Are the CFR occultists losing the Rockefeller family? Persecuting little Israel has a price! (Gen. 12:3) Is the Enron bust out an attempt to recover their losses in New York?”

I sent one observation of my own to this fine observer. My information shows that the NY financial district was in a real estate crisis before the towers were felled. It was far more profitable to sell the property and let the new owner enjoy his six week old $3 billion insurance against damage caused by terror attacks.

Of Course! Israel’s Got The PLO’s Entire Collection Of Records

This lady has to be right, though I can’t find anyone to say so. Once Israel confiscated the PLO “government” records, it had the goods on every NWO crook and anti-semite in the form of documented proof of their murderous and illegal transactions against Israel. Imagine how handy that could turn out to be! No wonder Europe and the Bush administration wants an Israeli withdrawal far from the buildings they are snooping through.

Dear Barry,

“I have been wondering if the recent turn around by the Bush Administration has something to do with the documents the IDF is turning up in their searches. Maybe the Bush administration thought the incriminating evidence that the IDF is finding about Arafat funding terror operations would be better hid. Maybe they are afraid of even more incriminating info. becoming public or falling into Israeli hands to be used as a bargaining chip against them.

“What if the IDF uncovered documents concerning the CIAs recruitment ( payment?) of terrorist leaders such as Rajoub , and the murder of Israelis living in the west bank, many of those killed being US citizens. This would place the USA in the position of supporting terrorist organizations. It would place Bush in violation of his own “Bush Doctrine”.

“Some people think the recent about face in US policy is a ploy, that the US secretly still wants Israel to continue its offensive, sort of a good cop/ bad/cop routine to appease the Arabs. I don’t think so. If they were doing that they could have done it better and sooner. ” hey did this to everyone’s surprise, shortly after evacuating Rajoub from his hideout. Where is he now by the way? And shortly after the IDF started making some smoking gun documents public. I think they are scared and I think they are serious and they might even be being blackmailed by the PLO itself using the same documents. I think they got themselves into a mess that they don’t know how to get out of and the welfare of the State of Israel is not their priority. They are worried about saving their own skins. What do you think about this, and is anyone in Israel looking into it?

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