It’s not Sharon’s fault


Can we really blame Sharon for what he has done, and what he is doing?  Has there ever been a medical investigation of his psyche?  It would not surprise me if he was found to be ailing from at least half a dozen conditions, one being criminal insanity.  I feel he, as would a rabid animal, is just following natural instinct.

We, need to ask ourselves, how was he allowed to continue life, or at least freedom, after the massacres of Qibiya, and Shabra and Shatila? Why did it take almost 20 years to even think about making him pay even a small price for his killings of thousands of women and children?  ?  Why was he not taken to the mat YEARS ago?  Why, when there are billions of Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Jews, and other honest souls, is he allowed to hold the world hostage to his psychotic whims?  How was he elected to a position in which he is allowed to reign unlimited death and destruction?

We, have slept and dreamt for half a century, hoping for ‘others’ to help and protect us.  We allowed the zionists to gain total control of the US Government.  We allowed Isreal to grow into a malicious monster, producing the likes of Netanyahoo, Barak, Shamir, and Begin, to go unchallenged and untouched.  We sat around lazily and self-indulging, while our enemies contrived and planned our total, and absolute destruction.

Who’s fault is it?  It is our fault, damn it!  We are to blame, not our enemies.  They are forward and outright with their goals and objectives, we on the other-hand, as we have always been, are scattered and unclear how to combat and repel our oppressors.  We, unfortunately, were not handed down any direction or strategy on how to rid ourselves of our sworn enemies.  We were left alone and uneducated, to learn, as we burn.  Do you want our future generations to say the same about us???

The time for action and full coordination and cooperation should have be in practice 50 years ago, but to our own demise and despair, it is still yet to be effectively implemented.  It is up to each and every freedom loving Palestinian, and their many friends, to put forward MAXIMUM and extra effort to combat the terrorist, racist, fascist State of Israel, before even the little of what we have left, is no more.  Without self-sacrifice and perseverance, I fear our children, grandchildren, and all future generations, will be spiting and cursing US, for failing them at such a crucial moment.

Let us not suffer the same fate of preventable tragedy after tragedy, as our past generations have.  Sadly, as things stand now, I ashamedly feel we are treading down that same path of humiliation, subjugation, and occupation.