Israeli-Palestinian Children: Dying to Liberate Palestine, Israel and America


Mohamed Khodr’s Column

For 54 years Israel has committed atrocities against the Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, Jordanians, Egyptians and Iraqi’s that no nation on earth in the 20th Century would have been able to get away with.   Only one nation on earth has supported Israel with hundreds of billions of dollars, the latest offensive weapons, nuclear weapons, and protective Vetoes in the United Nations that has allowed Israel to get away with murder–the United States of America.  Not even President Bush’s seven days of “pleading” for Sharon to leave the re-invaded Palestinian territories, to stop his brutal offensive of flattening entire villages, killing innocent civilians, preventing ambulances and medical care to reach the bleeding wounded, to allow in food, water, and medicine; to stop bombing hospitals and water mains, to allow the burial of decomposed bodies that are rapidly spreading infections, to allow international human rights monitors into the besieged villages, and to stop from killing and shooting journalists who can uncover Israel’s massacres, mass graves, torturing of prisoners, point blank execution of policemen, even destroying and attacking mosques and churches, including the holiest Christian site of the Church of the Nativity; has moved Sharon to stop his military assault on Palestinian towns, cities, and refugee camps.   As even the New York Times put its:  “Sharon Insults America.”  Bush who has placed the entire world on notice for his “war on terrorism” seems weak and confused before mighty Israel.  Perhaps we should ask President Bush:  “Sir, are you for America’s interest and supremacy or against us” when it comes to Israel.”

Joining President Bush’s unheeded pleading has been the Pope, Europe, the United Nations, and the entire world, “pleading” with Sharon “the Butcher of Beirut” (title for his murder of 20,000 Palestinian and Lebanese civilians in 1982) to please, please stop the killing and move out of Palestinian controlled areas.

Today (4/10) in Madrid, Spain, five organizations and nations have asked Sharon to leave the killing fields of Palestine:  THE UNITED STATES, UNITED NATIONS, EUROPEAN UNION, RUSSIA, AND SPAIN.

TO THE ENTIRE WORLD SHARON RESPONDS WITH:  Go To Hell.  Israel is above all the world.

For 54 years of dealing with the United States and the American people, Israel has learned one consistent lesson.  AMERICA DOESN’T HAVE THE GUTS TO STAND UP TO ISRAEL AND EVEN WHEN IT INITIALLY OBJECTS, IT WIMPS OUT AND BOWS TO ISRAEL.  Why?

Three reasons: 

A.  Jewish Power:  money and swing votes in key states  (as in J. J. Goldberg book’s title)

B.  Pro-Israeli Media and Hollywood that intimidates our Government and people

C.  A Corrupt Pandering Congress that’s willing to stand up for Israel’s interest above America’s.

Two massacres 55 years apart still show the power of Israel on our Government and Media where only Jewish Blood, Jewish Security, Jewish Words and Images matter:  During those 55 years Palestinian oppression, killing, ethnic cleansing, and occupation continued and during those 55 years, Israel, yes, Israel was the victim and the Palestinians were the aggressors.   Only in Oz and America can this happen.


The Unforgotten Six Months from Hell:  November 1947 —  May 1948

Between November 1947 when the United Nations passed Resolution 181 dividing Palestine unfairly, giving the larger better land to the minority Jews, and May 15 when Israel declared its “independence”; two Jewish terrorist groups, the Irgun headed by Menachem Begin and the Stern headed by Yitzhak Shamir, as well as the Haganah (forerunner of the Israel Defense Force) committed massive murders, massacres, expulsions and demolition of 450 Palestinian villages to turn an Arab land into a new Jewish land devoid of Arabs.

The worst massacre occurred on April 9, 1947, where the Irgun and Stern terrorist gangs raped and massacred in cold blood 254 men, women, and children in the village of Deir Yassin.  The terrorists quickly buried the dead in mass graves.  No Red Cross, or journalists were allowed to see the site.   Such a genocide occurred only two years after the Holocaust and by the Holocaust survivors themselves.  The Persecuted Jews became the Jewish Persecutor.  “NEVER FORGET” only applies to Jewish blood.


Fifty five years later, Israel, the “democratic” nation, sends its army, the fourth most powerful army in the world, even more powerful than the American army in the region, into the small Palestinian village of JENIN.  Jenin, a small compact crowded village of 15,000 Palestinians living in an area less than one mile square underwent the heaviest attack by Israel’s devastating army for nine straight days until it fell today (4/10).  The Israeli army attacked the lightly armed Palestinian resistance with American made and paid for F-16 fighter planes, Apache Helicopter missiles, Rockets, and dozens of tanks and A.P.C.’s.  A massive force against a lightly armed village without electricity, food, water, and medicines.  Today reports are coming out of at least 200 bodies found dead, dozens of homes demolished on top of their inhabitants, hundreds of arrested youth, some even beaten to death according to eyewitnesses, and dozens of militants rounded up and shot execution style.   Dozens of decomposed bodies were found in destroyed mosques and lying in the streets.

Even Israel’s Foreign Minister Shimon Peres called what happened at Jenin:  “A MASSACRE” (Jerusalem Post 4/9/02)

  Again, as is Israel’s strategy in all its wars and massacres, no Red Cross or Red Crescent personnel were allowed in to tend to the injured, dead, or deliver emergency supplies; journalists were kept miles away from the village, a French journalist was shot in the chest (the third such journalist to be shot), and no human rights investigators were allowed into the village.  Again, mass graves were seen being dug to bury the aftermath and crimes of Israeli soldiers.  Israel, the democracy, committing and continuing its history of WAR CRIMES.

Why can Israel thumb its nose at the world, at international law, at President Bush and the very nation that supports it?  The answer lies in the media and Congress.  Shockingly and without shame the Senate today bestowed an honor upon Benjamin Netanyahu inviting him to speak to the Senate.  Netanyahu, a man accused of embezzlement, lying, and stealing from his own government while Prime Minister.  A man called “criminal” by Shimon Peres,  The pandering invitation came at the very time Bush is being embarrassed and humiliated by Sharon, a time when Powell is trying to reach a cease-fire, a time when the entire world and media, including our allies, are condemning Israel for its wanton killing and destruction of Palestinians and their personal properties, our very Senate thumbs its nose at Bush and the American people and invites Netanyahu to tell them Israel will continue fighting with or without America’s support.  So much for humble gratitude.

It’s OUR fault as the generous, quite, non-confrontational, believe what we hear Americans.  After all we’ve been lied to and indoctrinated for 54 years with:  Israel is a democracy, our ally, shares our values and all that crap.   We, Americans, surrendered our nation, our pride, our foreign policy, our national interests, our friendships around the world, and even our lives for Israel’s benefit.   Even when Israel deliberately kills our soldiers our government covers it up.  Even when it comes to our government honoring our World War II Veterans, the very Americans who died freeing Jews from Nazi camps, our government shamefully dishonors our own Veterans by having them beg for private money to build their memorial while Congress funds the Holocaust Museum from our tax dollars in Washington D.C.  Where is the outrage among our dying Veterans and their families?   Why are Americans always silent when it comes to Israel?  For 54 years we’ve sent over $134 Billion to Israel even when our nation had budget deficits and when our people needed the money for their children’s health and education.   One year Clinton asked for $5 Billion to renovate America’s schools, the Congress denied it claiming no money, yet turned around and quickly sent the money to Israel.  I don’t know about you but that makes my American blood boil.

And what do we get from Israel, Sharon, our ally for all this money, weapons, and pandering?  We get Israel’s recurrent answer:    “UP YOUR STAR SPANGLED BANNER” and “YOU CAN’T TOUCH ISRAEL” and “SHUT UP, BE QUIET, GO TO HELL”.  Why?  Because Israel owns our Congress, the people’s house, and the mind, hearts, and wallets of our media, thus our media’s  “Israel can’t do no wrong” editorials from Jewish Americans like: William Safire, Charles Krauthammer, Tom Friedman, Jeff Jacoby, Mort Zuckerman, William Kristol ( who by the way went to Israel and is taking credit for pushing Bush to wage war on Iraq), Dennis Ross, Martin Indyk, William Schneider, and their Zionist supporters of George Will, Cal Thomas, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Holmes, John Gibson, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham and so many more. 

Ever wonder why you never see American Jews, Christians, Muslims opposed to our doormat policy to Israel on TV or in our newspapers?  Or why there aren’t any in our Government for a balanced policy?  In the Israeli Occupied City of Washington DC, all the President hears is Pro-Israeli positions from our Congress, the media, the Israeli supported think tanks, and private organizations.  In fact, out of all American ethnic groups, only Jewish Americans have a special Liaison Officer to the President in the White House.

For 54 years the Palestinians have endured death, injury, disability, ethnic cleansing, military occupation, humiliation, lack of jobs, education and health care, lack of religious freedom, and the longest subjugation from a “democratic U.S. supported ally”.  For decades, Palestinians were ignored and neglected in the sands and swamps of their refugee camps.  They trusted the Arabs, the Europeans, the United Nations, and even America to deliver them justice, peace, and a homeland.    Their silent and patient endurance at the feet, hands, and guns of Holocaust survivors was only rewarded with world silence.   In 1987, they acted out of frustration during the First Intifadah against Israeli occupation.  Despite Rabin’s “Broken Bones” policy and brutal retaliation it did lead to the Oslo Peace Process and the Rabin-Arafat handshake in September 1993.  Tragically America followed Israel’s lead and allowed Israel to push the Palestinians into a failed peace plan at Camp David that would have left the Palestinians living in three large divided reservations with no free passageways and without control of their holy sites in Jerusalem.  When Arafat refused such a dishonorable offer it became the straw that broke the Palestinian camel’s back for freedom.  Meanwhile, while the “generous offer” was being played by our media and Congress, Barak and Netanyahu kept stealing more Palestinian land and building more settlements.  That was the “Intifadah of Stones “. 

Now the Second Intifadah that began after Sharon with 1000 policemen in total arrogance and disrespect trampled upon Islam’s third holiest site in Jerusalem, the Al Aqsa Mosque, simply to win election as Prime Minister.  Quite a coup for a disgraced General.  After his election Sharon’s strategy has been–no matter what it takes, no matter how many Jews or Palestinians die, I will cleanse Judea and Samaria of Palestinians once and for all.   Every time the Palestinians declared a cease-fire he would deliberately assassinate and murder their religious and political leaders to ignite their fury thus allowing a more brutal response.  Hitler used such strategies in his “Final Solution” from the Warsaw Ghettos to the Holocaust.: 

Sharon’s blood thirsty maniacal and murderous drive to kill without any regard to anyone, any nation, any law, or any President, including President Bush, has turned the entire world against Israel, even many courageous Jews in Israel, Europe, and America are marching for the end of occupation and a two state solution.

Sharon has left Israel with no friends in the world (except our Media and Congress, a world full of anger and potential hatred against Jews that is most dangerous in the long run.  Sharon wanted a military solution to bring Peace and Security to Israel, instead Israel is at its most fearful and insecure moment in its history, even risking the loss of the only country on earth that still stands by the rogue nation and leader:  The U.S.A.

It’s only a matter of time when the world will finally break off the shackles of the Holocaust, the shackles of Israel’s lies and myths, the shackles of Israel’s victimhood and existential threat, the shackles of the Jewish lobby’s money, votes, and influence, the shackles of Israel’s destruction of the Church of the Nativity and Umar Al Khattab Mosque, the shackles of fear of intimidation and the abused label of “Anti-Semitism”. 

OUT of the innocent blood of Israeli and Palestinian children will come a final end to the lies that have perpetuated Israel’s murderous occupation of Palestinians for 35 years.   OUT of their innocent blood will come freedom from the occupation of Palestinian land, the occupation of American Democracy, Congress, and media, a freedom for all Israeli families to enjoy their nation’s prosperity in peace and acceptance in a region that has suffered so much; a freedom to worship, travel, trade, hug, smile, and yes even inter-marry.  After thousands of years of persecution, Jewish insecurity is understandable, but such insecurity is not won by a gun but in mutual respect and acceptance of neighbors and blood brothers and sisters.    If Israel will only trust in God and in human instincts and reach out to the Arabs (as the Arab League has done) it will find neighbors who will reach out their hands of friendship, after all everyone is tired of war, fear, and dying loved ones.

We must make this dream come true now when the entire world is turning against Sharon, his military solutions, solutions of death, against Israel’s occupation of 22% of former Palestine and its illegal settlements built for militant crazed Jewish settlers, most from America, who would rather kill fellow Jews than compromise for peace.  No Israeli mother wants to see her children serve in the occupied territories for risk of death or guilt from brutalizing another people.  Thousands of brave Israeli soldiers have the moral fortitude and strength to say NO to occupying another people, tens of thousands of Israelis are marching for peace, hundreds of thousands around the world are marching for Palestinian independence and Israel’s peace and security that can only come from ending the occupation, hundreds of brave American and European men and women of all faiths are risking their lives protecting Arafat, Palestinian homes, hospitals, schools, and delivering meager food, water, and medicine to the injured besieged Palestinians.  The real siege is in Sharon’s Zionist military mind where might is right.  A man unable to break from the past, not even for the sake of the beautiful, intelligent, talented Israeli children who can offer their nation and the world a rainbow of benefits.  Must Israeli and Palestinian children die because of Sharon’s ego and the world’s impotence?  Is this what we mean by a “civilized” world?

Israel was founded after 2600 years of exile and a Holocaust of its people.  Will its entire future, its legacy, its manifestation of the beautiful faith of Judaism always be linked to confiscating more land, killing civilians, occupying an entire population, living on lies, myths, and public relations spin?

From the ashes of the Holocaust and the wilderness of the Diaspora came forth a new Jewish nation, Israel, a resting home for its people.   From the ashes of the occupation, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and Diaspora, it’s time the nation of Palestine springs forth for its people.   The creation of the State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its Capitol will be the needed historical and moral cleansing for Israel’s “Original Sin”.

Peace will depend on us Americans.  This is our chance to help both people find peace, security, and livelihood.  We do have the leverage on both sides to impose a Peace and don’t believe otherwise.  We must find the will to tell our Government, our President, to proceed and we’ll support him despite the whining of the Zionist Pro-war camp.  We must tell our Congress to support Peace or we’ll find a Congress that will.  We must tell our media and the advertisers that pay for them that we want positive pro-peace messages that respects Judaism, Christianity, Islam and all faiths or we’ll buy our products elsewhere and cancel our subscription, after all, we have the internet.

Let’s make America proud again.  The world admires us for so many things but they hate us for our blind support of Israel.   This is how America will “win hearts and minds and defeat terrorism”.  If it takes a national march on Washington to deliver this message, it will be my honor to march for my country’s pride, independence from special interests, and freedom from fear.  Israel can save the millions it spends on Lobbying and Lying to our Government and our nation and spend it on Seeds of Peace for both peoples.

God bless America, the World, and The Israeli and Palestinian Nations and Peoples.