Israel wants India to be the Judge in Palestinian Murder case


In line with Toly Blair’s statement a day before, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres has said Tel Aviv fully supported New Delhi’s claim for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council.

On the eve of his India visit which began Monday, Peres said India is an important country in Asia, a very good friend of Israel and that Tel Aviv is seeking New Delhi’s support “to advance the (Middle East) peace process.”

Describing India as a combination of fascinating factors, the former Prime Minister said that Israel supported “full-heartedly the acceptance of India” in Security Council.

When asked what kind of commonalities did he see between India and Israel in terms of threat perceptions emanating from terrorism, Peres said there were “some characteristics which are equal to all terrorists.”

He said Israel had unfortunately become a victim and “an experienced country in (countering terrorism) this domain. We can offer our expertise” to India.

India and Israel have moved closer since the BJP was elected to head the government in 1998. The last two years have seen a series of high-level visits by both sides.

The Indian and Israeli defense forces have also increased their cooperation, with Israel emerging as a major arms supplier to India. Trade between the two countries, almost negligible before they established diplomatic relations in 1992, crossed the $1 billion mark in 2001.

No doubt these two countries are the most experienced countries in State terrorism and ruthless butchering of ‘their own’ Muslim citizens is a horrifying commonality between them.

After Israel’s open support of its good friend India for Security Council permanent seat, all Muslim states should jointly oppose India’s bid for this prestigious seat.

Otherwise beside America and Britain, Israel will have another veto power supporter and defender of its crimes in UNO.