Israel commemorates holocaust while carrying own holocaust against Palestinians


Israel on Thursday, 19 April, commemorated “the holocaust” in which we are told six million Jews died at the hands of the Nazis. And as in every year, the Zionist propaganda- mill in Israel and abroad bombard the world with an unceasing and unrelenting stream of messages aimed at “perpetuating the holocaust memory in the collective consciousness of the world,” as Israel President Moshe Katsav was quoted as saying

However, the “holocaust memorial day” this year occurs in the midst of a genocidal war launched by the Jews against the Palestinian people in which American-supplied state-of-the art weapons are used to inflict death and havoc on the already tormented Palestinians, whose’ crime is their desire to be free from Israel’s military occupation.

Indeed the brutality and utter callousness of Israeli repression of Palestinians, which many foreign correspondents described as “transcending reality” is prompting many Palestinians and non-Palestinians to draw analogy between “the German holocaust against Jews and the Jewish holocaust against Palestinians.”

Recently, when the Israeli occupation army besieged Palestinian population centers, including small hamlets, throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip, some villagers spoke spontaneously of Nablus, Ramallah, and Hebron turned into modern-day Aushwitzes, Treblinkas, and Bergen Belsens. 

One villager from Beit Furik, outside Nablus, who was shot at by the occupation soldiers while venturing to sneak to the nearest grocery store to buy milk for his crying baby, was quoted as saying “our villages have become like concentrations camps, the only thing missing is the gas chambers.”

True, the growing comparison by Palestinians of “the Jewish-perpetrated holocaust against them” with “the Nazi holocaust against Jews” is likely to be dismissed as “exaggerated,” maybe even a little “far-fetched” by the Zionist-influenced media in the West.

However, a close and objective examination of Israeli torment of Palestinian civilians during the last seven months reveals that the Palestinian-holocaust-versus-the Jewish holocaust-analogy is anything but “far-fetched” both at the practical and theoretical levels.

Take for example, the numerous “incidents” in which Jewish settlers carried out “killing parties” against Palestinian farmers in the West Bank. There are irrefutable evidence that settlers in the northern part of the West Bank abducted, tortured and ceremonially killed Palestinians farmers and youths in full view of Jewish youngsters, like, for example, the killing of Farid Nasasreh, near Nablus, on 18 October.

The presence of the Jewish children and youths in these “killing parties” is apparently meant to embolden them and make them unafraid of Arabs.

The hermetic siege and encirclement of Palestinian population centers for six months now, which effectively turned these towns and villages into giant detention centers, or “concentration camps,” is hardly an un-Nazi practice.

Moreover, the utter destruction of Palestinian residential homes, farmland, orchards, vineyards, and agricultural crops, in wanton disregard of any human, moral, or legal considerations, underscores a profoundly racist mentality that views “non-Jews” as lesser or sub- human beings whose lives are expendable at best.

It is amply clear that these horrendous crimes, while perpetrated in the context of a politically-motivated genocide against the native Palestinians, are inevitably manifestations of a racist mentality, not unlike the mentality of the Nazis.

In fact, the racist underpinning of Zionist atrocities against the mostly unprotected and defenseless Palestinian civilians is publicly rife and privately rampant among most Jews in Israel.

Take, for example, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the spiritual leader of the Shas religious political party, the third largest party in Israel.

A few weeks ago, while giving a Pessach (Passover) sermon in West Jerusalem, he, almost nonchalantly, called for the “utter annihilation of all Arabs and the extermination of their seed from the face of earth.”

Last year, the same man, considered among the “greatest” living sages of the Talmud, labeled Arabs as “snakes.”

What is more worrying though is the fact that Yosef’s venomous ideas are not abnormal or marginal in Israel.

Eli Yeshi, Israel’s Interior Minister, who also heads the Shas faction in the Knesset, strongly defended Yosef’s remarks, which he said “represent the prevailing state of thinking within the Israeli Jewish society.”

Needless to say, this means that Jewish racism, or for that matter, Jewish Nazism, is as popular among Jews these days as Hitler’s Mein Kampf was among Germans in the 1930’s.

This Nazism, of which authentic Judaism is completely innocent, is readily adopted and celebrated by most present-day Israeli political leaders, from Rahba’am Zevei, who calls for the total expulsion of all non-Jews from the “land of Israel” to “Shimon Peres,” the Nobel Prize laureate who ordered the notorious massacre of over a hundred Lebanese children and women at Kana in south Lebanon on 18 April, 1996, without even saying “sorry.”

More to the point, the Zionist perception of Palestinians as “two-legged animals” or “cockroaches” or “scum, vermin and dirty animals,” as the infamous Menachem Begin once referred to Palestinian refugees, is not merely a reaction to Palestinian resistance to the Zionist onslaught, as some nave Americans would think.

It is actually, and in a fundamental way, a reflection of Zionist feeling of racial superiority that is enshrined in school textbooks and expressed in the daily atrocities perpetrated so callously and so readily against Palestinians. Recently, when a Jewish settler schoolchild was asked why he was harassing Palestinian school children walking by the settlement, near Nablus, while on their way to school, he said “they are animals, we must kill them.”

It is sad, really sad, that the Jews, even most Jews, have chosen this unethical and extremely evil way to achieve “national fulfillment .”

Harry Truman, the American President who was instrumental in creating Israel, once said “Jews are like all underdogs, when they get on the top, they become as savage and merciless to their victims as their former oppressors were to them when they were underneath.”

Unfortunately, Truman’s visionary statements are being validated, not only by the diabolical statements of Ovadia Yosef, Ze’evi, Liberman, and others, but also by the shocking crimes of the Israeli occupation soldiers and Jewish settlers in the streets of the West Bank.

Aren’t the Zionists worried that their neo-Nazism might eventually do to them what Arian Nazism did to the Germans?

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